Kara Schultz: Wedding Photographer & Storyteller, Chicago & Milwaukee

Today I get to introduce APW’s newest sponsor; Kara Schultz, Storyteller. Kara is a wedding photographer serving the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Lake Geneva areas. Kara originally contacted me because she was over the moon about Illinois Civil Union Law, which extends significant rights to the LGBTQ community (huge LGBTQ Illinois giveaway later in the post, squee!), so I knew right away she was good people. And oh, boy, is she. She told me, “I love APW couples because they’re smart, funny and my kind of people.  They understand that there is more to a wedding than just the wedding.” And she can’t wait to start working with you.

Kara Schultz’s work is beautiful, but beyond that, it’s affordable. A La Carte pricing starts at $2,000, and full wedding packages start at $2,700. Plus, she gives all her wedding clients high resolution digital files, so you can make prints yourself, or put your pictures on Facebook, or heck, on APW. Plus, she’s offering $200 off her packages or a free engagement session for APW couples.

When I asked Kara about her artistic philosophy, she told me this, “My shooting philosophy is a bit different.  While I’m a photojournalist, I’m more than that, I classify myself as a Storyteller because it allows me to tell the story however I see it unfolding and even if it needs a little nudge. My favorite thing (and the thing I focus most on) is the bride and groom and their interaction and love.”

But more than that, I love Kara’s down-and-dirty philosophy. I think that the person that you need by your side on your wedding day (other than your partner) is one of those level headed people who can handle any problem: a screaming baby, a ripped dress, a freaking out mother-in-law, or flowers that didn’t show up. And on that, Kara is your woman. She describes herself this way:

I’m the type of photographer who isn’t just a photographer, I’m your new best friend on your wedding day. I am…. a timeline goddess, a pro at zipping and lacing up dresses, expert at removing stains on different fabrics, never hesitant to sew your bustle back into place, always willing to fix your hair or put your veil back into place, not afraid to mix you a drink in the limo if I have to, willing to lay on the ground to get that shot, happy to sacrifice my clothes so you can sit on a bench or on the ground, an expert dress bustler and know all the types, speech writer extraordinaire, willing to talk you down when you’re on the verge of a meltdown, the reassuring voice that everything is wonderful on your wedding day, there to help you in whatever way you need, your sounding board and confidante, the one who makes you dance with your wife/husband at the end of the night, a comedian to make you laugh. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your day is yours.

Which makes me think that Kara Schultz shooting APW weddings is going to create some flat-out magic.

And, drum roll please. It’s with great excitement (because I love these things!) that I get to introduce Kara’s LGBTQ wedding photography giveaway, to celebrate Illinois Civil Unions. Kara told me, “Come June, everyone in Illinois will be afforded civil union rights, which is so exciting!  I’ve shot a few weddings for LGBT couples but would love to help more and celebrate this time in our state!  I’m offering up to 8 hours coverage by me, limited by my availability from now until October.” So if you’d like to enter, leave your wedding date, and a little about why you’d love wedding photography in the comments.

And the rest of you? Go check out Kara Schultz, Storyteller, and make beautiful music together.

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  • I’m a proud Chicagoan, but I felt even more awesome about my state when the civil union law was passed! So while I can’t take advantage of the giveaway myself, I just want to say: rock on, Kara. :)

  • lor

    Wow, wish I was getting married and wish I lived in her area, I would love to have her have my back!!

  • Meshawn

    My wife and I were married in Lake Tahoe in 2007, but live in Chicago and are so excited about IL civil unions! We are “making it legal” with a casual party on the weekend around our four year anniversary (August 11, so the date will be either August 6 or 13 – to be determined very soon!) – and we’d love photography! We’re starting a family this year and would love documentation during such a big year for us :)

  • Jen M

    YAY! So excited for a new APW sponsor in Chicago!

  • Yay Midwest wedding elves! Yay a give-away! And YAY FOR ILLINOIS! :D

  • Go Illinois! Go Kara!

    Hey, just a question for those of us who live outside of Chicago or Milwaukee — do you have travel fees? Thanks!

    • Yep!! It depends on the area but I have camera, will travel!