Lillian & Leonard: London Wedding Photographers

While the better part of America spends today frantically preparing turkey, stuffing, and sides for tomorrow’s holiday, we have a special treat for our European counterparts this afternoon: the phenomenally talented team behind Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography is moving to London! And to celebrate their move, they are offering a special 10% discount to any APW couples in London who book them for 2013 weddings! (See, I told you it was a special treat).

Until now, Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography were based out of Glasgow, but very soon they will be picking up and moving their operation out to London, making Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography APW’s first ever London sponsors (which is crazy. Do y’all know how many there are of you in London? Try not to hurt Cara and Nye when you all go kicking down their doors at once trying to hire them). And honestly, I don’t think you guys could have asked for anyone better.

But first, let me back up a bit. For those of you who may not know them already, Cara and Nye, the talented brains behind Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography, are one of the most skilled husband and wife photography teams I’ve yet to come across. As a wedding photographer, there are few artists out there who consistently inspire me to make better art, challenge the way I see things, and make me approach weddings from a more authentic place than these guys do. (In short, I’m somewhat of a fangirl.) Which should come as no surprise since Cara and Nye are classically trained photographers who met each other in art school (which is a seriously rare thing in this industry. Do you know how many wedding photographers start out as lawyers? A LOT. But those who actually hold art degrees? Um, not so many).

But the thing is, while Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography make stunning, gallery-worthy images together, their photos remain staggeringly unpretentious and it’s always clear that their work is about you, not them. Then again, Cara was one of the very first readers of APW (I think she may have even been one of the first five readers of the site ever. But suffice to say, she has been hanging around these parts long enough that even I remember adding her to my wedding planing blogroll, oh, about four years ago), so it only makes sense that Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography approach weddings in a way that is effortlessly aligned with APW values. In fact their artistic philosophy sounds like it could have been written by the collective APW conscious.

Cara & Nye say, “Our philosophy, in its simplest form, is that we believe in the beauty of reality. We believe that your love, your wedding (however it may manifest itself) is enough. That there is magic there in all of that emotion and that our job is to capture small pieces of it forever, without interfering. We believe that whatever your family situation, however many people you have invited, whatever amount of money you’ve thrown at this day, your wedding is a celebration of your love and that there is little that is more beautiful than that.

And you know what? Cara and Nye put their money where their mouths are there. Cara (who by the way, I’ve only gotten to know online these past few years, but is hilarious and smart and has a rapid wit that can’t be matched) is a staunch supporter of photos that aren’t over-processed, which means Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography is dedicated to giving you photos that will not only take your breath away right now, but will stand the test of time for years to come. (Also, is it just me, or do they manage to make everyone they work with look like an old Hollywood movie star? Because I don’t know if you could put a price on that kind of awesome.)

And lest I be accused of burying the lead here, the best part of all this news is that to celebrate their move, Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography is offering a 10% discount off their rates to any APW couples getting married in or around London in 2013! To qualify all you have to do is be getting married in 2013 within a two hour driving radius of London and bam! Tell Cara and Nye that you’re an APWer and instant 10% discount. Even more rad? The discount applies to albums and extra hours too (which, I’m pretty sure nobody else in the world does). Because Cara and Nye are just nice like that.

On top of giving you guys a fab discount, I also just love the simple and not-even-a-little-bit-pushy way that Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography lays out their pricing structure, so I’ll let you get that straight from them. Their philosophy is, “We believe in simplicity. We offer one package, eight hours of photography from two dedicated photographers (Cara and Nye), taking in the preparations to the celebrations and around six hundred images as high-resolution files for you to do with as you wish. (Editor’s note: That means they aren’t going to hold back your photos and make you pay extra for the files.) We also make albums; beautiful, individually designed, last-a-lifetime albums. If you want one. If you don’t then that’s just fine. Our wedding photography starts at £1850. Our albums are entirely optional extras.” Which, if that isn’t the least salesy sales pitch I’ve ever read, I don’t know what is.

Finally, possibly one of the more exciting bits of news to come out of Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography’s move is that not only do Londoners now have access to Cara and Nye’s unparalleled wedding talent, but Cara has also just opened up a family photography business that will be moving with them at the end of the year as well. Bird & Bear focuses on capturing unscripted moments between children and families (which, can I just get a Hell Yes to less posey family photography), but really, it’s totally worth the £200 just to get to hang out with Cara for the day.

So Londoners, I mean it when I say that today is your lucky day. Because honestly, if you were going to have just one APW sponsor located in London, you’d want it to be Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography. So please, do yourselves a favor and snatch them up before they become the most sought-after folks in town (which I imagine will take all of five minutes once they get there). In the meantime, let’s all wish Cara and Nye a happy move and greet them warmly when they arrive, shall we?

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  • Oh my god Maddie, that is the loveliest post you could possibly have written, thank you so much. I actually teared up a little. (although it’s technically a sponsored post we just told Maddie to post a few photos and say we would do a discount for London weddings, the rest was all her. Above and beyond people, above and beyond. <3 )

  • Catherine B

    I love their photos! And Cara’s writing. And the cute babies. I just went over to their website and teared up reading their “Questions & Answers” section. When does that ever happen? For the record the question was, “Who are Lillian and Leonard?”

  • I’m a long-time fan-girl too. I was reading Peonies & Polaroids alongside APW back in my wedding planning days of 2008 & 2009. I’m still creeping on those adorable twins. I hope their move goes swimmingly!

  • I’m stunned. What great photos!!!

  • I can’t agree more – that typically overcast UK weather allows wonderful moody, unique images “if” taken by a skilled photographer – images above clearly show this is the case.

  • I love the photos, especially the second one. The contrast between the bride and all the guys in the picture is really interesting.

  • As a Lillian and Leonard bride myself, I can only echo everything Maddie has said. They are ace. London, you don’t know how lucky you are.

  • I think Cara is fabulous and a very funny writer, and she and Nye take amazing photos.

    And, as a lawyer, you’ve just given me my biggest laugh of the week: “Do you know how many wedding photographers start out as lawyers?”

    My people have a lot to answer for. On the plus side I’m now totes inspired to take my crappy iphotography on the road.

  • This post is awesome! I love every single photo shared! The lightings and all are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Just a stunning set, love every single photo. Mark

  • I love the dress and flower! Also, that party is gorgeous. Great job!