Mad For Love: East Bay Wedding Party!

I’ll confess, even though I work in the wedding industry, I’ve only been to a wedding fair once (and as a bridesmaid at that). And I’m pretty sure I only did it for the free cake samples and raffles. (I didn’t win. Boo.) But when APW’s Advertising Manager Emily (also of Emily Takes Photos) and Elizabeth of Lowe House Events told me that they were throwing together a very small, very local East Bay wedding gathering called Mad For Love, I was slightly less dubious. Then they told me there would be free cake and champagne and I asked them where I could set up my booth.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, again, free champagne. But in short, if you’re local to the Bay Area and want an opportunity to snack on some cake and champagne (dead horse, meet my fist), and meet up with sane vendors (many of whom are APW sponsors, or who have worked on APW weddings) in a non-squicky way, stop on by. Attendance is free, plus Meg will be there signing books and I’ll be there trying out all my best jokes on unsuspecting victims. If you want to learn a little more about the vendors who will be at the showcase, hop over to the Mad For Love website. Plus, TOAST, the bar hosting the event, is the first bar Meg ever took her baby to. And her baby has high standards. Just sayin’.

And if you do stop by, please come by and say hello and let us know you came from APW. We love meeting readers in real life!


Editor’s Note: This post was not sponsored Mad For Love, and APW is not affiliated with the event. We’re just letting you know where to find us. In a non-stalkery way. Which is nice.

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  • KC

    I am now slightly sad I am not in the East Bay. (“slightly” because of the practically-legendary cost of living, which I am not at all sad to be avoiding…)

    Hope you all have an awesome time!

  • Rachelle

    Aw man! I am in the process of planning a wedding in the East Bay from Denver and scheduled my trip out there for the weekend before. Sad I’ll miss it!

  • Caroline

    I’m so excited! This is the best timing for an event with cake, as it’s the last full day before passover you can eat chametz (wheat, oats, barley, spelt and rye, aka cake). I wasn’t considering going to a wedding fair, but a wedding fair put together by Elizabeth and Emily? I’ll be there.

    • meg

      Oh thank god. With the baby and being back at work and general flailing around I hadn’t even put that together, and… shit. I suppose breastfeeding isn’t an excuse for getting out of Kosher for Passover. Damn it. I’ll have to wait for the High Holidays.

      • Cleo

        Meg, one of the reasons I really enjoy APW even though I’m not planning a wedding is because of the insightful and sensitive way you handle discussing traditions that fall outside the White, Christian norm.

        I understand this comment is meant to be lighthearted, but as a fellow Jew, it has hit me the wrong way.

        For those who don’t know, Jewish people who have medical conditions or concerns that would make properly observing a holiday or Shabbat potentially hazardous to their health are not only not required to observe that holiday, but they are actively encouraged not to. For example, a breastfeeding mother would not observe the Yom Kippur fast to ensure the health of her child.

        However you choose to observe Passover is none of my business, nor are any of your personal religious choices, nor are how you express yourself about them in your personal space, but making light of religious holidays on your professional website and lamenting the fact that you still “have to” observe them is problematic to me. The unfortunate truth is that because Jews are a minority, one of us could be seen as representing the whole group (something I encountered a lot in my formative years). Your making light of traditions and religious observance, to me, seems to give other people the right to make light of them or dismiss them as not important. And the fact that you are clearly a highly respected voice, especially here, compounds that problem.

        I don’t mean to be giving a lecture here, but this comment bothered me when I read it yesterday and I still couldn’t get it out of my head all through this morning, and I wanted to say something to both give context to your comment for someone who would read it, and then explain my own feelings on it.

  • Breck

    UMMM FREE CHAMPAGNE WILL BE WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE?!? I think yes. Would it be weird to come if I’m not engaged/planning a wedding?

    • meg


  • Rebekah

    My face got so excited when I saw this post! Any chance other APW vendors can make this a thing for different regions?

    • meg

      This is totally not APW affiliated or planned, so your local vendors would have to decide they wanted to do that :)

  • Sarah

    So excited! My bestie (who recently got engaged) and I were just talking about wanting to go to some weird expo solely for the free cake. This looks like 10x more fun than that. Plus free cake. Plus biking distance from my house!

  • Bri

    I have been reading this site for years although I’m not engaged quite yet, because I find so much wisdom here about long term relationships, feminism, and allowing yourself to make decisions that are true to your own values. In short, I love A Practical Wedding. The past few nights, my partner and I have been having those big scary relationship talks and have decided that we do indeed want to get married, and possibly quite soon! Then today, what do I see but a giant invitation to a wedding showcase and book signing with Meg right around the corner at one of my favorite neighborhood wine bars?

    I don’t really believe in signs, but I think this might be one. I will be there, I will buy the book, and Meg, I’d love to shake your hand!

  • thrilled to be a part of this event, i look forward to meeting you and meg and all of the fabulous APW readers!

  • mari

    Votes on the appropriateness of sending my 20 yr old sister to scope out this event on my behalf?

    • Send her! She might not get to drink champagne, but CAKE!!!

  • BT

    I’ll be there! And I will try not to be too shy to talk to you fine ladies.

  • Viv

    Can other APW vendors (aka me, another photographer) attend this as well? Or is this for brides-to-be only?

    • You should totally come by!