Leah & Mark Photography’s Newest Shooter: +Raven!

Well, it was bound to happen. You guys took a photography team who started advertising with APW just as they were building their business, and made them so flipping popular they had to hire staff (amazing amazing staff) to handle the demand. What? Awesome. Which is a fancy way of saying that I’m delighted to introduce the newest member of Leah and Mark’s photography team, +Raven, shooting out of Atlanta Georgia, and traveling… everywhere (and East of the Mississippi for free).

My knee jerk reaction is to tell you that it’s great that +Raven is joining the Leah And Mark team, because it means that their photography is even more affordable (and it totally is! +Raven’s wedding packages start at $2,400, and she’s offering their usual 20% APW discount, along with no travel fees for weddings that take place East of the Mississippi). But it’s totally more than that. +Raven’s work is so strong that it stands on its own, with no caveats. When you hire Raven, you’re not getting associate photographer level work, you’re getting stellar work, at an affordable price, with a person you’re going to love.

Because I like to know what photographers influences are, I figure you guys do too. Raven says, “My style, both in photography and in life is a little vintage, a little minimalistic, a little nerdy, and a lot of awesome. I love the 1950′s, 1970′s, and Victorian & Regency eras, and I feel like my photography is influenced by all of those things. My photos are warm, airy, and bright, and I’m definitely more photojournalistic than anything else.  I like describing my style as “organic,” which sounds cheesy, I know, but all it means is I let the flow of the day carry me, not trying to force it into anything it’s not.  This more natural flow to the day bears laid-back, soft, romantic photos that are effortless and really represent the couple as people, which is also important to me: showing the couple as two people with real feelings, real hopes, real dreams, and a real life.”

And all of that’s great, but here is what really catches me,”One thing that’s always been really important to me is helping people understand that they’re awesome, and beautiful, and fun, and so many other things that people tend to not tell themselves for whatever reason.  I think it’s important in life, as well as in photography, that people are completely comfortable with who they are.” Bam, ladies and gentleman. That’s what you want in your wedding photographer.

I’m also really fascinated by what +Raven said about working with Leah And Mark, and the way her work is growing leaps and bounds. After her most recent wedding she said, “Mallory & Peter’s wedding was awesome… because of how it felt. I had so much confidence with this wedding. I knew I was getting the shots I was going for. I was confident in every lighting situation, every white balance change, every spur-of-the-moment, well… moment. I felt, for lack of a better word, powerful. Like I was in charge of the lighting. Like I had a huge sign on my chest that said “Be really, really nice to me,” because everyone was. Like I CAN DO THIS. Photography has become more a discovery of self than I ever imagined possible. I feel like I’m growing up again, and I really, really like who I’m growing into. And I really, REALLY like all of you who are helping me.” And Team Practical? That’s the kind of photographer you want to book. The kind whose work is getting better every second (and oh boy is it. The pictures of that wedding have this force of clarity to them), and the photographer who’s in the groove with her art.

That, and she’s working with an awesome team of people. I  adore LeahAndMark.com. They are great photographers, they make you guys really happy when they shoot your weddings, and they are the kind of business that you want to support (innovative, ethical, dynamic). So a huge APW welcome to +Raven. I think you want to book her. Plus, she judges her success on whether her brides want to hug her at the end of the day. And I know that’s the way y’all roll.

Photos: by +Raven for LeahAndMark.com

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  • Yay Raven!! We <3 you!

  • 1. These are stunning.
    2. I want that flower wreath.
    3. The end.

  • Christina

    Raven has a unique way of making her clients feel beautiful and completely at ease with themselves in front of the camera. The moment you meet her, you can instantly tell that she genuinely cares about the people she is shooting and wants to capture their best qualities. She sees something more then what others might see and that is truly inspiring.

  • Really lovely pictures…and I like the way she had her hair…simple and nice

  • Love the photo with the mirror – how beautiful!!