Lowe House Events is Expanding to LA!

Plus even more affordable options for planning your wedding

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

If you’re currently planning your wedding using APW, you probably recognize the name Lowe House Events as the reason to get up every other Friday morning. But being a wedding photographer in the Bay Area, I know Lowe House Events simply as one of the best wedding planning and coordinating teams I’ve worked with to date. And today I’m excited to announce that there are two new ways that you can have Lowe House Events as your right hand for your wedding!

First up, Lowe House Events is now expanding to Los Angeles and celebrating the expansion with free travel to the Los Angeles area! Lowe House Events recently added DOC Prep to their list of services offered, which means you can get the Lowe House expertise at a price point of just $350 (nope, no typos there. You read that right.)

Lowe House Loves APW

I asked Elizabeth (the Lowe House founder and principal planner) to explain a little about her decision to expand both her geography and her services, and the answer she gave me was so lovely and honest I wanted to share it before getting into the nitty gritty of what this expansion means. She told me, “When I first went full time with Lowe House Events, APW clients were the ones that made it happen—I was pretty much forced to drop all other freelance work within six weeks of my first sponsored post here because the response from the APW community was so amazingly strong. I love working with our clients, and I know that when a client comes to me from APW they’re probably going to be an awesome fit. And so it’s because of my clients that I continue to grow Lowe House—geographically, service wise, and as a company, because we want to work with you, and because it actually makes me sad when I have to turn awesome people down because we’re already booked.”

Lowe House Goes Hollywood

So what does this expansion mean for you? Well, if you’re in the LA area, it means you can hire Lowe House Events to plan or coordinate your wedding for the same prices as their Bay Area clients, and you can get them with no travel fees (and I know you guys have been clamoring for more APW-approved Los Angeles wedding planners, so here you go. We’re giving you one of the best.) Elizabeth explains, “I like to joke that I’m the only native Northern Californian who loves LA, but it’s true, I do. I’m really excited about the chance to spend more time in Los Angeles getting to know a city I already know fairly well, even better. So starting now, we’re offering free travel for weddings in the greater LA area, and I will personally be down there every 4-6 weeks starting in late September. I’ll be taking that time to meet with clients in person, as well as actively continuing to build our LA area vendor network (if you’re an LA area vendor, please get in touch. I’d love to buy you coffee/a drink and chat!)”

DOC Prep: Big Help For Smaller Budgets

But really, the Lowe House expansion I’m most excited about this year is the addition of a service Elizabeth is calling “DOC Prep.” Put simply, DOC Prep is designed for clients whose budgets don’t allow for a professional Day of Coordinator, or who are planning on having a non-professional friend or family member coordinate. Starting 2-6 weeks out from your wedding, DOC Prep consists of an in-person meeting between you, your partner, Lowe House, and if possible, the person who will be running the show on your wedding day. Lowe House Events will go over all of your existing wedding documents & vendor contracts, and help you develop a detailed day-of or weekend-of timeline, as well as floor plans, table setting plans, and pack-in/pack-out lists. Lowe House Events will even point out places where you’re going to need extra help or may have overlooked something, and will answer any and all of your last minute wedding questions. Follow up support around the Google docs you guys create at the meeting is included if needed, in addition to phone support with your appointed coordinator if they’re unable to attend the meeting in person. DOC Prep with Lowe House Events is priced at $350, which hurts my brain if I think about it too long because even 22-year-old me on my tiny wedding budget could have afforded DOC Prep with Lowe House Events. Hell, if this had been around when I was planning my own wedding, maybe I would have even had a timeline.

Making The Magic Happen

So how, exactly, is Lowe House Events making all this growth a reality this year? Well, the final bit of exciting news from the Lowe House Team is that team member Alyssa has been promoted to Associate Event Planner and will be taking on a full set of weddings next year. She is awesome, for those in the back raising your hands to ask.

And in case you’re wondering if Alyssa offers the same level of kick-ass sanity-saving as Elizabeth, just check out this recent review from on of Alyssa’s clients for proof:

If you are getting married anywhere near the bay area call Lowe House Creative and book Alyssa asap. Seriously—the best advice a couple-to-be-wed will get. My husband and I got married a week ago. As I type this we are sitting in the airport about to take off on our honeymoon and we are still talking about how amazing Alyssa was. I personally found the entire wedding planning to be daunting. I do events for a living—but for some reason was totally overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. We also were on somewhat of a budget—and certainly couldn’t afford to hire a full time wedding planner. At the advice and urging of some friends, it was recommended that I find a day of coordinator—I am so grateful for this advice and so so so grateful that I found Lowe House Creative and Alyssa. I must admit, going into it I was a bit skeptical as it wasn’t an insignificant amount of money that we were paying to hire her. I thought to myself – come on its just one day! BEST MONEY EVER SPENT. Don’t doubt it. Not only is Alyssa totally personable and fun, but she just handles sh*t. No matter the issue she gets it done and makes sure that you don’t think twice. For example my bustle broke while dancing. I noticed it and started to walk off the dance floor. I hadn’t made it two steps when Alyssa was by my side. “Give me 2 min, ” she said. Before I knew it she was back by my side fixing the dress and 1 min later I was back on the dance floor and didn’t think about it again. There are countless examples like this. She is not just a fixer of problems though. She helps you think through things ahead of time and puts you at ease and keeps you organized. She also feels like a part of the family. My entire family and wedding party all raved about Alyssa. I can’t endorse her or Lowe House Events enough.

I could write a college thesis on how rare it is to find a wedding planner who will make your day run more smoothly and feel more authentic, all while keeping your family in check and still managing to feed everyone on time. But for the purposes of this post, let me sum it up in three short words: Lowe House Events. But don’t take it from me. Take it from the pages and pages of testimonials saying that Elizabeth and her team were the best wedding planning decision ever. And with prices ranging from $350 for DOC Prep to roughly $1,500 for Day-Of-Coordinating, all the way up to $5,000-$9,000 for full planning, Lowe House Events has made it possible for just about anyone to get the little extra help they need from a professional wedding ass-kicker. So get on it LA, because the door just swung wide open and I have a feeling it won’t stay that way for long. And I, for one, could not be more excited.

Photos 2 & 6 by APW Sponsor Hart & Sol West; Photos 2 & 5 by APW Sponsor Gabriel Harber Photography; Photo 3 by Bliss Blue Sky’s

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  • Karen

    This sounds amazing. Does anyone know anybody in North Carolina anywhere near this great? I checked out a couple and they are definitely old fashioned. One person’s blog title was “Becoming Mr. and Mrs.” – very clear where she stands on marriage equality. Anyone???

    • AG

      I hired Burlap Elephant for my Charleston wedding, and I THINK she may travel to NC. I haven’t had my wedding yet, but she did my friend’s wedding and that was my favorite wedding ever. Relaxed, stylish, and felt just like the couple. She’s also been very sweet and helpful already.

      • Karen

        Thanks for the info. I will look her up!

    • catherine

      Ha, I had to chuckle at that as someone who grew up in NC. What is going on with that state right now btw?? I’m from New bern if you know where that is:)

      • Karen

        I know what you mean (hangs head). When I moved here I used to tell people outside the state that NC wasn’t really the south because it was so progressive (by southern standards). Now…we seemed to have stepped back a few decades. You know you’re an embarrassment when Rachel Maddow comes to your state to do a show about the ways the NC legislature is making it hard to vote. The people I associate with don’t think this way but it is definitely having an impact on the political atmosphere for sure.

  • Blizalef

    Why are all of the wedding superstars always nowhere near me? Are there any sane Day-Of coordinators in the Philadelphia Area?? The biggest hiccup I have run into with wedding planning, so far, is that I can’t be the one to make sure everything gets done on the day-of! This is a control freak’s nightmare. Also, while I love my family & friends dearly, I can’t think of any that can be relied upon to get everything done just right. (That’s not entirely true – my fiiance’s stepmom is amazing and has done weddings before. But we are using multiple locations & she is but one person.)

    • scw

      yes! and, while we’re at it, can we get more philadelphia vendors in general?

      • meg

        I’d love that, but it’s not like we’re turning them away. Send us your Philadelphia vendors, and we will give the love right back.

        • scw

          if I ever get married, I will!

          • blizalef

            Well, I cannot recommend any sane wedding planners for this area. However, I have found other awesome vendors, whom I would love to see show-cased here on APW:

            Bakers of Buffington, in Downingtown, PA – Their cakes start at $3.25 a head, they’re delicious, and since BOB is a small local business, I feel good about spending my money with them.

            Reverend Kathleen Spicer, in Philadelphia, PA – She is an awesome & open-minded wedding celebrant. My fiiance and I like her because she fully customizes each and every wedding ceremony. Also, her rates are reasonable and she is very personable.

            Thorndale Fire Hall – While this fire hall is somewhat outdated, and maybe less than beautiful, it is very affordable! My four hour wedding reception, including an on-site bartender (they have a state-issued liquor liscense) is running me less than $400.

            I hope that helps! :)
            (Seriously, go check out Bakers of Buffington. My (free!) consultation appointment with them pretty much made my entire month.)

  • catherine

    Dang! We live in LA but just decided to do our wedding in Boulder, CO. Shoooot.

  • Now the next thing she needs to take on is DOC Prep via Skype for those of us who are getting married in the middle of nowhere. *cough*

    • Lady, you should get in touch with me, because I would be very open to doing a discounted test run of that idea with you!

  • When I eventually get married (in a gagillion years), I’m soooo hiring Lowe House, now that they are in LA! I’ve always been impressed by them!!