Lauren McGlynn Photography in the UK!

Today I get to talk about Lauren McGlynn Photography in Scotland (though she travels for free to the rest of the UK and the EU), and I am from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thrilled. Not only is Lauren super talented, and super kind, but she’s such an integral part of the APW community, and of making this blog a better place to be. That being said, I think you UKers are beyond lucky to have her. Lauren is someone I turn to when I’m trying to figure out how to make something better over here, when I’m trying to figure out how to make vendor’s experiences better, make readers experiences better, or hey, just put a little pressure on the wedding industry to be more awesome. So she gets you guys. And I like that in a person.

And even better, she takes amazing pictures, on film and on digital, and will make an incredible art project of your wedding. Add to all that, Lauren McGlynn Photography‘s rates start at £1600, and she is offering a 10% APW discount, and no travel fees in the UK or the EU. Have at her, ladies!

I asked Lauren to tell me a little bit about why she loved working with you guys (did she ever), what projects she’s been up to (fabulous ones), and what her artistic philosophy was these days (it’s awesome), so let’s get down to it:

Why I love APW couples: Since moving to Scotland APW has become an indispensable part of my extended community. I read APW every day, I chat with the other wedding elves on twitter, I read an ever growing number of Team Practical blogs, and I’ve even met up with a few practical ladies in person (it was awesome). I love working with APW couples because they are a part of that community. When I meet them for the first time it feels like we instantaneously get each other because we have a similar worldview. So far my UK APW weddings have just been so beautiful and touching and amazing and I’ve been having a blast photographing them.

Editors note, I don’t think I’m supposed to include this but I’m going to anyway, Lauren told me, “this last APW wedding that I photographed a week ago was like a religious experience. It’s the best time I’ve had since moving to the UK. It made me feel better about the world. I still have an afterglow from it… so when I say amazing I mean it. Anyhow…”

Interesting projects: I’ve started a weekly post of my personal work on my blog, which led to the coolest thing that has ever happened to me happening {Affirmation! from one of my peers! that I seriously admire! I’ve still got an afterglow from that too}. Also, this is the second summer in a row that I’ll be the volunteer photographer for Solas which is a new Scottish music/arts festival with a strong emphasis on social justice and activism.

Artistic philosophy: I try to make the best use of available light, and I always look for moments of emotion as well as ways of capturing what feels like the authentic spirit of every wedding that I photograph. Lately I’ve been bringing lots of cameras with me. I’ve got my digital SLRs to get the job done, but I’ve also been having fun experimenting with my holga, and shooting instant pictures (this was actually partially inspired by Meg and how much she always says that she loves her wedding Polaroid’s). I’ve  found it to be really nice to shoot film at weddings because film is such a personal passion project for me, and since I’m such a geek about it, when I show my clients their film pictures it feels like I’m giving them something really special.

So what else is there to say? Other than you UK ladies are very lucky, and I’m very very excited to hear about and see all the magic you make together. Now go browse already!

Photos: a mix of digital, hola, and instant

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  • Yay. Now I really can’t wait to see what shots you capture of my sister’s wedding next month (and also looking forward to meeting you too!) x

  • As amazing as the photographs are, she is an even more amazing person. Go Lauren, go!

  • lorna

    yay lauren! meeting your photographer over pints at an APW meetup is SO the way to organise things…

  • Yay, Lauren! The UK is so lucky to have you!

  • Yay, Lauren! I love her work so much!

  • Awww you guys. Y’all are the sweetest.

  • Class of 1980

    That beautiful fifth photo may be in Scotland, but the view out the window looks exactly like where I am – the Appalachian mountains. No wonder so many Scots settled this area.

    • Where you at? I went to college at Warren Wilson and spend as much time as possible in and around Asheville and Burnsville. Most of these pictures were taken in Cumbria, which is one fo the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

      • Class of 1980

        Currently, I’m in Hiawassee, GA. We have Lake Chatuge here and half of it is in Georgia and half in North Carolina. So the state line is right on top of us. I used to live in a neighborhood that overlooked the lake and the opposite shore was North Carolina.

        I’m strongly considering a move closer to Asheville, NC … like maybe Brevard, which is south of Asheville.

        • Brevard.. be still my heart. My dad took me on loads of camping trips to the Pisgah National Forest and Sliding Rock when I was a kid, which I”m pretty sure is responsible for me writing a lot of bad poetry about my love of water falls at the ages of 12 and 13. I remember going to some really beautiful places in the Georgia Mountains too, but I was too young to remember the names of them (I lived in Atlanta until I was 11). The UK is really really stunning as far as I’ve seen and I’m really happy to be here, but a pice of my heart will always live in the Appalachian mountains for certain. You are lucky.

          • Class of 1980


            Well, I seem to have the enviable problem of choosing which drop-dead gorgeous place is better than another gorgeous drop-dead gorgeous place.

            If I leave here, I leave a stunning 7,000 acre mountain lake that meanders all through town, but it’s not a walkable town and metro areas are far.

            If I go to Brevard, there are smaller lakes, but I gain a million waterfalls and a cooler downtown … not to mention easy access to Asheville.

            I will miss this beautiful lake (look up Lake Chatuge on Flickr), but will gain sooooo much by moving. The dining options in Asheville alone are worth it.

  • I second Meghan – Lauren is the sweetest. You want her at your wedding. Fact.

  • Lauren is super sweet, AND I met one of her future couples at the APW meet-up who went on and on about how awesome she is (without ever having met her face-to-face) so I’ll wager to say that she’s one in a million :)

  • Shiloh

    Lauren completely amazed us, and was one of the best parts of our wedding. Like, top 5.

    She took the red-eye Megabus down to be with us for the whole day (!), and people (especially Semi-Professional Wedding Guests who’ve been to dozens of ’em) made a point of saying to us afterwards how great she was. And they hadn’t even seen the photos yet!

    O, the photos.. We’re a transatlantic couple and wanted to capture the day for the many people who couldn’t make it from the US. I even sent back the wedding ring I’d ordered so that I could pay to have Lauren there. Best wedding planning decision ever.

    And you know she gets it, she’s one of us, and having our photos imbued with this community and our values (as well as all the beauty of the day) — well. That’s what we’re going for, right?

    Thank you Lauren.
    xx shiloh (in the blue shrug)

  • Hannah

    It took me a while to work out that nobody already knew Lauren, I just assumed that she was somebody’s friend – probably because she was so relaxed and friendly, just happy to amble about and find places to take the best pictures. I’ve been to a few weddings with quite stiff photographers who sort of hang back, or are a bit awkward and work in quite a formulaic way. But Lauren was far from this, I loved the way she stood on chairs, and asked us to leap and plié depending if we were short or tall. And she cleverly captured private moments in that rather special pre-ceremony time of dressing and makeups and hair and jewellry choosing. She was a calming, personable person to have around – very important at such an exciting and skittery moment.

    Lauren is a very low maintenance, unintrusive, high impact photographer who just fitted right in. The pictures are lovely and really captured the spirit of the wedding – I still feel the glow of it and looking at the pictures just brings the emotions all flooding back. I totally recommend Lauren and her six cameras.

    Hannah (blue-shrugged-Shiloh’s makeup gal, and officiant)