Lisa Diederich: Modern Chicago Wedding Photographer

Modern meets the Midwest

Do you know what happens when a girl who spent the last five years in Australia relocates her wedding photography business to Chicago? Answer: you get APW’s newest sponsor, Lisa Diederich, bringing a vibrant new perspective to the Midwest photography scene. But more than that, her recent transplant status means she’s still got a bunch of 2014 dates available. And with prices starting at $2,600, she isn’t joking around about filling them. It’s your lucky day.


Lisa Diederich’s portfolio is fine art wedding photography done in a hip natural style. Less moody than most of the fine art wedding photography you’re used to, and less magazine-y than the formal wedding photography you’ve probably gotten a hundred thousand Google results for. Lisa says:

I grew up around Chicago, but have been living in Australia for the past five years, which I feel has really impacted the way I approach photography. While I love cityscapes and modern glamor, I try to incorporate a natural, laid-back vibe to my images to keep your photos from feeling high-maintenance or over-posed.

And high maintenance is exactly what Lisa is not. She explains:

I believe that your wedding photos should belong to YOU. Unlike a lot of wedding photographers, I happily hand over ALL image files to my clients. Yes, I know… It’s crazy. The complete, edited, high-resolution gallery is yours—no strings attached. To make things even easier, I also have a one-stop-shop for all viewing, sharing, downloading, and printing (if you want!) of images. I personally set reasonable prices for prints and canvases, and you can share these galleries with your friends and family for easy ordering. But, of course, you already have the digital files, so there is no obligation to order from me.


Since Lisa is new (well, back) in town, she’s one of the few super talented people that you’re going to find with dates still available. Plus, her prices start at just $2,600 for six hours of coverage, which includes all of your images on a disk and in an online gallery. So if you were just starting to think that maybe you do want a professional wedding photographer after all, or hi you’re going to get married this year SURPRISE, but weren’t sure where to even begin looking at this point in the game, then just save yourself the trouble and hire Lisa Diederich already.

On top of her already super affordable local rate, Lisa is up for weddings anywhere in the country or world, and travel is billed at-cost. She even let it slip that she might be able to offer some of our Sydney readers a discount if it means getting to go back to her other home.

High Glamour, Low Maintenance

Lisa Diederich’s style might be modern, but her values are old school in the best way. She’s about respecting your grandma, capturing your friends doing the things that make you love them, and making sure you’ve got everything you need to make your wedding go off without a hitch. She explains:

I am a very conscious photographer. I do my very best to capture your wedding in an unobtrusive way, while still offering my help and expertise with the schedule, details, timings, etc. I help all of my couples to plan their timeline and we work together to organize time for first-looks, family portraits, and even quiet moments alone. By the wedding day, I know exactly what to expect so I’m right there when you want me to be, but never in the way.

I care about how you look in the photos. For me, it’s not just about the lighting or location or position of your flowers. I want you to feel like an absolute BABE in your wedding photos! And that goes for everyone—not just the happy couple. A wedding isn’t just about the Bride and Groom, or Bride and Bride, or Groom and Groom; it’s about family and friends… and children and pets! I love documenting the special moments between you and your guests, and I understand how important these photos can be years down the track.

So if you’re still here (why are you still here?) then give Lisa Diederich your best Chicago welcome. And if you’re one of the lucky folks who gets to book Lisa for your 2014 wedding, do us a solid and send some of those pictures? I could do with some confetti in my inbox now and again.

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  • Lisa

    GORGEOUS. Love Lisa’s style and the beautiful photos. We’re already booked with someone fro 2014, but I’ll be sure to pass her name along to my other Chicago bride friends!

  • Lindsey d.

    I seriously want to know more about the wedding with the crowns and mantilla… Beautiful!

    • Meg Keene

      I want to know more about like SEVEN of the weddings.

      • Awe, thanks Meg! I’m so excited and honored to be a sponsor of APW! Best. Site. Ever.

    • vegankitchendiaries

      I think the crowns are a Ukranian thing… It looks so awesome, right?

      A few months ago I saw a blogged weddings where Ukranian hipsters get married and it was… like… the BEST.

      • Lindsey d.

        Man, that just set me on a Google storm. Ukraine/Ukranian Hipster wedding gets me nowhere, though!

        • I would LOVE to see this wedding. Did you ever find it Lindsey?!

          • Lindsey d.

            Nope… So bummed…

        • vegankitchendiaries

          I tried to re-find it too, but failed. I remember they had these rad stylized crowns from etsy and I was all, ERMAGHAD.

    • ElisabethJoanne

      Crowns are a big part of all eastern Orthodox and eastern rites Catholic weddings.

      • Lauren from NH

        We are tentatively thinking of incorporating crowns into our ceremony. My partner is Ethiopian Orthodox and if approached thoughtfully, it could be a positive reference to tradition and the sacred in our otherwise modern laidback celebration.

      • Meg Keene

        Yeah, that’s Eastern Orthodox/ Greek Orthodox. Beautiful, but also really interesting weddings. No vows. Your presence is your acceptance, you don’t say anything.

        We slept in a bed in Greece under wedding crowns. Clearly the honeymoon suite.

        • ElisabethJoanne

          A friend who’s American Orthodox remarried after her husband died. She said that widows express consent in the Orthodox ceremony, but “virgin” brides do not; their fathers, etc., give consent. I think that means grooms express consent regardless.

          Of course, the Consents are separate from the Vows, liturgically.

          • Meg Keene

            It may vary, and the modern version may well be that neither party does, which is what I’ve always heard. As far as I know, you don’t say anything, you just show, which is sort of beautiful. There are a lot of gender based traditions in Judaism that have since been altered in more modern traditions to make them egalitarian, so this may be similar.

    • This particular wedding was Russian Orthodox and the crowns were a very important part of their ceremony, which was entirely in Russian!

  • Sarah E

    That couple in photo two is one of the hottest, raddest ever.

    • ART

      yeah, that would make a pretty rockin’ brides in pants entry! i would wear that!

    • Alyssa M

      the shoes! 0.0 those are some HOT shoes.

  • Gorgeeeee! Congratulations on Chicago, Lisa!

  • Hannah B

    The shoelaces on the groom..what an awesome picture. All of these. And is that a REAL bride or a model in the next to last picture? That flower crown is out of this world!

    • Thank you so much Hannah! Isn’t that floral crown insane?! It was just worn for these portraits, but I think it would be an amazing “outfit change” before the portraits or even reception entrance.