Kara Schultz: Wedding Photography in Chicago & Milwaukee

Today, I’m super thrilled to write about Kara Shultz, Storyteller, serving the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Lake Geneva areas. First off, I have to say, Kara is just one of those no-nonsense, get-it-done people that you want to have as a friend… or, even better as your photographer/wedding day best friend. Kara had a baby on Christmas Eve, and she selected, and then re-sized images for this post within an hour of me asking for them. One handed. During a feeding. Which leads me back to the inevitable conclusion that new mothers are slightly magical, but I digress.

Kara Schultz describes her business in a way that always kind of profoundly delights me. Maybe because I’m also a super-doer, and I’m just thrilled with the idea of you having someone like this at your side on your wedding day. She says, “I am… a timeline goddess, a pro at zipping and lacing up dresses, expert at removing stains on different fabrics, never hesitant to sew your bustle back into place, always willing to fix your hair or put your veil back into place, not afraid to mix you a drink in the limo if I have to, willing to lay on the ground to get that shot, happy to sacrifice my clothes so you can sit on a bench or on the ground, an expert dress bustler and know all the types, speech writer extraordinaire, willing to talk you down when you’re on the verge of a meltdown, the reassuring voice that everything is wonderful on your wedding day, there to help you in whatever way you need, your sounding board and confidante, the one who makes you dance with your wife/husband at the end of the night, a comedian to make you laugh. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your day is yours.” I LOVE THAT, you guys. I seriously love it.

But more than all that, I want to talk about how Kara’s work has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year (but her pricing totally hasn’t, so you should snap up this deal now). I mean, girlfriend is on FIRE. Her portfolio is full of super clear, emotional, and compelling shots. And all of it is sort of, cough, no bullsh*t. Kara doesn’t go in for trends or frills. She just delivers rock solid photographs that tell a clear emotional story in one frame, over and over again.

And let’s talk about her excellent pricing. First, she offers a special no frills APW package for $2,300. And, she’s also offering y’all a free 16X20 canvas gallery wraps, because she thinks everyone deserves wall art. Most of all, you. You can see more about her pricing here, but seriously, snap this up Chicago and Milwaukee, because these rates are too good to last.

But beyond all that, Kara just loves you guys. She says, “I love working with APW people because we get each other. It’s an easy relationship to have and they’re realistic. They understand that, at the end of the day, the wedding isn’t about the stuff at the wedding. It’s more about the people. That’s how I photograph primarily. I love photographing people, not things; I’m a people photographer, I love the interaction between them. My goal is to show who the couple is, and it’s what I love to do. Whether they’re silly or romantic or anything in between, that’s what I like to do. I love to capture their love in the moment and their friends and family that surround them. My primary focus is to give the couple that lovely piece of wall art that they can cherish for years to come, and to give them art that they can use to tell the story of their love on the wedding day. In the end, it’s the couple that’s most important to me.” Which, I mean, right?

And when I asked her about her artistic philosophy, well, I’m just going to give you her verbatim answer, because it’s hilarious, “Be yourself. Have fun. Wang Chung tonight. (wee what sleep deprivation does to a person???) Ok seriously though, my philosophy is to focus on the couple and give them amazing images, so they can blow them up and display them on their walls. I’m also everything for them on their wedding day from counselor to best friend to emergency florist to DOC to medic. I try and do it all!”

I mean, basically? I think Kara Schultz is who you want to have on your team. I mean, when was the last time you read a sponsored post where the photographer offered to be your medic, if things suddenly went awry? That is good people right there, and that’s not even talking about the photos. (Oh, the photos.) So go! Play! And, well, obviously you’re going to have fun, so you really should send me pictures, just to be fair….

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  • Emily Rae

    Free wall art + amazing photos?! Win! I really like her use of indoor light. And can I just say that I really really wanted to go to a bar on my wedding day, just to get a photo like that one!

  • Kara is amazing. These photos are amazing. I love her perspective (both her artistic eye and the way she approaches weddings). Kara, keep making beautiful images!

  • Thanks for the amazing post! I can’t wait to work with mor APWers!!