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Today’s posts is one of the great joys of the year for me (every single year) because I get to talk about Cara (who is one of the first people I ever met blogging and now one of my dearest friends) and her husband Nye (who is hilarious and phenomenal). Together they make up Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography, one of the most talented wedding photography duos anywhere in the world, if you ask me. That they are also kind, hysterically funny, and eminently sane is just a bonus on top of all of the amazing photographs. But here is the Very Best Part. Cara and Nye are leaving their home in Glasgow and relocating to London!! This makes Lillian & Leonard (oddly!) our first ever APW Photography sponsors in London, where there are vast numbers of you. This is perfect because Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography is so good that I’ve heard at least five Londoners grumble that they want a do-over on their wedding now, so that Cara and Nye can shoot it… But lucky you guys actually get a chance to have Lillian & Leonard shoot your wedding the FIRST time. Yayyyy!

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So before I get all gushy about Lillian & Leonard’s pictures, let me tell you a little about the history of Cara and me and APW. Cara and I found each other in our first few weeks of blogging (we started blogging the same month). You know how I tell you that some of our advertisers have been with us a long time, and really get you? Well, Cara basically was my whole audience for APW for awhile, and I was one of her very first readers too, so we’ve been cheering each other along for four years now. FOUR YEARS! EXACTLY. TODAY.

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I asked her to write a little bit about why she and Nye want to work with APW couples, and what she wrote made both of us cry:

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Meg asked me why we like working with APW couples and it’s genuinely not something I can talk about without getting kind of tearful. You see, I’ve been reading APW since the beginning, the very beginning, back when Nye and I were planning our own wedding and Meg had just got engaged and we were the only people commenting on each other’s blogs. And over the years I’ve watched this place grow from somewhere where Meg says ‘hmmm, I think I’d like blackberries on my wedding cake and OMG, are they serious with that Sex and the City wedding dress?’ to the community that it is now, one that quite literally changes people’s lives. And Meg’s book is on my bookshelf and I feel like an honorary auntie who is watching her best friend’s kid leave for college and ‘proud’ doesn’t begin to cover it.

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There are so many reasons besides my love for APW that we love working for APW couples: they know that good food is important, they know that favours really aren’t. They throw truly excellent parties, but they never question that their vows mean more than their first dance. They don’t freak out if they get champagne on their dresses or if their aunt turns up wearing white. But most importantly, they let us in. Our photographic philosophy is that love is beautiful all by itself. It doesn’t need our interference, it doesn’t need us to rearrange it so that it catches the light and is perfectly framed, it just needs us to be there, being open to the emotional rollercoaster that is a wedding and riding it with the couple. APW couples truly let us be a part of the day, to see the raw stuff, the gritty stuff, the stuff that makes the photos that they’ll look at in fifty years and still skip a heartbeat. They welcome us and embrace us (often literally, which we’re fine with btw) and always make us feel so grateful that we get to witness their love. And you can’t beat that.

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Which brings me to Lillian & Leonard’s pictures. I made Cara pick some of her favorite recent shots and send them over to me (which is just as well, since I would have tried to pick All Of The Shots and put them in one post). And after years of looking at Lillian & Leonard’s work, I learned something totally new by asking them to pick their favorite pictures. Because everything they sent me was about life being lived. It wasn’t about perfect poses (though the composition was flawless). It wasn’t about models in a field (though everyone looked gorgeous). It was about that cacophony of life that happens during, around, and through your wedding day. It was about capturing that, bottling that, so you can keep it with you forever. (Oh, and also? Cara is a crusader for photographs that are not over-processed and will stand the test of time, and I love that in a girl.)

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But don’t just take my word on Cara & Nye and their work. I enlisted Kristy at A Safe Mooring, who you’ll remember from her beach-y Scottish Wedding graduate post to tell you about Lillian & Leonard in her own words:

I’m probably not supposed to say this, but I was more excited when I booked Lillian and Leonard than I was when I bought my wedding dress. Cara and Nye were an absolute dream to work with, and when I first laid eyes on the photographs they took of our wedding, I thought they were the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen. And beautiful they certainly are – no question. But in the months that followed our wedding, life got hard. Things felt bleak. And it was in those dark moments that I came to understand what wedding pictures are really all about. They’re not just pieces of art to for me to hang on my wall (though I do, and proudly), or stylish images to plaster all over the blogs (yup, kind of did that too). Lillian and Leonard’s photographs are more than all of that. They are living, breathing memories. When I look at our wedding photographs, I can feel the sand between my toes and the warmth of loving smiles. I hear the catch in my husband’s voice, and the squealing laughter of little girls running barefoot into water. I am pulled back into tender moments with people who will not always be around, moments now captured forever. Cara and Nye reached beyond the surface of our wedding, brought forth the love, the hope, the open-hearted joy, and poured it all into every image. When I look at their photographs, I feel that joy again, and take strength from it. In short, it’s no exaggeration to say that their pictures have brought us hope and laughter when there was precious little of it around. I consider myself lucky to have shared our wedding with them.
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And now. I’m going to let Cara share the big Lillian & Leonard London news, plus pricing, and APW-only discounts with you in her own words. Londoners. You lucky ducks.

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We’re moving to London! As of the end of 2012 we’re taking our baby family and moving to the Big City where we’re going to have a garden and a dog and chickens. Yes, we’re moving to London to live an outdoor life. We’re so excited about where this will take our business, both as part of the London wedding community and hopefully internationally as travelling to Europe and beyond is starting to look a whole lot easier. In celebration and because we really love to work with you gals, we would like to offer APW readers a 10% discount on our 2013 prices for weddings in and around London. To qualify you must read APW (obv), tell us you read APW and be getting married in 2013 within a 2 hour driving radius of London. The discount applies to our albums and extra hours too, we’re nice like that.

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Our pricing structure is very simple, we charge one price (£1850 for 2012) which includes us, 8 hours of our time, our photography and around 600 high res files. Albums and additional hours are extras, you can have them if you want them but we don’t push them, ever. We believe that what we do is enough. Sometimes people don’t have much money (we understand, we were one of those couples) so when we can (season and location and schedule permitting) we do our best to work something out with a handful of couples who we love but who can’t afford our full 8 hours every year.

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Right? Done. Those of you in London, England, and Europe can have two of my favorite people in the world, who also happen to be two of the most talented wedding photographers in the world, shoot your wedding… who also love you and will be so happy to work with you. I’m pretty sure it can’t get better than that.

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    Not that I’m passionate about it, or anything. Ahem.

    What a lovely piece Meg, and I meant what I said. Every word.

    • P.S. Happy four-year blogiversary. You should keep it up. Who knows? You might get somewhere ;)

  • Hmm I may have to divorce Bean just to have them as my wedding photographers. Alas it was not meant to be the first time round.

  • What Kirsty said! Book them book them book them! Lillian and Leonard are just the bestest photographers. I’m completely biased too but I think their work speaks for itself – gorgeous photographs every time. I’m going to miss them terribly when they move to London so you lovely APW readers better go and book them all summer long to make me feel a little bit better about them moving! Xxx

  • PA

    That last photograph, the dancing one, and the one of the kids sleeping on the couch: insta-favorites!

    This midwesterner says: *cough cough* Minnesotaisniceyoushouldmoveoverhere *cough cough*

  • They are some of my favouritest people in the whole entire world. I’ve met them in person even, & they are sweet and funny & mind blowingly humble for how amazing their work is. Oh London you are so lucky. How jealous I am of you, & everyone who gets to have Lillian & Leonard as their wedding photographers.

  • I LOVE Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography! It’s probably taboo of me to say that considering I am also a wedding photographer advertising on APW but they are seriously one of my photography idols/crushes. If I lived in London (or anywhere across the Atlantic), I would hire them in a heartbeat. They truly have an eye for capturing that perfect moment.

  • I’ve only just had the pleasure of meeting Cara and Nye, but they’re already fast becoming two of my favourite people in the industry! So down-to-earth and fun to be around and don’t even get me started on their precious kiddos–cutest, girls ever! If you live in London {or really anywhere for that matter!}, you’d be crazy not to snap them up straight away!!!

    • Forgot to say, besides their super personalities and just genuine sweetness, they’re also hugely talented, but I guess that’s fairly obvious!!!:)

  • I am one of those that want to remarry to rmeet them and hire them, they really seem beautiful people and the pictures are amazing them.

  • I am with Anna here. Divorcing just to get these guys to shoot your wedding doesn’t seem that illogical. Gah for not discovering them sooner! They are some of the most incredible photographers and Cara’s writing continues to inspire me on a daily basis. Lucky lucky Londoners….

  • Awww… This made me teary. So proud of you guys.

  • They are awesome people. We love their photos because they really captured who we are, how much we love, and the way we and our friends and family felt on that day. We’ll treasure them forever. Book them! (plus I am unbelievably excited that they are moving to London!)

  • Meg! You published our post on your birthday! Thank you.

    And thank you everyone for your kind words, they mean a lot.

    Cara and Nye, xx

    • Peg Forbes.

      I am so proud of my wonderful granddaughter and her delightful husband! If I was young enough to get married again I would certainly book them ! So proud also to see all the lovely comments. Cara, Granda would have been so proud too. I wish you both so much success in everything you do . Love you, Gran. xxx