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I always start posts about (amazing, awesome, sane) wedding planners by telling you that you don’t NEED a wedding planner, but you might WANT an (amazing, awesome, sane) wedding planner, and if so we’re here to help you out. But that’s every post at APW, right? All you need is two people and some vows, and the rest is just extra. And I hope every one of you really, bone-deep, gets that. But. I have always been really clear that I think you can’t be in charge on your wedding day, period, full stop. You’re getting married. You can’t also be an event coordinator, because you’ve got emotional work to do. So some of you will get a friend to stage manage (which I will only do for my best friends in the world, because it is flat out one of the most exhausting and emotionally draining things I know how to do), and others of you want a super awesome, super experienced, dead talented, super sane planner with APW values. Which brings me to Meg (or Other Meg as I call her) at La Vie En Rose Events in New York City. She’s the one who gave away four copies of the APW book at the end of the day on Wednesday to people who couldn’t afford it. She’s our people. And she’s also an extremely good wedding planner. How do I know this for sure? Maddie.

Maddie, the APW Submissions Editor, who I trust more than life itself on these things, worked with La Vie En Rose Events in her job as a photographer, and told me Other Meg was so flat out amazing that we had to get her as a sponsor, no questions. Maddie said, “I cannot say enough good things about Meg from La Vie En Rose. Meg was the first planner we ever had the pleasure of working with, and let me tell you, she set the bar high. She is diligent, polite, friendly and extremely easy to work with. She’s so good that I don’t even think her clients realize all the work she’s doing behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly (this is what you want by the way). From a vendor standpoint, I couldn’t ask for more. She’s the kind of lady who calls your photographers the night before to touch base, who grabs water for vendors and guests alike when it hits 90 degree weather, and who doesn’t make fun of us when we maybe break down during the groom’s vows (hypothetically speaking of course, ahem). From a client perspective, she is just good people. There is nothing better than a wedding planner who can get sh*t done and do it with a genuine joy for their job. That’s Meg. But I think the biggest testament to her talent is that when she’s on the job, I can actually see the difference her work has made in the way things go. And that’s how you know you’ve made a good investment.”

La Vie En Rose Events started in the APW in the vendor directory, and they’ve been thrilled about the clients they’ve gotten… you guys. Other Meg told me. “It’s been my experience that APW couples know who they are (both as individuals and as a couple), and they know what they want. I love their decisiveness. Also, APWers tend to be more in tune with the fact that the wedding that they’re planning is their wedding; not their mothers’ or grandmothers’ or Emily Post’s, or anyone else’s. APWers don’t seem to succumb to family/peer pressure, and their families seem to really respect that. It’s nice to honor traditions as you see fit, but it’s really not cool to let someone else steamroll you into a wedding you don’t love. It’s so lovely to have found a place where everyone pretty much rocks. I spend a lot of time with my clients leading up to their wedding, and when I’m with APW couples, I feel like I’m with friends.”

And because La Vie En Rose Events  is so happy to work with each of you, Other Meg told me, “I’m going to offer all APW readers a 10% discount on services through January 14th (my anniversary).” Hurrah! Plus, they travel, as such: “We will travel anywhere!  I joke with my husband all the time that the reason I haven’t legally changed my name is because I don’t want to send my passport back just in case someone needs me to make a wedding happen in Tahiti. Travel costs apply outside of the NYC metro area—we only require reimbursement for air/hotel/gas. There are no additional fees aside from what we spend to get and stay where you’re getting married. We have friends/family in the following cities and their surroundings: Medford & Portland, OR; Detroit, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Miami, FL; Williamsport, PA; Keene, NH; Washington, DC; London, England; Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong; Quito, Ecuador; so if your wedding takes us there, we don’t need lodging.”

But perhaps what made me the happiest about La Vie En Rose Events was when Other Meg told me this, “I like to really get to know our clients, and work with them to define their vision, flesh out their ideas, take them to the next level, and find talented professionals to bring it all together. My team and I bring a lot of elements to the table to help our clients with the process including creativity, organization, and enthusiasm. I kind of feel like “Wedding Planner” isn’t even the right job title for what we do. I don’t want to work with someone who wants us to plan their entire wedding. That would make it our wedding. I feel almost as though we are wedding Sherpas, guiding people through the complexities of the planning journey.” WEDDING SHERPAS you guys! This is totally it! This is totally what you’re looking for! Not someone to tell you what to do, but someone to guide you through figuring out what you want.

Plus, she gets the point of the whole event. She says, “I feel like a lot of couples have this subconscious fear that somehow their wedding is a predictor of how their marriage is going to be. I help people avoid falling into that trap. I remind them that sweating over the small stuff is not going to do them any favors, and I keep them focused on the main objective—the marriage, not the wedding. It’s not about finding shoes that are an exact match for the ink on the invitations, it’s about commitment. It’s not about perfecting the steps to a waltz, it’s about being happy. And it’s not about gobo lighting, it’s about love.”

And if you’re going to get a Wedding Sherpa, getting a talented and experienced one is a good way to go. Part of the reason I was totally entranced by La Vie En Rose Events, is that they blend hyper-experience with bone deep APW values. Meg started as a Corporate Event Planner (that stuff is hard you guys, and leaves no room for error), and ended up falling into wedding planning and loving it. She’s sharp, organized, and has a crack staff too. You can’t do better than that.

And, because it always makes sense to talk money right up front, Meg and her team are committed to working out a budget that makes sense for you. But, she emailed me this super general guideline from the corporate circus (literally) that she was running last night, “Rates are all over the map. I always try to work with people’s budgets, but the average for day of which is actually four to six weeks of is between $2000-2500. This includes a custom time line & checklist as well as unlimited email & phone support, full day of time line with customized breakout copies for the vips (bridal party, parents, & all vendors), rehearsal coordination, plus a bunch of other stuff that I am failing to mention because clowns are running around me at the moment. Also, some planners/coordinators offer to “cut costs” by leaving after the cake cutting. I do not do this. Ever. I am the last person to leave the reception because someone needs to make sure that all of your things are accounted for at the end of the night. I’d rather look for other ways to save people hours/money & be there to see the event through all the way—I refuse to be half-assed. So, my clients are usually getting me for twelve hour days plus the weeks leading up to the wedding. I promise you get a whole lotta Other Meg for the money. But bottom line is that I’m flexible & I am creative in figuring out how to work within a budget.” And the APW couples that have used La Vie En Rose Event ? I suspect they will tell you that it was the best money they spent. A good event coordinator is like that. You want to give them your first born baby at the end.

So, New York City area couples who know you want someone else to run this thing that is a wedding? I couldn’t be happier to point you towards Meg and La Vie En Rose Events. I know you’ll be in great hands, and I’m thrilled.

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  • Damn girl. If ever I became a wedding vendor I would certainly want to sponsor this site. You write about your people with LOVE.

    • meg

      That’s because if I don’t love them, I tell them no. Easy!

  • Highly overwhelmed by your kind words, Original Meg & Maddie. I just had a second to read this as I’m on my way to meet a with a wonderful APW bride. I’ll be back in a bit.

    I did want to clarify something though – I definitely didn’t run that circus I was @ last night. Clowns freak me out. so, if you’re planking on wedding clowns, I know who you can call!

    • meg

      IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION. This Meg does not do wedding clowns you guys. She’s OUT.

  • Okay, okay, I will do the clowns. (I would probably know all of them anyway). You marry one of The Flying Karamazov Brothers and all of a sudden you are the clown wedding planner… Congrats Other Meg! Love the philosophy (and idea of Wedding Sherpa) and it is so nice to see another sane wedding planner join the APW community. And since Maddie doesn’t bullsh*t, you must be awesome.

    • Thanks, Kari! I’m so excited to get to know other sane planners… I’ve run across some less than sane ones in the past – which is part of why I’m so thrilled to get the word out that we’re not all reps of WIC & other such nonsense!
      And I’m totally sending you all the clowns!

  • AmErika

    OMeg….I loved that I got to email you this week and now this! Go you! What I really loved that you said though was this….”I feel like a lot of couples have this subconscious fear that somehow their wedding is a predictor of how their marriage is going to be. I help people avoid falling into that trap. I remind them that sweating over the small stuff is not going to do them any favors, and I keep them focused on the main objective—the marriage, not the wedding.”

    This is SO important to remind people. I’m totally recommending you to peeps I know in NYC.

    • Thank you E! :) xo!

      • PS – You can totally recommend me to peeps you know outside of NYC too. I’m all about seeing the world one wedding at a time. :)

  • OK, I’ve had some time to digest, and I want to say that I’m totally over the moon about being an APW sponsor – it’s weddings like yours that actually keep ME sane. And vendors like APW vendors that make doing what I do fun & less stressful. I’m for reals glowing over here from reading this post and from all the support.

    Meg – thank you from the tips of my toes for such kind words and for doing what it is that you do. I’m sure I don’t speak solely for myself when I say that you’re an inspiration in not only your accomplishments but in the fact that you remain true to the roots of APW and are supporting growing businesses. Plus, you’re way more humble than you ought to be. So, that’s pretty amazing.

    Maddie – thank you for your kind words too. It means a lot to me to be thought of in such a lovely light by vendors. I don’t ever want to be that pushy planner that made a vendor feel icky, cause I’ve been there. And feeling icky really sucks. Also, I couldn’t make fun of you crying @ the groom’s vows because I was doing the same thing!

    To the Community – thanks for being awesome & for checking out La Vie En Rose. You gals (& guys) really do feel like home to me. I can’t wait until the day that all of my events are Practical ones.

    And to the Academy…. whomp whomp. OK. I’m off to do a happy dance & answer some Practical mail! YAY, YAY & YAY!

    Cheers to you all!
    “Other Meg” aka your friendly neighborhood wedding Sherpa! :)

    • Maddie

      Yay for Other Meg! I don’t think you could be that pushy planner if you tried. :)

  • Kinzie Kangaroo

    UHHH what a GORGEOUS website. Nicely done. And also, oh man, I love this whole post. It fills me with warm fuzzies.

    • Thanks Kinzie! :) I’m all warm and fuzzy now too. It’s been a total permagrin kind of day.

  • Marina

    I got very distracted in the middle of this post trying to imagine a literal corporate circus. Does it involve balancing budgets while standing on top of a galloping horse?