Katie Jane Photo: Elopements & More in NYC!

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When Katie Jane joined APW as a sponsor, she had just gotten married after years of reading the site, and was in the very early stages of building her business. Now, thanks to you guys, Katie Jane Photo in New York (and now a little bit in San Francisco) is a phenomenally thriving business. What’s been most amazing to watch are the surprising and creative ways that Katie Jane Photo has grown. She has a new site designed by the APW team, Super Runaway, which is of course gorgeous. And she’s been focusing this year on elopements, and she’s been pushing her limits as a fine art photographer (something you can totally be part of with a portrait session, hint hint).

First off, because of y’all, Katie Jane has booked every single big wedding slot she has for 2012. So! She’s booking elopements for this year (which is one of her passions). If you’re thinking of eloping to New York City this year (or want to talk to her about affordable travel), I think you should get in touch with Katie Jane today and grab one of her coveted slots while you can get it.

Plus, she’s also booking portrait sessions for this year, from engagement sessions, to family sessions, to anything you can dream up. And let me tell you, I think you should grab one of those slots right this second. When I was in New York City in August, Katie Jane shot pictures of me and a bunch of other APW women on her roof at sunset as part of her fine art photography work, the Theia project. Working with Katie Jane was great; she made us all feel so at ease. But the results of the work (above) are some of the most stunning portraits I’ve seen all year. So grab those slots before they go. She’s gunning for a gallery show for the Theia project by the end of the year, which means getting a portrait session with her is about to get a lot harder, so grab an appointment while you can. And finally. Katie Jane and her husband are starting to spend more time in San Francisco as well, so, if you want in on the Katie Jane portrait session magic, she’s booking a few slots for portraits in the Bay Area between April 9th and April 16th. (You can see her full travel schedule here.)

Because Katie Jane loves the APW community so much, she’s offering 10% off all elopements and portrait sessions for anyone who books by March 1st. Her elopement prices range from $750 to $1350, which is a gift. A super gifted photographer at such low rates? Magic.

I’m going to let Katie Jane tell you a bit about why the APW community is so important to her and why she just flat out likes you:

APW continues to be a huge part of my life. I had this crazy moment at the afterparty for the Brooklyn book talk where I ended up sitting at a table of my brides—the Katie Jane Photography alumni—and it was totally surreal. Everyone was getting along like they were all old friends—they recognized each other from my blog—and it was just this amazing moment for me personally. To see them all there, together… my people. Getting along as I always suspected they would if they’d ever gotten to meet each other. These people who I didn’t know were out there a year and a half ago—whose weddings I spent 2011 photographing—came out the other side as friends.

I used to be so nervous when we started having APW meetups way back when—I would go to them alone and not know anyone, and I have a tendency to clam up when I’m in a room full of strangers and just go back inside myself a little bit. But walking into this particular event was so wonderful. Everywhere I turned there was a familiar face—from the bookclub or because they were clients. I don’t feel nervous at APW gatherings because now it’s a room full of friends. Or soon to be friends. And in a huge city like New York, where it’s sometimes difficult to find “your people” and make new friends, that is priceless.

So those of you looking for elopement pictures, or deeply creative, stunningly beautiful portraits, book Katie Jane Photo now.

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Because trust me, her slots are going to be gone in a red hot minute. They always are.

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  • Ahhh! I love.love.love Katie Jane and can’t wait to finally meet her in a week at WPPI and hopefully visit her in NYC again in May! (I hope I hope!) She is clearly incredibly talented, and on top of that is just the sweetest person you could come in contact with. She is such an inspiration to me and has unknowingly pushed me to grow my business in new and exciting ways – and I owe her big time for that! <3

  • holy SHIT that picture of Lauren..!! I love the Theia project so much.

    • Haha- right?! Katie Jane made me look like a floating goddess or something. Hire her IMMEDIATELY.

  • Cassandra

    Oooh I wish we could afford Katie Jane for our NYC elopement! Gorgeous photos!

    • Email me, Cassandra. Let’s talk. :-)

      • Ooh this could be some major APW magic happening! I love this stuff.

        Katie Jane, you are so talented. I am secretly obsessed with you. Fyi.

  • Yay Katie Jane!!!! She is amazing. I am so excited to meet her next week!! And I can honestly say, as someone who wanted to elope, that Katie Jane is exactly the photographer I would hire if I were eloping in NYC. You had better believe when we finally make it out east Katie will be my first call :-D

  • Alison

    SO excited that Katie Jane is shooting our wedding on 10/14/12! She’s ridiculously awesome and her work is GORGEOUS!!

  • Katie Jane rocks my socks and it’s so amazing that her business has thrived soooo much! Her work is beautiful. I’m jealous of y’all… I want to meet her too!!!!

  • Katie Jane’s work keeps getting better and better. I don’t know how she makes each elopement look so distinctive and unique. You can really tell that she’s got a passion for it. Watch out, this woman is amazaballz.

  • STUNNING. I love every single one of these photos. Katie Jane Brides are lucky Brides!

  • Zan

    Katie Jane Brides and Grooms ARE lucky, and not least because we get amazing photos. It’s wonderful to know that you’re using your dollars to support a seriously talented entrepreneur who is also a wonderful person. We loved Katie Jane so much that we hired her twice!!

  • Awesome wedding Photography, very inspiring for a professional wedding photographer like myself, keep up the great work!

  • Wow, such spectacular pictures, really talented.

  • Katie Jane, June 23 cannot come fast enough. So thankful we get to work with you!

  • Amazing work! congratulations