La Vie En Rose Events: Sane, Kickass Wedding Planning in NYC

For those of you already familiar with Meg of La Vie En Rose Events (affectionately known as “Other Meg” to avoid confusion), you’ll know that I practically insisted to both Meg and Other Meg that La Vie En Rose Events become a front-page sponsor at APW. Having worked with La Vie En Rose myself, I vouched for how calm Meg is under pressure, how she gets your priorities, and how she can coordinate the hell out of a wedding (probably with one arm tied behind her back). But that’s just scratching the surface. Because the real reason I fell in love with La Vie En Rose Events is that they saved my ass.

Here’s my confession: it was the first year I was in business as a wedding photographer and La Vie En Rose Events and I were slated to work together at a wedding in New Jersey. Now, since I’m not native to the Tri-State Area, and was traveling in from Connecticut, I got a bit…lost. Not realizing that there are, in fact, TWO tunnels in Midtown (please don’t cringe guys, I was new to driving in the city), I found myself in Queens instead of New Jersey and quickly began to panic as the hour and a half of buffer time I’d given myself for traffic quickly dwindled into nothingness. Throughout the process, I kept calling Meg with updates, trying not to freak out, and worrying the whole time that I was going to be late for, and subsequently ruin, a wedding. When I got to the venue (only about ten minutes after our planned time, thank you Holland Tunnel), Meg was ready with water and a big smile, and told me not to worry because everything was going to be fine. Then we both spent the next hour bawling through the ceremony, with Meg getting me more water and making sure I didn’t pass out from the scorching heat. So if you ask me why La Vie En Rose Events is, hands down, one of my favorite wedding planning companies to work with, I’ll tell you this story and then tell you this: I’m pretty sure my clients never knew any of this was happening. Because that’s what you get when you hire Meg: you get someone who can keep a cool head when things are going crazy, and more importantly, who knows when something is worth elevating to the level of telling you, and when to keep things to herself because it would just stress you out to know it was going on. She also keeps your wedding photographers stocked in waters if it’s very hot out. I mean, you had me at hello.

But La Vie En Rose Events isn’t just about getting you out of a wedding pickle when you need it. Meg is there the whole way through, treating you like a human being, and helping you figure out how to plan your wedding on your own terms. And in the New York wedding market? Well that’s a rare thing indeed. Meg says:

I know I’m not out there saving lives or making the world a safer place or anything like that. However, that’s exactly what a lot of my clients are doing! I know that your real life doesn’t stop while you’re planning a wedding, and it shouldn’t have to. That’s why I make everything easy to handle—whether it’s taking things off my couples’ plates entirely or just teaching them the most efficient way to approach tasks, I’m here to make it easier. And easier is usually a lot more fun. I really get to know the couples I work with—and so often I stay in touch with them long after the wedding is over—I get to meet their babies or buy them an anniversary drink a few years down the line. I really feel like it’s important to have a good relationship with my couples—I’m privy to a lot of personal info and private moments throughout the planning process, and I never take that for granted by treating each wedding as a number. Even our services reflect that belief—we build a custom package for each couple based on their needs, strengths, timing, etc. We don’t do cookie cutter.

In fact, Meg is so dedicated to helping you understand the planning process that she recently launched a service called Wedding Labs, which is a hands-on approach to wedding planning and features personalized webinars and other resources to help couples figure out what’s best for them, no matter where they are in the planning process (and at $45 each, no less). Wedding Labs also helps vendors that are just getting started figure out where they are headed in the industry, and will help pair you up with the right vendors if the occasion calls for it.

Because Meg is super duper in love with the APW community (“APW weddings are just plain FUN,” she says), La Vie En Rose Events is offering 10% off any weddings booked before October 15th. Prices for La Vie En Rose Events start around $2,700 (for month-of coordination), with full planning starting at $7,000 (though every quote is customized to your wedding, specifically). Meg also offers consulting at $100 per hour to couples who just need a little expert guidance here and there (like, say, finding a venue in New York, which I think might be like trying to find Waldo on the beach). Plus, in honor of APW, Meg is also extending La Vie En Rose’s “Love is Love” giveaway, which will award one LGBTQ couple with month-of coordination from La Vie En Rose Events. The deadline for the giveaway is August 31st, with full details on how to enter over here.

At the end of the day, Meg is simply on your side. She says, “My mission is to make planning as fun as it can beI accomplish that by being this unique combination of friend, boss, and magician. I’m brutally honest, but I’m cheerful while I’m giving it to you straight up. And moms love me.” From experienceI couldn’t agree more. So New Yorkers, if you’re in the market for a wedding planner or coordinator who has your back in about a million different ways, La Vie En Rose Events is it. And if, by chance, you end up on your wedding day panicked and stuck in Queens, just know that you’ll be in good hands.

Photos of Meg’s clients (from top to bottom) by Timothy Lee, Dan Loh, and Justine Bursoni

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  • Hope

    Meg is amazing!

    During our planning process Meg set up excellent communication with all our different vendors- even the ones who didn’t usually return calls promptly. She oversaw the set up at our reception site which involved doing a lot herself. When our huppah wouldn’t stand up by itself due to strong winds Meg calmly resolved the situation and we ended up having four close friends hold the pillars. Meg delivered our bags to the hotel and when we returned from honeymoon she had our guest book and various decorations to return to us.

    I also attended a wedding Meg helped plan that was massively affected by Hurricane Sandy. The venue had to be moved, there were lines at the gas station so no one knew who would be able to get there and many family homes were still without heat and electricity. If I hadn’t known the prior plans for the day I wouldn’t have guessed the day wasn’t as originally envisioned. It was beautiful and ran smoothly for the guests, which I’m sure Meg had a lot to do with.

    As the bride mentioned in Maddie’s intro, I did notice that my photographer hadn’t arrived on time but, Meg did a wonderful job as our planner.