Kandise Brown: Wedding Photography for Canada & Beyond

One of the oft heard complaints around these parts is that APW does not have enough Canadian sponsors, which is a fair complaint because there are tons and tons of APW-ers in Canada (theory: Canada and Practical go together well?). And of course the other problem is a simple one. Canada is HUGE. So getting photographers for all of you is tough. Well. Until now. Just about a year ago, Kandise Brown joined APW as our first ever Canadian sponsor with her then business hibou photo. Today is a huge day, because she just re-lanched her business under the name Kandise Brown: Canada + Beyond. (We’ll discuss why, because it’s an epic story of believing in yourself). But the huge news is that she’s now offering two packages: one local for the Maritimes, and one for all of Canada and beyond. So Canada? ALL of you? An APW photographer has arrived.
Before we even dive into Kandise Brown’s new site and story, let’s get right down to the meat of it, and talk about her work. Leafing through Kandise’s portfolio, I had the problem of not quite finding words to put to her photos. Because, well, they’re just so… good. Seriously, it’s page after page of images that beautifully capture moments and emotions, in this bright clear way.Which makes sense, because she told me this about her style and approach, “My photos and philosophy are, more than ever, about the simple things: laughter, the special moments, being real. I strive for authenticity. My style is basically documentary, with a bit of shine. I’m not into contortionism or making things be about me—I just want my couples to laugh, have a good time, and then be able to look back on and remember that good time (in glorious technicolour).” And she does that (which is everything a wedding photographer should do, if you ask me… and NAILS it. Plus, the growth in her work over the last year is light speed amazing, so I can only dream of what her work is going to look like this summer.
Which brings us to Kandise, and her business growth. First, there is just the obvious fiery trajectory of her work. It’s impressive, and amazing, and something you want in on. But then there is the story of her confidence. Kandise told me, “My business has been growing steadily (I’m actually photographing more weddings this upcoming year than I have cumulatively thus far), and I’m really excited about that and where photography has taken me. When I started out three years ago being a successful artist seemed like a pipe dream (I was supposed to be a doctor or an engineer or something), but so much has changed since then. My new business is indicative of the growth and change I’ve experienced, not only in terms of skill but simply believing in myself. I’m all in.” And that is why she re-named her business, and re-branded. She tells the story in a post, about how she changed her business name to her own name to really own her work, and you really have to read it. So, with a huge amount of collaboration from the APW community, she launched her excellent new site, which I think you’ll agree is totally stunning:
Plus, she has packages built with APWers in mind. Kandise told me, “My business is also simplicity itself – I have two packages, local and beyond, and am fully set-up to do contracts and receive payments online. There are no difficult choices to be made… in fact I think I make it very easy for people to choose me. And once they have, I’m low maintenance. All I need is the go ahead to do my thing.”And it’s as simple as this: her wedding packages for the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI) are $2,500, and her wedding packages for Canada + Beyond are $3,000. They all include, 10 hours of coverage, a complimentary engagement shoot, and disc of high-res digital files (for both engagement + wedding). Simple and done. (Travel details are: 50 km roundtrip from Fredericton are included. Beyond that is either $0.40/km or airfare, plus accommodations!). Plus, she’s offering a a 10% discount to APWers who are booking my “Canada + beyond” package.
Plus, of course, Kandise Brown built her brand new brand with you in mind. She says, “I love APW because of the community. I love that it’s a safe space to have the tough discussions. I love that it’s more than what’s pretty.” And as a vendor who’s actively involved in the sponsor community, you know she has your best interests at heart.
So let’s go Canada! Let’s make the magic happen! Personally, I can’t wait.
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  • Love. LOVE. ALL of this. Kandise, your confidence is inspiring. The new site and rebrand look FANTASTIC — high-fives to your rockin’ team. Your photos are gorgeous. AND I already knew I wanted to be your Stateside homegirl before, but your “about me” makes me want to visit you so we can watch Buffy together.

    Canadaaaaaaa why you so lucky?

    • Whyyyy are you so far away?! xoxo

  • Hooray for Canada! And such lovely work too.

    • Thank you Emily Rae!

    • SarahToo

      Hey there fellow Canucks:

      If you’re in Ottawa, and looking for amazing musicians for your wedding, please check out Play I Do, at http://www.playidoweddings.com

      They are GLBTQ friendly, extremely professional, and wonderful people. They also offer a range of services, from classical to jazz, solo to a full band, AND they have sliding scale fees so that even people with tight wedding budgets can afford their services.

  • GET AT ME, PEOPLE! xoxo

  • Lturtle

    Amazing. Beautiful. Makes me wish I could move to Canada. Or that I had enough money to hire a photographer so I could hire Kandise.
    Sadly, I went to look at her page and drool over all the gorgeous photos and I can’t. None of the page will interact with me on my iPad. :(

    • Thank you! But… Really? Hmm. You’re looking at http://www.kandisebrown.com, right? My new site is 100% WordPress, and developed specifically to be iViewable… I can view it on my iPod!

      • Lturtle

        Well now I feel like an idiot. I followed the link in the OP above, and I thought I was at http://www.kandisebrown.com but apparently not. I just checked again and it worked fine. D’oh.

  • Anna

    So lovely to see Canadian vendors here! As a previous resident of Fredericton- this made me very happy. Kandise, your photographs are really amazing. You’re a talented lady.

    Also! Love the logo and your collaboration with Up, up! Great to see this community supporting one another!

  • Kandise is bad ass. She’s super sweet in person and obviously very talented!! Hire her!!

  • ohmygod Kandise it all looks so AWESOME. Liz + Jeff did SUCH a good job. I’m so happy to have been involved!

    • We couldn’t have done it without you! Your art set the stage :D Thank you!

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    • Jill

      Go Kandise! You are so talented – we feel so lucky to have you for our wedding in August.

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  • Jessica William

    Hi.. Wedding shots taken by Kandise are just beautiful and gorgeous. Really she does an awesome job.
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