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Hey everyone! It’s APW Associate Editor Maddie here. If you’ve done the math, you may have figured out that Meg is going to be having her baby soon, which means I’ll be starting to take over for her on the site shortly. While she’s on maternity leave, you’ll be hearing a fair amount of my voice around APW, in sponsored posts as well as in the intros to regular posts (so don’t be alarmed if you see mentions of my beach wedding or my husband Michael. Meg isn’t living a double life. It’s just me talking!)

So I’m thrilled that as my first sponsored post I get to talk about longtime APW sponsors Leah And Mark, who are based out of Atlanta but will shoot your wedding anywhere in the US if you ask them to. The funny thing about Leah and Mark is that I actually remember being a reader when they were first introduced on the site (way back when I was a wedding graduate with dreams of starting my own wedding photography business) and thinking that their business practices were unlike any I’d ever heard of before. You see, they were offering this crazy 100% money-back guarantee, plus they donated 10% of the proceeds from every wedding to small business owners all over the world through micro-lending organization Kiva.org.

As their business has grown, Leah and Mark have consistently added so many new features to their photography services (such as travel all over the continental US and super affordable Wedding Home Movies) that when I was gathering information for their post, I felt compelled to ask what they were not going to be offering anymore (you know, because I figured you have to trade out some things to add all that new stuff in). And of course Mark’s answer was: nothing. You see, Leah and Mark have consistently added more and more amazing services to their business in order to better serve you guys, but they’ve done it without sacrificing any of what made you fall in love with them to begin with. And that, folks, is what good people are made of. The kind of people you want at your wedding. So let’s break it down.

First up, Leah and Mark are still offering their crazy (well, crazy for them, awesome for you) APW-Only package, which is $3,650 for anywhere in the Continental United States and includes:

  • Travel in the continental US
  • Ten hours of coverage
  • High resolution JPG files on dvd with a personal use license
  • A two to three minute Wedding Home Movie highlight reel (free for APW couples only)
  • A full Wedding Home Movie for only $950 if you want it
  • A photobooth for $500 if you want it
  • A second shooter for $500 if you want it
  • An Engagement Session (which they have been known to FLY TO YOU for) for $500 if you want it

One of the highlights of this already super valuable package is the recent addition of a free two to three minute Wedding Home Movie Highlight reel (and don’t be fooled by the price—these movies are warm, and emotional, and just plain good, y’all), which they were originally only going to offer as a short term promotion earlier this year, but which you guys responded so strongly to that Leah and Mark decided to extend to anyone who books through the end of the year. So if you’ve been lusting after wedding videography, but otherwise couldn’t afford it, now is the time to Lock. That. Shit. Down.

The other highlight is, of course, the Leah and Mark all-inclusive travel throughout the Continental US. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around how they do this (I think Mark has a Hermione-esque time-turner hidden somewhere), so I’ll let Mark explain it for you. “We’ve always known that hiring photographers to fly across the country for a wedding is a little ridiculous. There are so many talented photographers out there, and we are still grateful for every couple that takes a chance on us. Of course after three years of traveling across the country photographing weddings—we’ve kind of become experts at flying into a new city, meeting clients for the first time on the day before their wedding, and doing an absolutely amazing job—on a consistent basis. It’s all a little bit crazy and so are our clients. We honestly believe that we are the best photographers to be shooting our clients weddings. We’ve been doing this for a while now and we confidently say that we’re experts and we can handle any wedding in any location. We think that our creativity, and experience combined with our improvisation skills enable us to be our best, all the time, for every wedding. We say that in the most confident and humble way possible. When a couple hires us we want them to know that all things photography will be taken care of.”

All of which is an amazing value on its own, but when you consider the fact that Leah and Mark are also just the kind of people you want at your wedding (and the photos, well they speak for themselves) and it’s nothing short of magic. And add to that the fact that they still offer a 100% money-back guarantee and they still contribute 10% of the proceeds from every wedding to Kiva.org, and well, your head might explode.

Two years ago, when I first read about Leah and Mark, I was blown away by the generosity of their business model. And now, I’m still surprised at how much they manage to give with every wedding while still, you know, running a business (see: time-turner. I’m convinced). So if you live anywhere in the Continental United States and have been looking for wedding photographers that mean it when they say all-inclusive, now is the time to e-mail Leah and Mark. Their APW-Only package with a free Wedding Home Movie Highlight Reel is valid for all weddings booked before the end of the year, so get to it!

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  • Just adding a shoutout to Leah and Mark – they shot my wedding last year (while Leah was, as she announced upon arrival, recently “knocked up!”) and did an excellent job. So many of the photos were easily framable works of art; we were really astounded at how many shots they got of everything happening the entire day. I would be happy to share with anyone interested what it was like to work with them!

    • Ha. You guys made it easy by being beautiful and having an amazing wedding… and having it catered by a food truck!

  • Anne

    I also am more than happy to vouch for Leah & Mark! Mark shot our engagement & wedding photos (full disclosure: some of the pics above are ours), and we were thrilled with the end product. Plus, Mark is awesome to hang out with. (I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Leah, but I’m sure she is as well.) Also happy to answer any questions anyone may have, but my advice will be the same to everyone: hire them!

  • Eli

    These photos are so, so beautiful. We’re currently looking for photographers ourselves, and being in Lexington, we aren’t tooo far from Atlanta…

    I just clicked over to their site to investigate the APW deal (WHICH IS AMAZING!!!), but there’s some fine print that says the APW package must have been booked by June 30, 2012. Any chance they might be extending that since this was just now posted?

    • Maddie

      I think that might just be outdated fine print. Mark assured me that it’s good through the end of the year!

      • Eli

        Good to know :) Thank you!!

    • Oh yeah… I should change that. Duh. Bam. Done. Hi.

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