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Sane + Organized + Affordable = Trifecta of Awesome

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

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When LA-based sponsor Allie of Pop The Champagne Events told me that she was shifting the focus of her business from wedding planning to becoming the most kickass day-of-coordination provider in Southern California, I did a tiny happy dance in my office. There is dearth of sane wedding planners in Southern California to start with, and it’s even harder to find someone who is super dedicated just to day-of coordination (because let’s be honest, DOC is the least sexy aspect of wedding planning). But the real kicker? Pop The Champagne‘s new day-of coordination services are affordable, guys. As in, broke-as-a-joke post-college Maddie could have afforded them (and she was broke, y’all). But before I give Allie the floor to explain all about her new business model, what are we even talking about when we say day-of coordination, and just how much is affordable, exactly? Here’s how Pop The Champagne breaks it down:

Pop the Champagne DOC Package and Pricing—no messing around

  • Unlimited emails prior to the wedding—we want to be a resource to you from day one.
  • Our official and super amazing Recommended Vendor List—constantly being updated with the best vendors who “get it.”
  • One meeting four to six weeks prior to the big day to discuss all the details and build your timeline. We also do a walk through of the venue the same day if possible.
  • Direction of rehearsal (getting everyone down the aisle can be trickier than you think). Herding grandmas and rowdy groomsmen is our jam.
  • Unlimited hours on the day of the wedding. Set up of all details and décor such as programs, guest book, favors, escort cards, candles, etc. Go-to contact for all vendors, making sure everyone is set up in the right place at the right time. And of course, over all direction of the day—starting with the ceremony until the very end. We make sure every toast, dance, special song, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and all the rest get done as smoothly and organically as possible.
  • All the little things you haven’t thought of yet? We take care of that too. We will pack up your gifts, distribute final payments, mail your marriage certificate, box up your cake…you get the idea.

For weddings with one venue and 150 guests or less, Pop The Champagne’s day-of coordination is just $700, and for weddings with more than 150 guests or two venues, the price is $900 and even includes an assistant coordinator.

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I’m not actually sure how Allie is able to keep her prices this low for a service that really amounts to an entire month’s worth of work, but I do know it means awesome things for you. Because $700 spent on a killer day-of coordinator is $700 you won’t regret. (Whenever I work a wedding with a coordinator who knows their stuff, I can feel it from start to finish; the entire day is more relaxed and runs smoothly, even behind the scenes.)

So why day-of coordination? Because in case it didn’t sink in before, DOC typically isn’t the part of wedding planning that most planners set out for. It’s usually the super important, necessary evil part of the job. Here’s what Allie has to say:

Pop the Champagne—Day of Coordination Experts

I am super excited to announce that Pop the Champagne is transitioning into a Day-Of-Coordination-Only Agency. Specializing in the thing that we believe every wedding needs—day-of coordination—and that’s it. No full planning, no designing, just experts at one thing: making your day run like a well-oiled matrimonial machine.

There are a lot of reasons I made this decision. First, and I think most importantly, it is my favorite part of the job. Most planners look at me like I am nuts when I say that. The day-of is stressful, crazy, and usually about fourteen hours on your feet. True. But it is also romantic, exciting, and well—it’s the party! And I love me a good party. Plus, it’s my damn company, and I should be able to do what I like. So there.

Second, we are able to help way more couples! Day-of coordinator has moved up on the “vendors to hire” list—way up. I get a ton of inquiries from couples who have their date, and their venue, and that’s it. Because ya’ll seriously understand the value of having a DOC, even if you are doing everything else yourself—ESPECIALLY if you are doing everything else yourself.

Lastly, I think it’s an interesting concept. I don’t know a lot (or any?) other wedding coordinators doing this, and I see the wedding world shifting in this direction. Even compared to when I got married three years ago, there are so many resources available online making it easier to plan your own wedding. The one part the crazy world wide web can’t help you with is the actual wedding day!

Another super important piece of the puzzle is the “we” that I am speaking for. I have spent the past year training some really amazing coordinators. I built Pop the Champagne with just me, and my reputation, so to be honest, it was really hard to trust new people with my work, and more importantly, with my clients’ wedding days! But in order for my business to grow—and to help more and more couples—I had to get more coordinators! And as it turns out, I don’t know everything (as I sometimes like to believe), and have found some kickass girls with really good ideas who are just as willing and able as I am to run their asses off, make you laugh when things get crazy, and make your day perfect.

It’s long been the APW belief that you need someone who isn’t you or your partner to be in charge on your wedding day (hired or otherwise). But how do you know if want a day-of coordinator? (Hint: at these prices, you just…do.) In case you’re still on the fence, Allie put together a short list of reasons Pop the Champagne might be a good fit for you and your partner:

Top five Reasons you might want a Day-of Coordinator:

  • Because when things go wrong…you don’t want to know. When the caterer goes to the billing address instead of the wedding address. When a car has to get towed out of the middle of the ceremony space. When it’s just too damn windy to hang those streamers. Someone with experience is there to troubleshoot and make the decisions so you can focus on more important things. Like family… or drinking.
  • Because someone has to be the bad guy. We don’t mind taking the blame when it comes to sticky family situations and we actually enjoy bossing people around. Shit won’t just happen on its own.
  • Because you need an advocate. There are a lot of people involved with weddings. You’d like to think all those people would make the couple their priority and do whatever it takes to make them happy. But really, most venues and vendors are advocates for themselves before you. We are there purely to ensure your vision gets carried out and that you are happy.
  • Because you want things to be pretty. You didn’t spend all those hours on Pinterest and hot gluing your fingers together for nothing. We are really good at making it all work. Sometimes we get really specific direction—photos of tables pre-set for us to just recreate. We can do that. Sometimes we get no direction—boxes of décor to artfully place around and figure out what to do with. We like that too.
  • Because you want to dance. And drink, and mingle, and eat. You probably want your mom, sister, and best friend to do all of those things too. There is a lot to do, orchestrate, organize, and clean from beginning to end, and dammit, you shouldn’t be worried about any of it.

Pop The Champagne Events | A Practical Wedding (6)

Whenever APW sponsors make changes to their businesses that are just plain sensible, it’s always a good thing. And I’m thrilled that we get to kick off the new year with yet another planner working to make your wedding more organized, sane, and fun. Plus, at these practically unheard-of-for-Southern-California prices, it’s possible you just found the affordable LA wedding coordinator you’ve been looking for. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Photos (top to bottom): Wedding Graduates Moe & Ken (as seen here on APW), Flurrsprite Photography, Michelle Castro Photography, Brooke Bakken Photography

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • mackenzie

    Yes yes yes! $700 for DOC is amazing! Book this lady! I spent $700 for DOC and did NOT get someone at my rehearsal, and I only got 6 hours on the actual day. We managed, but looking back, it would have been great to have someone there till the end (and at the church–mine was only at my reception site). Also, I was only given an apprentice for DOC, not the owner of the company, and I could tell, though maybe not everyone could, that she was a little unseasoned (also, very young). Anyway, Allie you sound like a total rock star! Everyone should find $700 in their budgets for you. You sound totally worth it (and more!).

  • Emmers

    Ahhh, so freaking amazing! I wish you were on the east coast! Because I agree- the DOC part is what I’m really looking for, not help planning, just help carrying it out! I coordinate some events for work, and I agree that the actual day of stuff is my favorite too, even though it’s so exhausting. AsI’ve done these events, I’ve thought about my wedding, and how it’s crucial to have great behind the scenes help, someone who actually has the reins, and so I need a bomb-ass DOC!
    So hats off to you, this is a great niche that you’re filling. I hope tons of brides take you up on it!

    • Harriet Events

      Emmers, where are you on the East Coast? DOC is something I do on the side (like you, I knew I could plan the day myself and really needed help making it all happen on the day, so that’s what I like to offer to brides). I’d be happy to chat about what might work for you if we’re in the same area! Just email me: harrieteventsma@gmail.com

      • scw

        You near Philadelphia/NEPA by any chance?

      • Marina

        Are you near Boston? With the “MA” in your gmail, hoping so!

      • Ariel

        Do you DOC weddings near NYC (mine is in Northern NJ)?

  • Moe

    I must say something here. Allie was my DOC. (that’s my ceremony featured in the first picture.)
    I experienced all the things mentioned here, pretty much word for word. Truth in advertising! Unlimited emails? Yes. We talked about vendors, planning, my crazy family, tacos, pretty much everything I needed help with Allie was there to help me get clarity, to understand what was needed and explain how the actual day-of would roll out.
    Even though I had planned down to the last detail, you will need someone to make that wedding fly and it should not be you. Hire Allie. Hire someone. Ask someone you trust if you don’t hire someone. But you need to be the bride that day.
    When my actual day came I was SO FREAKIN’ GLAD she was there. She got the rehearsal to run flawlessly, she wrangled the flowergirls and groomsen into place. She was patient and responsive when I told her someone in my family was having a tantrum about the seating arrangement. One of my guests complimented her and told me “your coodinator was Always Doing Something.”
    Seriously, Allie kicks wedding-ass.

    • Allie Shane

      Thanks Moe! You guys will go down in history as one of my favorite weddings….somewhere between the karaoke and the pie centerpieces I fell in love :)

  • Lindsay

    I need this in CNY. That’s a terrific deal!

  • D

    Usually, the sponsored posts are my least favorite on APW. But this is making me envious without limits that I won’t be able to hire her!

  • This is AMAZING. Wish there was someone this kick ass when I was planning my wedding day and organizing my own little pocket-sized timelines for my groomsmen. Not that things went wrong, just that this is AMAZING.

  • Allie Shane

    Thank you for the kind words you guys! I so appreciate the support on the new model- I think it is going to be really successful and help so many awesome couples.

  • Matthew Wagner

    My wife and I are there at the food truck. We were willing to put in a lot of work for our semi-DIY wedding, but things quickly got out of hand. I was relieved when Skyler found Allie and told me how she’d be helping us out. All you have to do is 1: Not be a Bride/Groomzilla. 2: Go with the flow! This will make any mishaps that much easier to overlook and look back and laugh on later. 3: Tell her what you want.

    It will work out! And def get Allie while she’s on the cheaps here. Worth every penny.

  • Ariel

    I so wish you were near NYC instead!

  • NicoleT

    See, this here is why I love APW. Before this, I was going to go with a DOC double the price! Not anymore!

  • Lindsey d.

    This post, my dad calling me Bridezilla and making me cry, and the stress-induced migraine that kept me home from work today definitely all pushed me to find a DOC here in Louisiana. Funny story, as I googled, I remembered my mom’s college roommate is a wedding planner and emailed her. She is busy on our date, but recommended someone… That someone has turned out to be my next door neighbor. I’ve barely spoken to her over the past four years, probably because she mostly works weekends, but I chat with her husband all the time. Total small world.

  • Rachel

    This sounds sooo amazing! Does anybody have a recommendation for a good, reasonably priced DOC in the NYC area for those of us unlucky enough not to be able to hire these guys?