Leah And Mark: Wedding Photography, Free Travel, and A Contest

Remember how I told you two weeks ago that I was announcing the first of many new APW vendor collaborations? Well, today I’m thrilled to bring you the second APW vendor collaboration. Leah and Mark, who you know as the excellent wedding photography duo out of Atlanta (who are now doing free travel for APW-ers all over the US, but more on that to come), have partnered with some awesome APW vendors, as well as a few other excellent businesses, to do a giveaway.

It’s really simple. Go to Leah and Mark’s Wedding Prize Giveaway, and enter to win the following prizes (no strings attached. I’ve read the legalize, and you’re good to go enter.):

  • From our own Little Borrowed Dress, you’ll win rentals of up to six bridesmaid dresses. I recently saw these dresses in person, and seriously, y’all. They are the nicest bridesmaid dresses I’ve ever seen, and the fact that your maids are not stuck with them for life? Win.
  • From our own Glö, their most inclusive paperless wedding invitation, wed-site, and powerful RSVP system package.
  • Four hours of wedding babysitting
  • And some pretty wedding jewelry
  • Plus, Leah and Mark are offering a major discount on a wedding photography package for everyone that enters.

So, in short. Are you getting married? You are? Then you should enter this contest, because why on earth wouldn’t you? The end.

But now, a little more about the excellent Leah and Mark, the people bringing you this awesome contest. Leah and Mark are a married wedding photography duo who work out of Atlanta (though 95% of their weddings take place out of state). They love APWers as much as they love travel, since you guys have helped them build their business from the ground up and are generally fantastic clients to have. They offer 20% to all APW readers, but are now offering NO TRAVEL FEES within the US, period. Which means that, rather officially, any and all of you can hire them. Those of you in places with no APW sponsors? Well, now you’ve got an APW photography duo at your beck and call. Plus, they told me, “We absolutely love working with APW couples and we’ll be honest – we’re open to negotiating our rate because hey, we want to photograph weddings. It’s that simple.”

And beyond that, Leah and Mark are generally awesome. They offer a 100% money back guarantee, if you call off your wedding, or hate your pictures, or anything. They give 10% of all their proceeds to micro-lending through Kiva.

Oh. And their pictures are awesome. But you knew that, right?

So go. Enter the contest. Ask Leah and Mark to fly to your town, for free, to shoot your wedding. And enjoy. I think you’re really going to like Leah and Mark, a lot.

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  • Honestly. Meg, this is an amazing write-up. Much more than we could ever hope for from many other wedding blogs.

    Hopefully other vendors realize this as well – because there’s a reason we continue to select APW for our sponsored posts.

    Oh and hey – to everyone else… enter our wedding prize giveaway okay?! :-)



  • Just applied. This sounds amazing. Thank you to all the vendors for being part of this give-a-way and for offering it to all us APW-ers. My fingers are crossed!

  • LeahAndMark are coming to shoot my wedding in California this weekend, and we are super excited (Hi Mark! See you soon! Can’t wait to meet Leah too!). They have been easy to work with, responsive to emails, and have offered to help us with our DIY photobooth. Mark came out to CA a few months ago and shot our engagement pictures, and he was totally calm and easy to be around. We were both really comfortable the whole time because he didn’t force awkward poses or tell us what to do at all – just followed us around with a camera (you can look at the pictures here: http://www.LeahAndMark.com/EmilyBen – just don’t judge my bad haircut). So! As a past and future client, I totally recommend them :)

    • JEM

      you guys are soooooooo adorable and these pics are lovely! Love your boots.

  • Leah and Mark are the cat’s meow. Best people on earth. I haven’t even met them in person and I know this. People, get on this!

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  • Mai

    I love the idea of this!

    Aside – does anyone know the designer of the wedding dress in the first photo?

  • kita


    Can I just make the observation that this is great… but I assume it only applies to the US?

    I’m sure I’m not your only non-US reader.. and I’m guessing the prize won’t be offerred to me all the way over in Australia… even if I am getting married!


    • Belle

      Haha I was just wondering this same thing – I’m guessing Leah and Mark might not be ready to fly all the way to Zambia or Cape Town to shoot a wedding? What a pity – they are awesome and definitely some of my APW favourites!

      Must add – of course – that this is not meant critically. I totally understand why APW and the sponsors can’t offer worldwide giveaways…it just makes us non-US gals a little jealous is all :)

    • meg

      I was really clear, y’all. The post says “no travel fees in the US.”

    • Lol. As far as International – obviously the travel costs associated are good bit more than simply within the US – however, I feel confident in saying that ours would be considerably less than most other people :-)

  • Oh, love sweet love! The photos say it all. The couple really look great together and they are so in love. Congratulations….may your love bloom and blossom with the passing of time!

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  • You guys got me interested in Kiva, for reals! :)