Maggie Winters Photography: Fun And Color In DC!

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Today I get to introduce you to Maggie Winters Photography in Washington, DC. (Heyyyyy DC APWers! I miss you guys, fist bump to your awesome selves!) Maggie’s photography is a little different than a lot of our sponsors, which is awesome. If I learned one thing from Maddie’s “How To Pick A Photographer” posts, it’s that you guys love all kinds of different things. Maggie Winters Photography is all about fun. And color. And having the least painful, easiest portrait sessions ever. And fun (seriously about that).

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Maddie and I were looking at Maggie Winters’ awesome portfolio, and she summed it up as “for people not into that vintage crap.” (She was possibly lightly mocking me while praising Maggie. She’s a tricky one). But EXACTLY. Maggie is modern and quirky and exciting. No washed out rose-colored models in a field here. She brings it.

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I asked Maggie to tell me a little bit about who she is and what she does, and the pink haired dynamo told me this, “I love photographing the most fun weddings on the planet. Whether you’re getting married at your favorite band’s show, or in the middle of the city, or at your favorite art gallery—I love couples who do exactly what they want for their wedding.”

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But I think my favorite part was her absolutely straight shooting explanation of how she works. She said, “I’ve never been trained in wedding photography, so as far as ‘regular wedding photography’ I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing! I offer light direction but mostly we just get to hang out for a while and photograph—whether that’s at your wedding, elopement wedding, engagement session, family portrait session, or anything else!” You guys…. it’s SO much more fun that way.

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So it’s perfect that Maggie told me, “My entire life revolves around having the most possible fun. I hate rules and conventions—I just do whatever makes me happy. I try to reflect this with photography: I have a simple contract and booking process so that we can focus on you guys, your awesome wedding, your rad-ness, and all of the fun stuff.” All of this of course translates into a totally painless shooting style. For those of you whose idea of fun is not spending all day in front of the camera, Maggie’s totally your girl. She says, “I love to photograph people exactly how they are—awesome and being themselves, in love. My photography style is like a mirror—if you and your partner are super goofy, you’ll have tons of awesome laughing photos. If you’re more spiritual and quieter, the photos will reflect that.”

And if there is anything I love in a photographer, it’s one that thinks through pricing, and then is totally no-nonsense about it. (Why is that so HARD? I don’t understand. It seems to be as rare as putting your location on your website, facepalm). Her pricing page tells you that her (non-elopement) wedding rates start at $2,500, but the average investment is $3,600 (I love this so much). Maggie says, “I design my pricing to reflect the weddings I photograph, generally small/medium sized, creative weddings. My average couple spends about $3600 on wedding photography. This generally includes about six hours of wedding day photography, an engagement session (which we build in for free!), an online gallery of images, a print release so couples can print and post the photos as much as they wish, and a 10×10 custom designed photo book. All of our offerings are completely customizable, so this sort of an estimate to give an idea of our general costs.” Plus, you know I love me a good on paper album and Maggie says, “I’m a graphic designer, so I custom design each album based on the photographs and any words that couples might want to add, such as their vows, wedding date, names, or anything else. I also design custom wedding guest books using engagement photos.” LOVE.

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And finally. Elopements. Maggie loves her some. Also, that whole Guerrilla Wedding thing we talked about last year (not an elopement, but a crazy pop-up on location wedding?) That’s also super, super her jam. She told me, “I offer a special elopement package (mostly focuses on portraits with a ceremony in there!), available weekdays and some weekends—these are my absolute favorite because I get to hang out with a couple on their wedding day and I’m frequently the only guest (which is pretty much the raddest thing ever).” $800 on weekdays, $850 on weekends. Bam.

Awesome APWer DC crowd + Maggie Winters Photography? There is some magic brewing….

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  • Claire

    love these photographs!

  • Go Maggie! I love the new images.

  • Wow, these are amazing! And I say that as someone very much into all that vintage crap.

  • Yea, these images are amazing, love the reality of them – not posed just genuine and real.

  • JEM

    She has hot pink hair and is a complete dynamo. Totally awesome.

  • Stephanie

    PINK UNICORN ! <3 I so want a pink unicorn at my wedding, and a great photograph too :)