Midory & Paul

* Midory, Lighting Designer & Paul, Mechanical Engineer * Photographer: Rad + In Love (APW Sponsor) * Soundtrack for reading: “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Young and vibrant, with a splash of classic romance.

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The Info—Photographer: Rad + In Love (APW Sponsor) / Location: La Jolla, California / Venue: La Jolla Woman’s Club / Midory’s Dress: Paloma Blanca / Midory’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Each bridesmaid got to pick out her own dress from Morilee because they are all different shapes and sizes. / Paul’s Suit: Friar Tux / Groomsmen’s Suits: Friar Tux / Flowers: Bespoke Occasions

Other cool stuff we should know about: Paul danced to ‘N Sync. Paul made me promise to not tell anyone that he used to be a huge ‘N Sync fan. For over seven years I kept that to myself, but the secret came out thanks to his groomsmen that knew him back in his ‘N Sync days. Not only did all of our 180 guests find out, but they also made the DJ play the song that he knew all of the dance steps to.

Our friends decided to vandalize our car during our reception. They tied soda cans to the back of the car, wrote on all of the windows with 1980’s purple lipstick, and placed obscene candy on all of the windows. Midory’s family is very Catholic so we had to run and scrape off as much as we could because there were a couple of bad words. It was a mess, yet it made the day perfect!

Favorite thing about the wedding: Our vows. We both did a beautiful job expressing our love, but we did an even better job promising to each other to work on the little things that drive us crazy.

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  • Jes

    The photos of Paul dancing are PRICELESS. I’m so happy that it was to N’Sync.

    Looks like it was an absolutely joyous time. Photo after photo of smiling faces are so wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing!

  • “Bye Bye Bye,” right?! Totally recognized it. Love it. A gorgeous day — huge congrats!

    (Also, La Jolla is breathtakingly beautiful. And being an ignorant East Coaster, we definitely pronounced it “La Joe-lah” to a local years back. Still cringe at the memory!)

  • This looks like such a wonderful happy wedding! Very well captured!

  • catherine

    LOVE that pink of the bridemaids’ dresses and the pink balls in the trees!

  • Not Sarah

    I love this wedding because the bride just looks so happy in every single photo. Amazing!

  • LILY

    What a radiant bride! This looks like an insanely fun wedding to witness/participate in. I love the bouquets and centerpieces–can anyone help me identify the flowers involved?? I am ordering my wedding flowers this week (42 days out!) and would love to provide some specifics.

    • Wooww I loved this wedding! The flowers are gorgeous Lily, I agree! I would love to identify them as well, as I’m planning my big Asian wedding for september already!


    • Midory

      Hi Lily!!!! Thanks soo much for the awesome comment! We had a super fun time! My flowers were to die for. Our florist Leah did a beautiful job creating this very dynamic look! She is lovely and I am sure that she would be more than happy to assist you with the name of the flowers. We had no idea what we wanted we just presented her with colors and a look and she came up with everything! he email is info@bespokeoccasions.com

  • I’m so honored to be a part of this one! Midory and Paul will always be a FABU FAV couple!!! Beautiful wedding + Beautiful couple = Beautiful Pictures!!
    Ann’s Plans LOVES M+P!!

  • Kirsten

    I rarely comment on wordless wedding posts, but I had to come here to say what every almost comment above me says: this wedding looks absolutely joyous! Midory has such a huge smile or expression of joy in nearly all the photos that I wonder if she was ever able to stop smiling that day. Beautiful!

    • Midory

      Kristen i adored your comment. Yes my smile was from ear to ear since the moment i woke up till the moment i fell asleep! It was a perfectly imperfect day! hahahaha thanks so much for noticing my happiness!

  • LOVE how much laughter there is in these photos!

  • this made my heart so happy; thank you for sharing your day with us!

  • littleone

    So much expression! So many smiles! All of the joy!

    Also, the bridesmaids are HAWT.

  • Katelyn

    This wedding is GORGEOUS!!

    I’m trying to articulate why I love this wedding so much…I think it’s because it looks similar to the wedding we’re trying to plan more so than other weddings I’ve seen on APW. All the weddings are gorgeous of course, but I keep seeing these wordless weddings posts and thinking less of my own ideas because they weren’t “cool” and “DIY” and “hip” enough. Not that this wedding isn’t cool…dancing to N’SYNC is the coolest thing ever in my book and I’m sure there were DIY elements involved. Hopefully someone can read what I’m attempting to say and reiterate it more eloquently…

    • Midory

      Katelyn! I totally understood what you meant… Paul and I had that same problem. We would look at soooo many incredible artistic ideas.
      Mind you we did do a lot of DIY that aren’t showing in the pictures but at the end of the day not many people noticed them.
      They noticed our happiness so much more than the name cards we spent days making. You get so involved in every single little detail that the essence of what a wedding is supposed to be like, gets lost. We woke up that day and made sure that we would have a blast on our wedding day, and we did!

      • Katelyn

        I want to print out your response and carry it around with me so I can read it whenever I get stressed during planning! Even though it seemed that people didn’t notice the DIY details, do you regret making them?

        I can tell from your photos that you two had a blast, and I can’t wait to say the same for my wedding :)

        • Midory

          No never!!! Its all part of the process.. There really isn’t a right or wrong way. We were very dedicated to doing a lot of the things ourselves because we have design background and it was fun for us. But it was a lot of extra work for sure that could have saved us some time and stress. Just think about it this way; if its causing your relationship stress then don’t do it. Don’t fight with fiance about the small details because that was one of the biggest problems we faced on our wedding, and of course family drama.

          Do it to get it out of your system, but don’t go overboard and create your wedding dress out of paper mache unless you are a professional paper macher. (not sure if that’s even an occupation)

  • Fun and gorgeous! Loved the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and the little snippet about the groom’s N’Sync obsession! Because who isn’t guilty of a little 90’s all consuming boy band addiction? lol Very fun post!

  • Those dancing photos (and all the photos, really) are fantastic. Congrats!

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