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There are not so manny wedding photographers who are able to nail the balance of awesome emotional pictures, approachable personality, and affordable rates. So today I’m thrilled to introduce you to APW’s newest sponsor Leise Jones Photography in Boston, who does just that. Her work is as stunning as it is versatile: I’ve heard so many APWers say that all they want is a photographer who can take really gorgeous candid photos, and Leise takes the kind of candids that should be framed and hung up next to art. Leise is also committed to making wedding photography affordable for Bostonians and New Englanders alike (which she does by shooting a ton of other things besides weddings to pay the billz.) Coverage starts at $2,000 for six hours (plus a free engagement session!) and goes up to $3,000 which includes so many bells and whistles I can’t even list them all here (just head here and check it out for yourself.) So once you pick your jaw up off your desk, scroll down to learn more about Leise Jones Photography, what makes her tick, and why she’s probably the wedding photographer you’ve been looking for all along.

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Before I became a commercial photographer, I was a lobbyist and a community organizer for environmental groups. In 2001 graduated from a prestigious women’s college with a degree in Environmental Studies and a firm belief that I should use my education to “change the world.” So I advocated. And argued. And raised money. And made phone calls. And wore myself completely out. After six years spent working at jobs that felt somewhere between bashing-my-head-against-a-wall and ‘making a real difference’ I was totally burned out. Exhausted. Depleted. Looking for something new. And yet still committed to being a good, fair, and positive citizen of the world. You can probably guess that I never thought I would be a wedding photographer. Even after I turned by back on community organizing and was knee-deep in photography school, I still never thought I would be a wedding photographer. The whole industry seemed too… stuffy. Too hetero-normative. Too consumeristic. Too anti everything that I had spent my whole adult life becoming. I imagined myself doing pro-bono work for NGOs around the world who were desperate for excellent photography.

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And then, shockingly, I found myself needing to make a living, and that’s when the transformation started happening. At the time, in my early 30s, the opportunities to photograph weddings abounded so I finally took the chance. I entered the world cautiously at first, but it didn’t take too long to realize that there are LOTS of people who are planning weddings and who want excellent photos who are neither stuck-up, stuffy, or conservative. There are people getting married who share my values and beliefs and politics! There are smart, progressive people who want a fun party that they can remember always. It turns out that weddings don’t have to be stuffy, with troubling politics. Now that was revolutionary.

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I have crafted large parts of my photography business around the same concepts that attracted me to APW in the first place. Firstly, I want to document the day—not direct it—because I believe that the most important part of a wedding are the moments that happen throughout it, not the formal photographs that come from it. Therefore, I always shoot a combination of formal and candid photos. Second, I don’t require deposits or retainers from my clients because I believe weddings are expensive and stressful enough. Therefore, we sign a contract to hold the date and then my clients develop their own payment plan based on their budget. Third, I want to get to know my clients and build a relationship with them before their wedding day, not just show up and expect magic. Therefore, I offer engagement sessions at no extra charge so that we can get to know each other and get comfortable working together.

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Before I found APW, my source of wedding clients was purely referrals from past clients. Indeed, referrals are still a huge source of new clients for me and I treasure them like gold. But now that I am in the APW world, I am finding a steady stream of amazing people who are planning weddings that are unique and personal and about THEM! I have found APW readers (aka, my dream clients), plan weddings that reflect their values, which can very well be different from what the wedding industry says weddings should be. I have found kindred spirits in APW readers. 

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I often find that what APWers really want is a solid photographer they can trust, someone who is going to get the group photos and the portraits and the candids and who isn’t going to ignore your Great Aunt Edna just because she’s not busting a move on the dance floor. More importantly, you want someone who isn’t going to hijack your wedding and turn it into The Photography Show. In short, you want someone who is on your side. And Leise Jones Photography in Boston that person.

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  • Congrats on escaping nonprofit burnout and on a wonderful business model!

  • Lauren

    LEISE!!! That beautiful bride in the first photo is my gal pal Claire, who not only introduced me to APW, but found Leise on APW for her wedding, and insisted that I hire her for mine. Leise is even better than I could have imagined and I’m so glad we have. We just had our engagement session a couple of weeks ago and had a blast with her! We also got amazing photos out of it that really capture who we are. My fiance and I are so excited to work with her on The Big Day and we feel so confident knowing she’s on our team.

  • Katherine

    So happy to see a same sex wedding in the Wellesley College chapel. :)

    • DanEllie

      I was wondering who else in this community would recognize that gorgeous space! Good luck with your business Leise.

  • The bride is so angelic.

  • Ashley

    Leise! Your website is blocked by my company’s filter because of “pornography.” I hardly stumble across any blocked sites at work, so this is quite strange.

    Your photos are beautiful and I kind of wish I had stumbled across you six months ago when I was looking for a photographer!

  • Guest

    Found Leise here on APW and she is the best! Just got our photos back and I am in love!


  • Sam

    We found Leise here on APW and she is the best! Just got our photos back and I am in love!


  • Ana Archibald

    I’m another who found Leise on APW! We were super eager and booked her about 18 months before our wedding. We were married a few weeks ago and I was reminded of the reasons why we went with her – the photography speaks for itself but she’s also fun, laid back, adaptable and just a wonderful person to be around!