Julie Randall Photography in Portland Oregon

I get to talk about Julie Randall Photography in Portland Oregon today! This is such a joy and a delight for me. Julie Randall has been a sponsor with APW since the beginning, which means she really really believes in the philosophy and the site, and in you guys. She’s not just here for the fancy site design; she’s here because she loves who you are, and how you celebrate your lives and weddings. Plus? She takes the most amazing pictures of those celebrations—pictures that sum up the exuberant giddy hugeness of your weddings, with crisp, clear, simple composition (which, for the record, is not easy at all). Her work has grown by light years and light years since she first came on as an APW sponsor, but her rates are still (way too) affordable. And I love her, which I think is a plus.

Julie Randall Photography offers her (super) affordable wedding photography in Portland, but also travels affordably (west coast brides, take note). Her wedding rates start at just $1750, which is a total steal, if you ask me. Plus, she’s giving the following deal to APW-ers, “I’d like to offer an 8″x8″ lay-flat album with each of my packages for all APW readers that book within a month, because I really feel that photographs really SHOULD be printed! I still remember being enthralled with my parents’ wedding album, and it still inspires me when I’m working. How cool is it that I get to be a part of something people’s kids will look at?” So, get on that deal already!

I asked Julie why she loves Team Practical (so much that she’s built her business with y’all over the years) and she said, “I love love love working with APW couples because I feel well before we even meet, we have this amazing sensibility and vision in common. I’ve been so blessed to become friends with some of the amazing women I work with. I’m prejudiced, but I always get the sense that APW couples get that their marriage is more than the wedding. I can really see the strength of the relationships with these folks.” And maybe she’s as biased as I am, loving you guys like that, but that’s a really good place to start your wedding photography relationship. That and her ability to capture pure fun.

When I asked Julie about her philosophy, she talked about story. And I think, once we get past all the fancy filters and light flares and trendy tricks, what wedding photography is really about is capturing a moment in time as it plays out, capturing it honestly, capturing the beauty, and telling the story. That way, when have a moment where we need to pick ourselves up, or tell our children a story of the day we vowed to spend our lives together, we can pick up the album, and have those moments there for us. And that is exactly what I see when I look at Julie’s work these days. She says, “I’m all about story-telling these days. I want to make sure my couple’s story is shining through their images, and that all the happy, silly, joyful, sexy, love is just radiating out of them.” And what Julie won’t tell you is that she cut her teeth on photography. She grew up with her parents running a professional dark room, and has taken photographs for her whole life.

Julie Randall is the quintessential APW vendor to me. She’s been a reader since the beginning of the site (she read APW planning her own wedding), she’s a cheerleader of who you guys essentially are, and she’s so profoundly talented. Talented, and getting better every second (and affordable!!). Lucky Pacific Northwest couples…. send me pictures (pretty please).

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  • Hey! That’s us! we’re a very very very (VERY) lucky Julie Randall couple and we had the most amazing experience with her. In fact, we found her because of APW. (and literally, that’s us… me smiling at Z as he’s getting teary saying his vows) We loved (love) Julie, and hugely recommend her.

    • Ali

      That’s a gorgeous picture of you two!

    • meg

      Where is your wedding grad post already??

      • Rachel *totally* needs to write a Wedding Grad post…she had me crying during the ceremony and AGAIN during toasts!

        • Rachel

          hmmm… wedding grad post. I’ll get on it. Be on the look out.

  • These looks so lovely. Love the photography and artwork at the same time!