Julie Randall Photography in Portland & The West Coast

Earlier this week, Rachel & Zach shared their epic New Year’s Eve Wedding Graduate post. Today, I’m delighted to write a sponsored post for Julie Randall Photography, the powerhouse of talent behind their photos and one of the longest time APW sponsors. Julie works in Portland, Oregon (though she’s offering a great West Coast Travel deal for Team Practical). Her work is so clear and strong that I’d hire her for my wedding, were I getting married all over again (god forbid!), in a heartbeat. Add to that the fact that her rates start at just $1850, and you’d be crazy not to book her.

Julie has been with APW since the very beginning, and she adores you guys. She says, “I love love love working with APW couples because I feel well before we even meet, we have this amazing sensibility and vision in common. I’ve been so blessed to become friends with some of the amazing women I work with. I’m prejudiced, but I always get the sense that APW couples get that their marriage is more than the wedding. I can really see the strength of the relationships with these folks.” Add to that the raw talent, sense of humor, and whimsy that pervades her photographs, and you have some serious magic.

In fact, she loves you guys so much she’s offering you a special deal: she’s offering flat rate travel for all West Coast Weddings, plus 10% off for any APW couples that mention this post. All packages include engagement sessions and albums, including eco-friendly options. Destination weddings will include either a “day-before” or “day-after” photo session. So get on this already! With work this strong, and rates this affordable, West Coast ladies are in luck.

I asked Julie a little about why she does what she does, and she told me that for her, this is going into the family business. From the time she could crawl she watched her family photograph weddings and important moments at their own family run business. She has continued that legacy with her own spin on capturing the whimsical moments during the wedding day. She wants to tell the story not just of the day itself, but of you and your partner.

She prides herself in being unobtrusive during the day, especially during the reception. She wants you to focus on you (and your partner of course), and let her worry about capturing the little things—the look on your face when your best friend’s toast leaves you in hysterical laughter, the tiny flower girl and ring bearer slow dancing, the way lights twinkled in your loved ones eyes. More than anything Julie Randall Photography wants to let you shine on your day and leave you as stress-free as possible. And she wants to work with you, in particular. She says, “The APW ceremonies I’ve observed are the ones that make my job a truly rewarding experience. They are the ones that show a love that lasts far beyond the wedding—the ones that make a marriage. These are the marriages that celebrate the union of EVERY couple—the couples with the love just radiating from their faces.”

So seriously West Coast ladies. You know Julie loves you, and I know you’ll love her (I’ve met her in person, and she’s great). And you’ve seen the pictures. So what are you still doing here? Go, browse, chat, and have fun. And for goodness sake, take her up on the travel offer! I would in a heartbeat.

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  • Her pictures do look great! I’m so glad she caught the bride-and-groom-on-chairs-holding-the-napkin moment, a nice little traditional touch from the Jewish tradition. Most photographers wouldn’t have thought to capture that… but it looks like they’re having so much fun!

  • Julies photos are absolutely lovely!

  • Julie’s blog is full of so many beautiful images. And I love she’s involved in pug rescue!