Kelly Prizel Photography in the Tri-State Area & New England

Today’s sponsored post is about Kelly Prizel Photography in the Tri-State area and New England. But frankly, even if you’re not looking for a wedding photographer at all, you’re going to want to read this post. Normally, I use sponsored posts to rave about the photographers work (and Kelly’s work is as good as it gets). I use the post to tell you how much I love the photographer (and Kelly is such an integral member of the APW Wedding Elves team that she has twice offered to step in and pinch hit for a couple when the photographer had an emergency, just because I asked her to). But today, I wanted to do a little more than that. Kelly’s work, after all, speaks for itself: both her amazing photography, and her work as co-founder of one of the only gay wedding planning websites out there, So You’re EnGAYged. So when Kelly sent me an essay about why she loved working with you guys, and what she thought wedding photography should be about in the first place, I wanted you to read all of it, uncut by me. So without further ado, Kelly Prizel Photography, the woman, the truth teller:

Why I love working with APW clients:

Last year, when my first sponsored post went up, I’d only had two APW couples. And I loved them. This year, it’s been crazy: something like 30% of my couples find me on APW.  And it’s great because I know when an APW reader contacts me, we’re going to be a good fit because we share the same ideas about what a wedding is for. They have their values right: they know there is more to a wedding than vintage bikes, trendy clothes, balloons, and fake mustaches (though, who doesn’t love a fake mustache?). They come over, we have wine and cheese, they pet my cats if they’re not allergic, and then, what do you know, after the wedding we’re going to Super-Bowl parties together, having dinner at each other’s houses. I even had a couple in which one partner graduated from the same PhD program my wife is in!

I always tell my clients it’s really important to click because on your wedding day, I’m going to be with you allllllll day…and for several months after (or years, if you do the baby thing). My clients therefore tend to be people I would pick as friends. And all the clients I’ve gotten through APW fall under that category.

APW Deal:

I wanted to offer to APW readers, anyone whose wedding is before August 1, 2011 (and books me) their choice of either an engagement session (if they book a package in which it’s not included) or a rock-the-wedding-attire (aka post-wedding) shoot.

My Philosophy

Photography: My approach to wedding photography comes out of my approach to my work as an artist. In art school, working outside the boundaries and expectations of commercial work, I was able to focus intently on executing the image in my mind, an image that had to be both aesthetically satisfying and effective as a mode of communication. Because of my training and my weird, hyper-visual brain, I see the world in terms of the image I can create. So when I’m shooting a wedding and I see the image in my mind, I will do whatever it takes to GET THAT SHOT. Sometimes that involves bodily contortions that end in serious bruising the next day, but when I upload the photos to my computer, it’s totally worth it. I also approach digital photography the way I approach film, so when I shoot my work is only half done. I view photoshop like a batch of darkroom chemicals, necessary to my producing the image I’ve imagined.

I live, eat, breathe photography. I am never happier than when I am shooting. My clients sometimes laugh at me because we’ll be walking down the street during an engagement shoot and I’ll be like, “THERE. RIGHT THERE. NOW.” And then, when I get the shot, I’m kind of a personal sound-effects machine. I love APW clients because they get it. They actually want to know what artists outside the wedding world inspire me. They want to hear about my book art or my feminist digital installations. Because the same desire to communicate, to tell a story in an aesthetically compelling way, motivates my wedding photography. Plus, they love my sound-effects.

Diversity: I talk a lot about aesthetics and communication, but the reason I started in this industry was because I had something to say. Namely, “Where are the f*cking gay people? Where are the people of color? Where are the rip-your-heart-out emotionally gorgeous weddings minus the trendy hipster-gear? Where are the over-size-two people?” These questions drive me as a wedding photographer and as co-founder of So You’re EnGAYged, and that’s why my weddings run the gamut from a Catholic high-mass to a lesbian hand-fastening ceremony. I’m not here to show you models in a field with a piano. Yes, it’s super-pretty. Yes, it’s great portfolio material. But IT’S NOT REAL.

I love real people in love. I love people choosing to commit publicly to each other. Those commitments look different and ARE different. They mean different things to different people. But at the end of the day, it’s a celebration of love. Let’s face it: your dress isn’t going to be in style forever. Your wife might find that grad school gives her a few wrinkles. But your pictures aren’t about trendy clothes and perfect skin, despite what the wedding-industrial-complex tells you. Because your wedding isn’t about those things either. And in each wedding I shoot, whether the couple is 20 or 50, gay or straight, black, white or anything else, I strive to tell the story of what your wedding IS about: love, community, and commitment. [Kelly gets down from soap-box]

So, without further ado, ladies and gentleman of the Tri-State Area and New England (and DC, if you sweet talk her), I think you’re going to want to go browse Kelly Prizel Photography. She is one amazingly talented, cuttingly smart woman, and her rates are effing good. Plus, you’re going to want her around for your wedding, and your life to follow. Capturing the real moments, the moments that matter, life as it’s lived.

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  • Yay, Kelly!! I just want to add, that she is such an amazing human being and so encouraging and supportive of others. She gives so much back to the photography and wedding community, which is amazing.

  • That last picture just slays me. AGH. Tears.

  • This post makes me unbelievably happy. She shot an Indian lesbian wedding?! Rad.

  • I second Katie Jane.

    Kelly was my photographer, too, and we could not have asked for a better person* to spend the whole day with. She’s fun, funny, and gets THE most incredible photos. Now…if only I could get my head around ordering an album a year and a half later…

    *well, people really. Kelly’s wife was there for both our engagement session and the wedding day and she rocked, too

  • Analise

    Amazing work from an amazing person! (That incredible last photo gave me happy-tears!)

  • KWu

    I’m really, really looking forward to having Kelly around on my wedding day (this June). I tell everyone that Kelly is the most excited person I’ve ever met, she’s just so much in her element when working.

    Also, when she said “My clients sometimes laugh at me because we’ll be walking down the street during an engagement shoot and I’ll be like, “THERE. RIGHT THERE. NOW.”? That totally happened during our engagement shoot, and what she was pointing to with the side of a parking garage with this really interesting texture of metal plates, and those turned out to be absolute favorite photos from the shoot.

    Kelly is also totally the modern tech-savvy girl’s type of vendor. Answers emails really quickly, contract was signed online, uses Google Docs to share information, prolific blog poster with lots of really helpful tips, gives you all the digital files, and get this, she can pass out cards with the password to your online gallery to guests at the wedding so that they can go online and order their own photos. I see that she’s changed her rate/details page lately so maybe she doesn’t do that for new weddings anymore, but I think it’s such a great idea.

    In conclusion: YAY KELLY!

    P.S. I only contacted photographers who advertised in APW, and wish I could fulfill all my vendor needs from APW advertisers :)

  • Cassandra

    Love love love the diversity in these wedding photos! So rare to see gay men’s wedding photos.

  • Kelly’s going to be our photographer in less than a month, and I could not be more excited. Aside from being completely in love with her art (please, go look through her blog and facebook page and try not to get chills), she has been amazing to work with. I love her values, I love her enthusiasm, and I frankly just love *her*. She gets what’s important to me about weddings and photography, which can be a rare thing in the wedding world. Talking and emailing with her is a joy, and I can’t wait to share my wedding day with her (and her equally awesome wife!)

  • All the pictures are lovely, but that last pic is a show-stopper.

  • april

    I could seriously stare at these photos all. day. long. Beautiful. Just beautiful! The last two in this post just made my heart melt!

  • KateK

    I stumbled across APW when I was google searching about a year ago for wedding photographers. And lucky for me that’s how I learned about both Kelly Prizel AND APW. I could tell immediately that Kelly was the person I wanted to shoot my wedding. My wedding was in October and I picked up my album from her just last night. Drool.

    I second Katie Jane, Jessica, KWU and Becca. Kelly rocks!

  • McPants

    We are *beyond* excited to have Kelly photograph our wedding in May. Not only did she come to our rescue when another vendor backed out (amazing!) but she spent ages on Skype with us talking about her style, her vision for the photos and getting us easily through all the tricky contract stuff. And obviously, her photos are gorgeous. (There was some *serious* squeeing when we found out she was still free on our wedding date.) Yay Kelly!

  • Carbon Girl

    Too bad I am already married (well not really because I love being married) because, wow, your philosophy really speaks to me. Gorgeous photos!

  • beautiful photos, really! boring wedding photography completely defeats the purposes of showcasing your special day. i would hire you in a second!

  • ANI

    OMG I’m in CA and I want to hire SO bad!!! sheesh!!!!

  • Sarah

    I didn’t expect to tear up over a sponsored post! Good gracious, Kelly, please come to Australia so I can run away with you!

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