Leah And Mark: Wedding Photography All Over The US & Wedding Home Movies!

Today I’m delighted to get to write about long time APW Photography sponsors LeahAndMark.com, who are based in Atlanta, but shoot all over the US with no travel fees. When Leah and Mark first started with APW, they just had a few weddings under their belt, and you guys turned their raw talented into a big time, awesome career (but no, their photos are not a million dollars now!). You flew them all over the country to shoot your weddings, and they paid you back with gorgeous pictures, and a seriously awesome business. I’m not kidding when I say seriously awesome. Part of Leah and Mark‘s deal is that they give a portion of their profits to Kiva.org, to fund loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries. And their total loans with Kiva are now nearing $12,000, in large part thanks to you guys (amazing, right?)

And this awesome business could not have happened to better people. After years of sponsorship, I first met Mark in person last summer, when he and +Raven (Because yup! They totally have a studio full of photographers, who are hilarious and talented, and cost a little less than Leah and Mark) came up to New York City, for free, to volunteer their time shooting for Yay New York, our mass wedding and reception to celebrate marriage equality. And the photos were great, but Mark and +Raven were also exactly who I wanted to have in the room with us that day: funny, game for anything, and balls of talent. Then, in February, when I added a last minute stop in Atlanta to my book tour, Leah and Mark threw the whole book tour stop for me. They planned it in TWO DAYS. And it was one of the best stops of the tour, hands down. In short, these are people you totally want at your wedding.

I’m going to let them tell you a bit about themselves in their own words:

Ever since we became an APW Sponsor we’ve been booked by some of the best clients all over the country. And not only do they keep flying us out to photograph their weddings—but they’ve even flown us out to photograph their engagement sessions. Not just one or two states over—we’re talking about from Atlanta to San Francisco (a trip I’ve made three times now—once for a wedding and twice for engagement sessions—and that was for three different clients!). So if anyone thinks that just because we’re based in Atlanta that we won’t be able to photograph their wedding AND their engagement sessions—that’s totally not the case.

The wedding photography package that we’re offering to APW couples is essentially the same one we’ve always offered: $3,650 for anywhere in the continental United States. Travel included. Ten hours of coverage, and of course the usual hi-res jpg files on dvd with a personal use license.

BUT—we now also offer something we’re calling Wedding Home Movies. They’re like wedding videos, but a little different. Because just like your wedding day isn’t the time for a styled magazine photoshoot—it’s also not appropriate to turn it into a movie set. Our movie packages are only available to our clients that hire us for photography, and we don’t bring any extra people. That’s right—we handle the photography and videography ourselves. We’ve had to literally invent new gear, and techniques and it’s taken us several months of practice—but we’ve got it down. Of course we’re constantly still inventing new equipment and new methods to make things more seamless. Technology is our friend and we’re not afraid to use up to eight cameras in discreet locations during a ceremony to capture multiple angles. Basically—instead of possibly having a crew of four or five people for videography and photography at your wedding, you’ll just have two people, doing both videography and photography simultaneously with multiple cameras. Oh—and we’re offering our Full Movie package for only $950 for APWers—down from our regular rate of $1,750 (this is an add on to a photography package).

And you guys? I’m SUPER excited about Leah and Mark‘s Wedding Home Movies. While they took pictures at Yay New York, they also surprised us with a video. I literally didn’t really see them working on it (they shot the video from their regular cameras) and then surprised me with it. It’s one of my favorite memories from the event: simple, not at all fancy or pretentious, and makes me cry every time. So it makes perfect sense that Leah and Mark say, “We don’t make wedding films. We don’t elevate wedding videography into a cinematic, magical, and artistic endeavor that justifies our film school tuition. That’s not a bad thing—but we’re just not those people.” Instead they do just what you need, give you something really simple, perfect to remember the day with.

Plus, Mark told me, “Oh yeah—and since we really, really love our APW couples—for any couple that books us by the end of May, we’ll include a 1-3 minute video highlight reel—even if they don’t purchase our wedding home movie package. We’re serious when we say that we LOVE APW Couples and we’d love to work with more of them.”

So you guys? Leah and Mark just got better! Not only will they fly all over the country to shoot your wedding, anywhere, with special APW-only pricing. Now they offer affordable wedding videos too! Plus, they will show up and be awesome, and you will be so damn glad you hired them. (This is one of those moments that I super love my job. The End.)

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  • This says that it’s available as an add-on to their photography packages, but is it available separately?

    • meg

      No, it’s not. Well, I mean, Mark’s the kind of guy you can ALWAYS make a deal with, but there is no chance of getting this price unless you’re already paying them to be there! That would be their plane tickets alone.

  • LeahAndMark photographed our wedding last year and did an excellent job – I would be happy to share reviews or pictures or thoughts with anyone who’s considering booking them :)

  • Carbon Girl

    Cannot wait to see some of these movies!

  • Dang…I WISH you guys had had this last year for our wedding! Oh well. You’re still incredible and awesome.

  • Fantastic photographs. I love the way of photography..