Little Borrowed Dress: High Quality Rental Bridesmaid Dresses

All right ladies. Let’s talk bridesmaid dresses. More specifically, let’s talk Little Borrowed Dress, one of the best bridesmaid dress ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Little Borrowed Dress lets your bridesmaids rent super cute, high quality dresses, for just $75. Then, at the end of the weekend they can give them back. (Which is also green and not wasteful. If, you know, they might not wear their bridesmaid dress over and over and over, coughcoughcough.) Or, if they adore them because they are so cute, they can buy them too. Options!

So let’s chat. About a month ago, I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet Corrie, the entrepreneur behind Little Borrowed Dress in person, and I got to play with the dresses. And ladies, you want to do this. The dresses are beautiful, they are in absolutely pristine condition, they are silk, and they are flattering. That, and all of your customer service is coming through Corrie herself, who is a dream to work with.

During our long chat over many cocktails, which we totally did not spill on the beautiful silk dresses, Corrie told me that some brides thought they couldn’t use Little Borrowed Dress if she wasn’t hosting a trunk show near them. Not so! First off, some of you are clearly more industrious brides than I was, because I would have just placed an order to rent these dresses and then run around the house yelling, “I WON I WON I WON I WON.” But Corrie knows not all of you are like me, so you don’t need to do that! (Though you should totally run around the house yelling anyway.)

  • You can order a completely free fabric swatch, if you want to look at the fabric and colors in real life (no charging you $15 for a few inches of fabric here). Corrie has a pet peeve about how fabric swatches should be free, and I agree.
  • Plus, you can now try on dresses at home. For a super small insurance fee of $5 (offset against the price of the rental when you mention APW), and the price of shipping. Corrie will send the dress to you, so you can check it out and have your maids try it on in advance of the day. Ship it back, place your order, and you’ve got a dress ready to go.
  • Plus, Little Borrowed Dress will send you a fitting dress that is in your actual size, so you can make sure it works for the actual wedding.  (It may not be in the color you want, but she will send the fabric swatch).
  • Any problems? Contact Corrie (she’s a doll).

This makes the ordering process so easy that you’d be crazy not to use this for your bridesmaid dresses. Particularly because the dresses are so cute.

When I looked at the dresses, I fell in love with the Eliza, below. It’s super cute, and is one of those looks-good-on-everyone styles. You should browse all of their dresses (I’m also fond of the Joanna), because you might have different taste than I do, but seriously. Cute.

Now, Little Borrowed Dress is introducing a new range of colors. They now have black bridesmaid dresses (yes!), but I want to marry the Azure (above), and I think you need the grey. So now you have tons of options on colors, and you still don’t have to make your girls buy their dresses. We are winning the wedding world today, ladies.

So go, browse, enjoy. Affordable, rental dresses, that help keep your wedding green and waste free? It doesn’t get better than that.

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  • Anon

    This is an AWESOME idea, and I adore that one of the options has covered shoulders, but I’ve got my heart set on floor-length dresses. Any chance she’ll expand the length options?

    • meg

      I think she is planning to expand to that. Also I’m trying to convince her to expand to rental elopement/ simple wedding dresses. How RAD would that be??

    • Vmed

      I realize I may be the only crazy one this makes sense for, but: I’m planning on making big floor length tulle skirts for my sisters to belt over a short dress. Maybe one of these short dresses. (graphite!!!)

      It’s our compromise- I want floor-length skirts at the ceremony, but they want to shake their booties in short dresses at the reception. We thought about cutting long skirts, as I saw that done at one muddy wedding and the bridesmaids seemed so gleeful with those scissors, but the fsil was horrified at the thought, and I don’t mean to scandalize anyone.

      I’m also hoping that the discarded tulle monstrosities end up being a part of some silly cousin antics.

  • I wish this was around when I was going through bridesmaid dress hell! I love this business & I will definitely recommend it to my Brides & engaged friends. Renting a bridesmaid dress is brilliant!!!

  • I hope every wedding I’m in from now on uses this company… My collection of dresses that someone else was sure I’d “be able to wear again” is getting absurd.

    I LOVE the grey one. Love love love.

    • meg

      Me too. I kind of would wear that one again.

  • I love these!

  • Katelyn

    These are ingenious – they’re constructed with an elastic waistband covered by a sash, so no alterations necessary. They may not have millions of designs like traditional bridesmaid companies, but they’re such classic, lovely designs I don’t see how anyone would have trouble picking from them.

    Plus, it looks like you could swap out the sash with one of your own… oh the possibilities.

    APW has the *BEST* sponsors!

  • Oh my, I love this!! I just emailed my girls to see what they think. I just wish the red dress wasn’t SO RED, as my red is more like a brick red, Ah, first class problems. Anyway, I too wonder about a full length option, maybe that is forthcoming? I signed up for the newsletter and I’m hoping there is a trunk show in Los Angeles soon.
    THANK YOU Meg for always picking the best sponsors!!

  • Can I put in my two cents on how AWESOME Corrie is??? I was bitching about trying to find a black bridesmaid dress for my sister in law’s wedding and Meg was like, “Shut it and talk to Corrie.”

    And although the timeframe didn’t work out, she bent over backwards to try and help me, even SENDING ME LINKS TO DEPARTMENT STORE DRESSES SHE THOUGHT WOULD WORK. I mean, seriously???

    Corrie is an absolute doll and I know that bleeds over into LBD. And having looked at those other “rent” type websites, I’d go with LBD all the way, even just to rent for myself for an event. (My next fancy dress party will require Joanna in Amethyst.) My favorite part is not only are all the styles flattering for different body types, but she has sizes up to 16/18. It is almost impossible to find nice dresses to rent above a 10. Not kidding, I looked and I looked every freakin’ where.

    I love all the APW vendors because I think they all have the same great work ethic, but LBD is the first where I can say a definite YES based on just personal experience. Corrie is amazing and so is LBD.

  • Corie

    Thank you guys for your very sweet comments (and Meg for your fabulous post!)

    @Anon – our next collection will have a few long options! So if your wedding isn’t until 2012, keep us in mind and check back in Dec/Jan!

    @Renee – drop me a line at corie (a) if your gals like the concept! We might be able to do a sash in a more brick red with a black or brown dress – which I think would look killer :)

  • Laurel

    1) I wish I had known about this when I was planning my wedding. My bridesmaids were happy with their dresses (and my sister wears hers to fancy events now), but I still sometimes felt like a jerkface.

    2) I totally want the Joanna in azure, or perhaps marine or graphite. Just because.

  • momozima

    I love this idea so much! Can I just add to the chorus of praise that I would *love love love* if you shipped to Canada? Hopefully one day soon!

  • Taryn

    Pitching in my own *woohoo!* – I saw, touched, oohed and aahed over these dresses at a bridal show a few weeks ago in Colorado. They are gorgeous! I am seriously thinking about getting one to wear to non-wedding events….

  • I am (still) obsessed with these dresses and the idea behind LBD. The dresses are gorge and they look so good on people (not just on manequins) too! I’m going to be telling my brigade to just wear purple, but I’ll certainly point them in LBD’s direction if they want to get something new for the occasion. Hooray!

  • That seems like a great idea! I mean, the boys can hire their suits and that’s totally cool, right?

  • Wow, what a great idea.

  • Susi-Q

    So, I wish there were a place (LBD?) that rented dresses larger than a 16/18. One of my best friends is a 22 and I’m now obligated to ask my favorite friends to pay 200+ dollars if I want them to wear matching dresses. So frustrating!