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Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (48)

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

Choosing a wedding photographer is a little like buying a car. Once you reach a certain quality level, it can be really difficult to figure out what actually makes one better than the other, because at that point, it’s all in the details. For example, some photographers work wonderfully with natural light, others are great for nighttime dancing, some really excel at creative portraits, and the list goes on and on. If you’re getting married in a gorgeous natural setting, chances are you’re looking for someone who can capture the magic of the outdoors in a way that makes you feel like you’re there. And today I’m truly thrilled to announce that APW Sponsor Katch Silva in Philly is officially your go-to gal for all things outdoorsy and adventurous. So campers, hikers, and adventurers alike, pull up a chair and let me tell you why your day just got awesome.

Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (23)Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (46)

For starters, Katch Silva is passionate about nature. She told me, “Kory (my husband) and I would live outside if we could, traveling all over enjoying the outdoors. (In fact we plan to, but more on that later). We feel at home in the mountains, climbing over boulders, hiking to peaks, and climbing up cliffs. Literally. We’re happiest outside. Our “honeymoon” plan revolves around backpacking South East Asia and climbing sea cliffs (in Vietnam and Thailand) for a month (so excited!). We are obviously a little outdoor crazy, and I love to bring that to my art and my photography. I’ll hike to the peak with you if it means getting the shot. I’ll camp in a tent if necessary. I’ll explore hiking trails, go for a dip, or climb boulders if that’s where you’re at home too. I’m always open to any adventure, big or small. I find that there is always a touch of magic when we find that hidden trail, that perfect spot with the perfect view, the less traveled roads, and stop to document them. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be rough and tough outdoor junkie for us to get along. No adventure is too small, and we’ll make it magical either way.”

Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (33)

To make this possible, Katch has completely revamped her pricing, making it easier than ever for her to come to you, wherever your wedding may be. She explained, “I’ve always done the different packages: 8 hours, 10 hours, etc. But I’ve found that for people on a budget who can only book me for 8 hours, they often have to squeeze in lots of things at the end to make sure I am there to cover them (special dances, cake cutting, etc). I don’t want to make people do that, rushing and being on a timeline just isn’t pleasant on your wedding day. So I’m going do what so many photographers already do and offer just one rate, for the full day. I arrive when you’re getting ready, I leave when everything is covered.” Katch’s local pricing is $3,500 for full-day coverage, which includes any wedding she can drive to and from on the same day (within about 2 hours) and her travel rate is $4,100. This includes ticket, hotel, and car rental. Which means if you’ve been looking for someone with the chops to handle your adventurous or outdoorsy wedding, Katch’s new simplified pricing structure makes it that much easier to get her to where you are and let her rock the heck out of your wedding.

Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (49)

But the real reason I’m so excited for Katch Silva to expand her business is this: Katch’s photos aren’t like anyone else’s. Ever since she joined APW as a sponsor, I’ve been dying to get in front of her camera (it will happen, dammit). Katch’s images are evocative and emotional, and they distill the essence of the outdoors in a way that’s so pure, half the time I feel like I could reach out and touch it. And for those of you choosing your wedding venues based solely on location and the fact that your guests will have the option to sleep in tents…well now you get the bonus of being able to have Katch at your wedding too. Plus, as an added incentive, Katch is even offering a 10% discount to any APW couples getting married in 2014 who mention today’s post and book her before December 1st.

Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (9)
Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (47)

Having worked with enough outdoorsy couples myself, I know that the real value of having Katch Silva by your side on your wedding day is that her values are your values too. Katch confided in me, “Kory and I dream of living on the road once he finishes his doctorate degree. I’ve never wanted our lives to be limited by location, and that applies to my passions: photography, mountains, and Kory. There are so many of you I’d love to meet, and we shouldn’t let the east coast limit us. And I don’t want location to be limited by budget. That’s why I’ve decided to have one flat travel rate (and one flat local rate). I don’t want you to worry about fluctuating ticket costs, or travel time, or wedding day schedule. I want to be there to cover your entire day, whether you’re getting married on a farm, on top of a mountain (yes please) or in the middle of nowhere in a field.”

Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (19)Katch Silva Photography | A Practical Wedding (1)

When you get married in a place that’s defined by it’s natural beauty, you want someone who can capture the magic that drew you there in the first place. But chances are you also want someone who can rough it alongside you, who will be just as happy (probably happier) sleeping in a tent as they would be at the Four Seasons, and who lives their life according to the same values that you live yours. And that is Katch Silva through and through. Plus, don’t forget, any couples who book before December 1st will get 10% off their wedding photography. And if you’re not in the market for a wedding photographer, but just really love Katch’s work, she’ll be in Italy (in the Tuscany area) May 5 to 19 and doing sessions with no travel fee! If it were me, I’d already be calling Katch right now…

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  • Emmy

    I love her style. She captures such dreamy portraits.

  • scw

    I love Katch! I’ve never met her, but she is really sweet and prompt by email and her photos are to die for. I like her so much that I’m really excited about this apw discount even though I won’t be booking in time to take advantage of it (and even though it might make it harder for me to book her on certain dates), just because it means more members of team practical might the able to hire her.

  • wschuu

    Ah! I’m so excited to see this! I had Katch on my radar since before I was even engaged (thanks Pinterest) and I’m so excited to be doing my engagement photos with her on Monday! Her work is gorgeous, and she is super down to earth and will definitely go the extra mile to find a gorgeous location. It’s so rad to see her on APW!

  • zomg. new favorite photographer. too bad she’s probably out of my price range…

  • Thanks you guys for the sweet words! Can’t wait to get to work with all of you! :) :) You guys are the best.

  • Jen

    Sorry if this post is a little late but if you are thinking about booking Katch, do it! This write up is so accurate. She shot our wedding on Sept 28 and not only did she get the pictures back in about a month, they were beautiful. Also, she truly is willing to do anything to get a shot. We did our first look on a rock jetty at the Jersey shore (pretty area despite the show) in late September. We had an unseasonably warm day, but not warm water. Katch seriously was up to her knees in the ocean with wet pants to get the shot. Our first look shots were exactly what we had hoped. She is great to work with, very easy going and produced wonderful pictures! We will definitely be using her in the future.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Jen! So happy to hear you loved those shots :) It was definitely worth the wet pants :)

  • Long-distance high five for Southeast Asia honeymoons! Always fun to see the look of total confusion on people’s faces when they hear that we honeymooned in Burma. I can only imagine the amazing photos you’ll get.