Juice Beauty: Organic and Sustainable Beauty Products

One of the things that you all  clamored for in the reader survey was more APW sponsors that applied to all stages of your lives, not just wedding planning.  So today we’re delighted to bring you Juice Beauty, a local San Francisco beauty company that’s focused on producing fully organic beauty products in a green, low impact way. Juice Beauty is so committed to being at the forefront of the organic beauty market and to meeting the rigorous standards of USDA and COPA that they’ve created a list of ten brand commandments for their company. Rad.  I don’t know about you guys, but a company that is dedicated to recyclable packaging, solar power, no animal-testing and buying the majority of their ingredients from USDA organic farmers and the West Coast deserves my money a heck of a lot more than high-end department stores. We’ve talked about how the money we spend during wedding planning is a chance to practice conscious consuming, and putting our money behind our beliefs. Juice Beauty offers you a chance to spend your wedding (or non-wedding) beauty money in a way that makes you feel awesome about yourself.

And they’ve got good stuff too. Breaking out pre-wedding?  Try their Blemish Clearing Serum. Love your wrinkles, but just not ready for the commitment yet?  Stem Cellular Repair and Green Apple Peel to the rescue.  Just need to wash last night’s party makeup off your face?  Yeah, they have that too. I made a commitment to take better care of myself this year, so it might be shopping time. Plus! We get a deal! Whee! Use the code WEDDING at check-out before May 12th, and you’ll get a free Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask with any purchase.

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  • Class of 1980

    “Love your wrinkles, but just not ready for the commitment yet?”

    Ha hahahaha ha ha ha hahahahaha ha ha.

    • JEM

      I know I’m going to have Crows Feet, but I’m happy to know that they’re because I smile a lot.