Lauren McGlynn: Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

The thing I love most about APW’s sponsors is that they rarely participate as just sponsors here. A good amount of the time they are also active members of the APW community. Last year we got to know longtime sponsor Lauren McGlynn Photography in Edinburgh a little better when she shared a beautiful Reclaiming Wife post and a Wordless Wedding. And you know what? It just confirmed what I already knew, which is that Lauren is awesome and she is your people. And I’m delighted to announce that she has relocated (officially) to Edinburgh and is offering a crazy amazing discount for Edinburgh weddings next year. Rad.

The thing about APW’s UK sponsors is that they are a small group compared to the numbers we’re representing over here stateside, but the talent coming from within their ranks is phenomenal. And Lauren McGlynn Photography is no exception. Her portfolio has such a clear point of view, while at the same time is so very much about her clients. Which makes sense, because Lauren is all about approaching your wedding unobtrusively while paying attention to the moments that make it awesome. She says, “I love natural light and natural moments. I don’t do stiff, I’m not super formal. I believe that if I’m relaxed and ready to have a good time, then that will help you to relax and have a good time (which will not only make for good pictures but hopefully have the added bonus of helping you to enjoy your wedding day that much more).”

But what I love best about Lauren’s images is that she takes this relaxed vibe and then turns around and produces gorgeous, dramatic photos (using a combination of digital and film. Real film! On vintage cameras!) so that the resulting effort is this beautiful, effortless moment that speaks volumes about you and your partner. And since Lauren’s mission is to produce honest moments, her photos are free of excessive filters or processing so you know they’ll stand the test of time.

But here’s where things get awesome. Lauren recently moved from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, and she’s hoping to do more local business next year. So from now until January 31st, Lauren McGlynn Photography will be offering an APW Edinburgh Wedding Package Special, which is just £1100 and includes:

  • Up to eight hours of wedding day coverage
  • Images taken both digitally and on film
  • USB drive with three hundred edited and retouched images
  • Password protected online gallery
  • Personal use license for all images

See, I told you it was awesome (and fleeting! So jump on that now, ladies and gents of Edinburgh. Because it’ll be gone before you know it). Even more awesome is that even if you’re not planning a wedding in Edinburgh, Lauren’s regular rates start at just £1400 and you can read up on exactly what she offers with each of her packages over here (because Lauren is straightforward about her pricing, which you know I love).

And as if the stunning work and super rad Edinburgh discount weren’t reason enough to love Lauren McGlynn Photography, then there’s Lauren herself, who just has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be all right (I say this as someone who has shared many a late-night e-mail exchange with Lauren discussing our mutual photography businesses. And I always came away from the experience with a renewed clarity.) Also, girlfriend’s kind of a total badass. She picked up and moved her business to an entirely different continent not too long ago (and thanks in large part to APW readers is kicking ass over there). And then last year, I’m not joking, she shot nineteen weddings while pregnant. I mean, that’s just showing off.

But joking aside, Lauren is extremely dedicated and passionate about what she does. She told me, “Photography is the thing that I am best at, and the thing that I enjoy doing most in the world. My favourite images are honest images, images that capture people when they are raw and vulnerable, happy and ecstatic, images that tell stories and capture real emotions. Those are the pictures that get me excited. Weddings are filled of those kinds of moments, and it’s a privilege to show up and have fun creatively capturing those moments.” Love.

In short, Edinburgh is awfully lucky to have Lauren at arm’s reach. And with today’s discount, maybe even a little bit luckier. So go! Check out Lauren McGlynn Photography. And then when you’re done making magic together, come back here and share some of the awesome with us, okay?

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  • I just need to say – I adore Lauren’s work. SO much. As someone who looks at a lot of really amazing wedding photography, there’s just something about her photos that consistently stops me in my tracks. It’s aesthetically beautiful, yes, but more than that it’s also incredibly emotionally intimate in a way I rarely see.

    (I also adore the lady herself, despite never having met her in person. If we were in the same country I’d be constantly scheming to work with her as much as possible.)

  • I love Lauren… she’s such a sweetheart and her work is soooo good. I know she’s been wanting to live in Edinburgh for forever so I’m happy she’s moved there and that she’ll be shooting local weddings. I hope Edinburgh folks hire her so we can see more wedding graduate posts with her photos!!

  • Yay! It’s Lauren! I am not only lucky enough to have had my picture taken by Lauren more than once, but I also attended a wedding as a guest where she was the photographer (that’s my friend Anna up the top there looking gorgeous). I can happily confirm that she is both lovely in person and ridiculously talented. Everything she says here is entirely true – she really does love her work that much and she is completely relaxed and informal and super fun. Really I think her work speaks for itself.

    I live in Edinburgh and will be passing this on to all my engaged friends – grab this deal while you can!

  • Jessica Schilling

    I love Lauren’s film and toy camera work and the uniqueness of those images. She is also as witty and charming as she is talented!

  • Frances

    Lauren is AMAZING. Book her now, you will not regret it. Her photos speak for themselves; she is really talented but she’s also a brilliant person to have on your team.

    I booked her two(!) years ago when she had a post on here. I was just engaged and feeling hopelessly lost and overwhelmed by the idea of planning a wedding.

    It was the best choice. She was so lovely – right from the word go when she calmed my panic and confusion and told me it would all be great, to the big day when she just appeared and got on with it and fitted so seamlessly into my getting ready that I sort of forgot that she’d not known me and my bridesmaids for years.

  • Shiloh

    Girlfriend IS kind of a badass.. Her MA in photojournalism totally shows.

    If you can’t relive the day again, having Lauren’s photos are a really good second-best. Having the woman herself there is second to none. She’s a gem, and a star, and really just so so good!

  • I’m obsessed with Lauren’s work and am blown away by how each session and wedding gets better and better! I love Lauren’s storytelling and the way she sees and thoughtfully catches small moments others might miss. I love Lauren & am inspired by her work!!

  • Photojournalism with an artists eye and a sense of humor. Such lovely photographs!

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