Little Bat Photography in the SF Bay Area

I’m delighted to get to introduce one of APW’s newest sponsors, Little Bat Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jillian West is the photographer behind Little Bat, and you want to get to know her.

Her day job is at Twitter, working with tons of creative people. She’s friends with the best kind of people (that’s how she found APW, in fact). She’s a powerhouse of creative: she makes beautiful paper collages, dreams up crazy portrait sessions with animal heads, and she makes photography that’s art. Jillian told me, “I’m an artist who loves to create. I don’t know how to do nothing, because I always want to make things. I always have.”

Because I love hearing why photographers do what they do (and I think understanding photographers philosophy is key to finding someone you mesh with), I asked Jillian to talk a little bit about her ethos. She said, “I get giddy thinking about having a camera in my hands. I approach photography like it’s art. Weddings are the most fun subjects to photograph because all of the details that go into weddings are like someone else’s art exhibition that I get to photograph. I take photos because I want to more than anything. Not because I have to.”

And what photos she takes. Moody, joyful, beautiful, textural, and alive. And to top it all off, her wedding photography is affordable. Crazy, crazy affordable for the Bay Area, with rates starting at just $1,850 (including a complementary engagement session!)

On top of all that, Jillian represents the APW vibe through and through. Here is a bit of her story, “In 2004 I moved to London for a boy I liked and we moved to Australia in 2005. We got married in 2006 and two years ago we moved to San Francisco. He’s my best friend in a lot of ways, but we’re also super independent. I love him more each day, and get excited thinking about all we have to conquer together. I never want to stop traveling, and he’s the best companion I know. I have a day job at Twitter protecting our brand. I’ve always had a day job because it helps support my creative indulgences and means that I never feel like my art or photography is a burden or a financial obligation. I also love challenging my brain and have a Masters in International Relations. The best part of working at Twitter is that I’m surrounded by the most creative people I’ve ever met. I’ve made incredible friends and they inspire me to make more things. They come over and bake with me and dress up as my models when I have good ideas. I love them.”

But mostly? She’s a crazy fantastic fit for you guys. I asked her why she wanted to work with Team Practical, and she told me,  “I’m drawn to creative and interesting people who see a bit or a lot outside of the box. It’s like a present to me to photograph beautiful but interesting events.  While I appreciate (and on my wedding day, found that I had accidentally sought out) traditional wedding notions, as a photographer, I love that everyone has such individual and unique tastes. I want to blend into the scene and capture it as it is.” That, and, you know, she pretty much is one of you guys.

So. Bay Area ladies, as if you didn’t already have the world at your feet, you just got a fantastic option for affordable San Francisco Bay Area wedding photography.

So go, browse Little Bat Photography. Get to know Jillian over a coffee. And will you consider sending me the beautiful pictures you guys take together??? I know I always say that, but I really, really mean it.

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  • I just LOVE the movement in that last picture!

  • Jillian is just everything lovely and wonderful; I adore her!

  • Christi

    Jillian is a joy to work with!!! She feels like an old friend even though I’ve only been around her twice. She recently took my engagement photos, and they turned out fabulous! I can’t wait for her to take photos at my wedding in May! Do yourself a favor and get to know this wonderful lady! You will not be disappointed!

  • Roz

    If only I had Jillian photograph my wedding! At least I have some of the most wonderful photos ever taken of my daughter, Matilda which feature on her website. Book her while you can still afford her, this girl is going places!

  • Love the sparklers!! Such a cute and fun touch to weddings!

  • Celeste

    Just decided on Jillian for our photography – so excited!

    • YAY! I’m so excited. And thank you everyone for your gorgeous compliments. I’m so excited to be working with such awesome and creative people. You inspire me and are the reason I love photographing weddings. Thank you!