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Hate getting your photo taken? Allow me to introduce Leise...

Authentic photos. No stiff posing.

Affordable rates.

Good customer service.

Seems like a not too tall order for a wedding photographer, right? You’d think. But when I planned my own New England wedding, it felt like all the wedding photographers who fit that bill lived a hundred million miles away, and all the photographers near me had seriously outdated business practices that were not even a little bit about the client. But lucky for you, these days New England has Boston’s Leise Jones Photography. Her packages start at just $2,700, and her philosophy is that you come first, then probably your family, and then a bunch of other important people, and then your photographer. Because, duh.

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Cocktail Hour—it Matters

Looking at Leise’s portfolio, it’s obvious that putting herself last isn’t holding Leise back from capturing all the important moments at your wedding (and all the ones in between too). But you can stop worrying about endless posed sessions with Leise Jones Photography, because she’s going to make it her priority that you enjoy getting your photos taken, even if you normally hate it. Leise says:

I am different from a lot other wedding photographers because I care equally about making great photos of your day and making sure you enjoy the wedding itself. Wedding photographs are family heirlooms that are incredibly valuable, but so is getting to enjoy your cocktail party with your friends. Formal family photos are kind of “a must” for most couples, but they don’t have to be at the expense of your sanity.

Everyone wants to look great in their photos, but if you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer, you’ll never like how you look. I think some wedding photographers believe THEY are the most important people at the wedding. I disagree—I think the couple is the most important and that my role is to support and enhance their experience. Much of how I work as a wedding photographer comes as a response to what I don’t like about the wedding industry. While I love the joy and happiness and romance of weddings so much that my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I do, I also know that much of the multi-billion dollar wedding industry comes from outdated traditions and other peoples’ expectations.

I believe the most important part of your wedding day is spending time with your family and friends, so my style of photography is non-intrusive. While I offer suggestions, I don’t dictate the photos we make. Instead, my approach to wedding photography is as a storyteller; I am telling the story of two people in love, who have chosen to celebrate their love with a big party! My clients can attest that the couple’s best interest is always first and foremost for me.

To that end, I offer tons of resources, tips, ideas, and checklists on my blog and website to help couples get great photos on their wedding day. I want to be a resource to couples to help them feel comfortable and stress-free on their wedding day. That is how you get great photos.

Low On Stress, Big on Service

Coming from a big blended family, I have a special appreciation for photographers who take the time to understand their client’s family situation. Double points to the photographers who can get me in and out of those epically huge family photos before I start breathing fire.

With Leise Jones Photography, what you get is more like a wedding planner and photographer in one. As one client put it:

Our search for the perfect wedding photographer did not take long—we found Leise quickly through the vendor directory on A Practical Wedding, but it turned out that we were from the same hometown! Leise connected with us immediately and put us at ease during a stressful time. We were particularly impressed that she conducted an initial information session with us, during which she asked about our families and whether she should be aware of any family dynamics. We were in a wedding party a year ago where the photographer kept trying to force divorced parents to stand close to one another and made everyone quite uncomfortable; the photographer had clearly not asked the marrying couple the same kind of thoughtful, thorough questions that Leise thinks to ask. Our own wedding party and parents told us how fun, easygoing, and professional Leise was on our wedding day. Wedding party members can get stressed when they don’t know where they need to be, but Leise’s well-organized shot list and clear instructions put everyone at ease. As others have mentioned, her knowledge of wedding logistics is very helpful for both the ceremony and reception, and she is adept at tactfully dealing with other wedding vendors. We loved that she immediately made us a slideshow that we could enjoy during our honeymoon, and every other interaction we had with her was efficient and lovely. We give Leise our highest recommendation!

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No Gimmicks, Just Good Prices

Leise says, “Rather than discounting packages, I try to keep them reasonable to begin with.” Her wedding packages start at $2,700 for six hours of coverage, an engagement session, and a disc of high-resolution images, and go up to $3,600 for eight hours plus a 10” x 10” album. Monday through Friday Leise shoots elopements, private ceremonies, and intimate weddings for just $300 per hour. 

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New England might still be catching up to the rest of the wedding industry, but Leise Jones Photography in Boston is way ahead of the pack. So go hire her. We’ve already done the hard part for you. Now let Leise make everything else easy (and fun) from here.

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