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Lauren McGlynn Photography started as an advertiser on APW a year and a half ago. She was in the process of moving from Texas to Scotland. She was a shimmering photography talent just getting started. But even though I had really high expectations for where Lauren was going to go, I’ve been amazed in the way she, and her business, have grown in the last 18 months. When Lauren was moving her business to a whole other country I told her that I was absolutely convinced she could do it, and I had this blind faith that Team Practical would help make it happen for her. I just had the feeling that when you take a leap like that with grace, the Universe (or Team Practical) will catch you.

And holy moly. You guys caught her, and she repaid you ten fold with the phenomenal way her work grew over the past year. Literally, a few months ago I was looking at Lauren’s recent weddings, and my mouth dropped open. It was like Lauren’s work, but on fire. It was phenomenal. And much of it was from your weddings. This year we featured one of  Lauren’s first ever weddings, Devereaux & Justin (she found APW thanks to lovely Devereaux), the Welsh foodie wedding of Nora & Luis, and Anne & Alex‘s beautiful wordless wedding. But more than that, every picture in this post is from an APW wedding, and she has a tag on her blog of the APW weddings she has photographed (which, warning, you’ll lose yourself in there for hours.) Lauren says, “They are all seriously beautiful, and I am really proud of all of the APW UK weddings that I have photographed this year.”

In fact, Lauren McGlynn Photography loves you guys so much that she’s offering a 20% discount to the first three couples who book her through this ad. Since her prices start at £1200, she travels free in the UK and Ireland (and she’s dying for someone to take her on her first ever trip to mainland Europe, and will work something out for you), and she’s crazy talented, you should probably rush to take advantage of this deal.

In fact, Lauren not only loves you guys, she’s knee deep in the APW community. Super Runaway, the design and web development team behind APW designed Lauren’s new site, and it’s so f*cking beautiful that I’m slightly envious. If you haven’t seen it, you must go look at it now. She told me to tell you that, “Liz & Jeff of Super Runaway are geniuses and I love them and I want to be best friends with them. They seriously make magical things happen just like they do in Harry Potter. Please quote me on that.”

But more than that, her whole business is tied to the APW community. Lauren says, “Catherine from some vague utopia who has been reading APW since it was pink, is my second shooter and photo booth expert. Our photo booths are creative, fun, and fully customizable to reflect the aesthetic and theme of each individual wedding. This means no fake mustaches (though there we did give fake beards a try). A La Carte Albums will be designing all of my wedding albums, and Liz from Happy Sighs and Betsey Ann Paper even designed and printed my thank you cards (and they are awesome!). I am all about using my business to support other business in the APW community whenever possible, because there are so many seriously talented, smart, and creative ladies up in here who are thoughtfully and actively trying to influence our world for the better (indeed this whole world changing thing is my favorite part of it all).”

Lauren continues, “These are exactly the reasons why I love photographing APW weddings. This community is so amazing, and I’m grateful for all of the ways that it has supported me and my business, and I’m happy to give back to it whenever I can, whether it’s through employing my fellow APWers, or supporting one of my APW brides through a pre-wedding mini-crises.”

And because Lauren wants to get to know you long before your wedding and become part of your team of people who support you through dress decisions, or a relative gone rouge, she’s been working on sharing more of herself with you. She says, “I’ve been writing a lot about my own life and sharing my personal work on my blog. I even have an all film personal work portfolio. This way I get to know my clients better and they get to know me, and when I show up at their weddings we are like old friends.”

So with Lauren McGlynn Photography‘s beautiful work, deep understanding of the APW community, and crazy passionate love for your weddings, how could you not make magic together? And if you don’t send me your photos afterwards, I’m going to be mad. The end. (P.S. Have loads of fun!)

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  • Her work speaks for itself.


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  • Love Lauren! Go book her!! :-)

  • Ahhh!! all of these images – especially that dancing pic with the skirt/dress all over the place! Beautiful! Okay – now that I’m done swooning over the images – I must profess my love for Lauren. What Meg said about Lauren supporting other APW businesses – goes beyond her hiring people to work with her, and goes into her reaching over the internet-land (& the ocean that separates most of us) to support all of us Elves. From our mundane day-to-day moments, to the big life-changing moments, and every wedding/session in between, Lauren is there to cheer you on. She is truly amazing person with a BIG heart, and an amazingly talented photographer on top of it (who somehow still has no idea how fabulous she is)!! I guess what I’m saying is that you should book her. You won’t regret it. <3 her.

  • Oh cripes a link to my blog. I blumming love APW.

    Lauren is the hardest-working person I know. And she’s so, so talented. And she loves FILM. I’m so insanely excited to be part of her team.

  • I’m not sure what else I can say that hasn’t already been said much more eloquently than I could say it… so I’ll just say that Lauren is immensely talented and sweet and y’all should hire her.

  • Lauren rocks. The end.

  • To put it simply, Lauren is the best at what she does. I’ve had the chance to work alongside her at weddings as her second shooter before she moved to Scotland and watching her shoot a wedding is a beautiful thing. She’s helpful, polite, and has such an amazing eye for photographs. Every time I look at her recent weddings, I am blown away by the work she is producing. If she wasn’t one of my best friends, I would ask her to shoot my wedding one day. In the end, you should definitely hire her.

  • Lauren is amazing in every way. She is sweet, funny, supportive and CRAZY talented. If my husband and I ever make it over to Scotland, we are definitely booking a portrait session with Lauren, because I have a dream of being in front of her camera. I just love the way she sees the world. Her work is nothing short of stunning. Stop reading this and go hire her already!

  • You guys…. <3. That doesn't even cover it, but y'all are the sweetest ever. Thank you. xx

    • Johanna

      Hi Lauren!

      I sent you an email – we would love to talk with you about shooting our English/German wedding in Germany next summer…

  • Sarah

    Eeeeeee! Some of those are my wedding! It was fab to have Lauren there and she did such a beautiful job. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

  • Shiloh

    Lauren! Let me thank you publicly for catching the emotional sparkles of our wedding day for the people who couldn’t be there (and for us too, to recall it..).

    We just had a reception in the States, and Christian and I had such an emotional rush standing at the photo printing station at Wallgreens choosing which ones to put up for the party. Oh man.

    Our people loved seeing them and we love having them. Thank you so much.

  • Hi,
    That’s a great post and very emotive and vibrant pictures. Lwill contact Lauren for a possible partnership fore here in spain

  • Her style and precision can be seen in the photographs!

  • Sarah

    I came on to (belatedly) comment here and saw the Sarah comment above, and just had a really weird moment of self doubt as to whether I already posted….as I am Sarah and some of those pics are also from my wedding!!! But I think it must be a different Sarah…..or else I am going mad.

    Anyway…..I just wanted to chime in and say a huge THANK YOU to Lauren and to add my voice to those recommending her! She was lovely to deal with in the whole planning process, and really made us feel good about planning our wedding from a different country. She was also fab on the day and so calm through our delays (silly protest rallies) that it helped me to be too! And just look at her photos….HIRE HER!! :)

    • Sarah

      Different Sarah. Same excellent taste in photographers!

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