Leah and Mark Photography’s Newest Shooter: +Gabriel

One of the great joys of the work that I do here at APW is watching tiny little businesses with big dreams and big talent grow into full fledged businesses (with big dreams and big talent), thanks to some serious Team Practical help. Just over a year ago, Leah and Mark photography had only shot a handful of weddings. But they were talented, and willing, and you guys hired them en mass to fly around the country and shoot your pretty amazing weddings. Fast forward to today, and I’m proud to introduce the newest member of Leah and Mark‘s staff +Gabriel. He’s a talented and experienced photographer in his own right, shooting out of Atlanta Georgia, and traveling… anywhere in the US, for free (No Travel Fees… you read that right).

So here is how this works. First off, +Gabriel is also offering the patented Leah and Mark 100% money back guarantee. (In case you’ve ever wondered how they pull off this crazy guarantee, they do it by working with clients that they really love, which mostly means you guys.) Beyond that, +Gabriel is offering a special package for $2,450, that still includes all the good stuff: dvds of hi-res images, print license, free awesomeness, online gallery, etc. And special for APW only, because Leah and Mark and team really do adore working with you, NO TRAVEL FEES – anywhere in the US – but only for weddings that are still taking place in 2011. Mark sums it up this way, “Basically – one of our photographers, at $2,450 for anyone who’s getting married this year and still hasn’t booked a badass wedding photographer.” BAM, kids, BAM.

But like all Leah and Mark‘s associate photographers, what you’re getting with +Gabriel is not just associate level photography work, it’s the work of someone with a really clear visual style, and all the hard work and skill to back it up. +Gabriel’s story is crazy and interesting and you can read about it here. Five years ago, he was working as a police officer, and through the twists and turns of working to find work he really cared about, he ended up in Atlanta, with his whole family, working with Leah and Mark. He says, “My photography has changed drastically working with Leah & Mark. I think of things differently, I SEE things differently. And I can only hope that change continues to progress and find its ways into other areas that I am not as comfortable with.”

And if you look at his portfolio, you can see that this is a photographer who’s on fire. This is someone whose work is growing and changing so fast that it’s shocking. So those of you that hire +Gabriel at today’s rates (um, anywhere in the country, which is overwhelmingly cool), are going to get super high quality photography, that’s getting better every minute. Which is exactly what you’re looking for.

That, and you’re working with a team of very cool people who’ve been working closely with APW-ers for awhile now. So look at +Gabriel, and his work, and then jump on this totally absurdly good deal. You’re welcome!

PS, You can still “like” Leah & Mark on Facebook to win a free portrait session anywhere east of the Mississippi… do it!

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