Lauren McGlynn Edinburgh Wedding Photography

Sometimes, I think that the UK has the most phenomenal luck when it comes to wedding photographers. And that never seems to be more the case than when I think about Lauren McGlynn Photography in Scotland. The full story about Lauren is that she’s an American who moved from Austin, TX to Aberdeen, Scotland just over a year ago. The sort of miraculous thing is that it was you guys, Team Practical, that helped allow her to pick up stakes and move her business whole sale to another country. You trusted her artistry, you invited her to share your weddings, you invited her to your weddings and your book clubs and your lives, and she repaid you a thousand times over with gorgeous, quirky, and emotive pictures of your weddings.

And the best thing about Lauren is how much all of you just like her. I routinely get dispatches from Scotland about what good people she is and how fun she is to have a drink with. I mention this, by the way, because I think it’s extremely important to want to get a beer with your wedding photographer. Under no circumstances should you hire someone to follow you around on one of the more momentous days of your life that you wouldn’t voluntarily spend a night at the pub with.

And what magic she’s done with your weddings. This year alone we’ve featured her APW-er collaborations with Eva & Tyson’s crazy Austin dance party wedding, Sarah & Steven’s Edinburgh wedding during a riot (I met Sarah at the NYC book tour party, and she is rad. Hi Sarah!), Anne & Alex’s simple and stunning church wedding, Nora & Luis’s Welsh foodie wedding, and the wedding where Lauren first discovered APW, Devereaux & Justin’s kick ass wedding. So to say that Lauren loves and understands you is really an understatement. She actually adores you.

Lauren told me, “Me and APW couples are like peas and carrots, or neeps and tatties if you will. We always genuinely really like each other, which helps me to take extra special wonderful pictures. I think that I became a better photographer in 2011 (Editors note: She totally did. So 2012 couples watch out!), and that is thanks in great part to the magic that happens at APW weddings, but it’s also because APW couples trust me enough to give me the freedom to be creative. Most of the weddings that I have booked so far for 2012 are APW weddings and I couldn’t be more excited because I’m feeling really inspired. I did a round up post of my personal work in 2011 too, and in it I said that ‘My aim for 2012 is to create images that are beautiful and interesting and honest. I want to continue to evolve as a photographer, and yet hold fast to my authenticity.’ I’m really sincere about that, and excited about it too. I think that APW weddings are perfect for making that happen because they posses all of the qualities that I’m after: beauty, honesty, and authenticity.” Which basically means, I can’t wait to see what you guys create together.

And. Lauren McGlynn Photography is so thrilled to work with you (as ever) that she’s offering a special offer if you book with her soon. She says, “To celebrate my wonderful first year in the UK, I would like to offer a 20% discount to APW couples who book me within the the next six weeks for weddings in 2012. That means that they can get a full day’s coverage, with a disk of all of their retouched high-resolution files, starting at just £960, and I don’t charge travel fees for the UK. BAM.” And that, my friends, is an amazing deal. One you should be jumping on right this second.

And that’s not even mentioning all the other things Lauren is up to. She does a phenomenal photobooth (with a long time APW reader). She’s been shooting an amazing portrait series, including this really lovely one of a couple who’s been married more than sixty years. And her round up from 2011 weddings, and portfolio, will make you feel totally magically in love with her work. And that’s not even mentioning her excellent prices. So go have fun together. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings….

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  • Yay! Love your work Lauren! XXOO

  • Lauren is amazing, and I am constantly in awe of her work. If my husband and I ever find ourselves in Scotland, I am definitely hiring her for a portrait session. I love Lauren, and you should hire her rightthissecond.

  • lorna

    aw yay, there’s us!

    lauren is amazing. having her at my wedding made it more fun. the pictures we are left with show our friends and families being their true selves: a total gift. the amount of times we must have said ‘oh wow, that’s such a …. face!” as we went through our pictures is pretty incredible.

    i know that 20 years down the line, when the hair styles and clothes look ridiculous, i will still have photographs of the very essence of the people i love , being themselves in their full glory. that’s what wedding photography should be about.

    the girl in the green jacket

  • PA

    Very candid, beautiful moments – I love your work! (If only I lived in the UK!)

  • Sarah

    Lauren photographed my wedding last year and I couldn’t be more pleased with the pictures. Plus, she was really fun to have around and made me feel totally relaxed about having my photo taken, which I never believed was possible. British brides should definitely gt in touch with her.

  • Lotte

    Lauren is amazing. She photographed my wedding last year and was an utter delight. Her pictures I think speak for themselves. Lauren = awesome.

  • Lauren is a total sweetheart and her photos are magical. I think every APWer in the UK needs to hire her so that we can see more of her beautiful photos in wedding graduate posts!

  • I love Lauren’s photography. And though I have yet to meet her, I can just tell Lauren is one of those warm and positive people you make excuses to be around.

  • Kiara

    Lauren is an absolute honey – definitely the kind of person you want to go for pints with and her photos are awesome.

  • Lauren is wonderful – we are so excited to have her photograph our wedding (coming up in July!). She really does put people at ease, her photos are so *personal* not to mention gogeous, and I can personally attest to the fact that she is very fun to drink with!

    • Oh man, that was so much fun.

      • Yes it was! We should do it again some time!

  • Sarah

    Lauren photographed our wedding in September last year, and even though we were unable to meet her before the day of the wedding (we were planning a wedding in Edinburgh while living in the US), Lauren was fantastic to correspond with by email and was always so friendly and informative that it felt like we had met!

    She was also super cool with our delays (riot-wedding) and took very lovely pictures – so, we have many reasons to recommend her!

    Thanks again Lauren and maybe when we’re next over we’ll manage to squeeze in that all-important beer!

    • Sarah

      Also how excited was I to get a ‘hi’ in the opener of this post?! VERY!! Hi Meg!

    • Kinda random, but were you living in Houston? Did I meet you at the Houston book club that one time? Just wondering :)

      • Sarah

        Nope – we live in NYC (though I would love to visit Houston sometime – esp if I have a doppelganger there!!) :)

      • I think you met Magpie just above. I haven’t photographed her wedding yet though we did do her engagement when I was back in Austin, so much fun!

      • No, that was me!

        • Hoorah! Okay, just making sure I didn’t miss your wedding photos :)

    • Magpie

      Fistbump for Edinburgh weddings while living in the US!

      PS – the photos from your wedding melt my heart.

  • Goodness. Every time I see this woman’s work I want to shake her because I want to shoot like that. Seriously. She just keeps getting better and better and I’m in awe of her!

  • You guys, thank you. Thank you all. How I heart my APW ladies, both clients and other vendors. You’re the sweetest.

  • Lauren is the reason why I started photographing weddings, and she continues to inspire me with her gorgeous photographs. You want her at your wedding. Trust me.

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