Meg: Speaking in San Francisco & Seattle

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

This Sunday, 4pm, San Francisco

What are you doing this Sunday, San Franciscans? No plans yet you say? Brilliant. Perhaps you would like to come hear me speak at Fizz & Frills, a stylish wedding event hosted by Utterly Engaged. This Sunday at 4pm I’ll be speaking on, “How to be a Bride and a Wife on your own terms” (or, the foundational question of APW), with Weddingbee‘s Editor-in-Chief. Also, APW Editor Kate and I will be hanging out and chit-chatting afterwards. I think you should meet us there. Tickets are $15, and you can come early and shop. Let’s pack this Q&A with super-smart ladies asking super-smart questions, making it a killer off-line discussion.

Seattle, Sunday October 9th

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been asked to moderate the Offbeat Empire panel at Geek Girl Con in Seattle on Sunday October 9th. I’ll be talking to the ladies of Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama, and Offbeat Home (including Ariel herself, and OBT moderator and APW Sponsor Ang) about building a business in a geeky industry. The panel is titled, “Rocking the geek niche: Nerdiness is your superpower” and I think you should come see it. Tickets are $30, and earn you admission to Friday’s Offbeat Empire Party at Urban Light Studios. I find this speaking event particularly amusing, since I come from a geeky family (mathematicians, scientists, Star Trek lovers, we’ve got them all), and am the only non-geeky person in the crew. Though I am a professional blogger, hum.

So come, hear me talk in San Francisco or Seattle, and say hi afterwards, yes? I’m a very entertaining speaker, and I’m speaking with the very smartest of women.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • I am so ridiculously excited about Geek Girl Con and the Offbeat panel. *happy dance*

    • FawMo

      I know! SEATTLE!!

    • Yay! I’m stupid excited. BEYOND excited. I’mma get mah nerd on… HARD.

  • Meg, do you know what time the panel is on Sunday? I was already planning on heading back to the Puget Sound area sometime in late September/early October to do some wedding dress shopping with my mom on Saturday but if I can party Offbeat style Friday night and hear a panel of smart women on Sunday then that makes my drive from Idaho soooo much more worth it.

    • meg

      No idea!

      • I guess I’ll just hang on for a bit before I buy a ticket (they’re not going to increase prices too soon, right?). It looks like the conference runs until 7pm on Sunday…ideally, they’ll put you in the morning and I can hang out with Linsey and the other lovely Seattle ladies contemplating drinks afterwards.

    • Ang

      We don’t even know yet. We JUST found out it’s on Sunday. On the plus side, we get to recover from post party hang overs.

  • Jo

    Sad I won’t be in SF to hear this. Thrilled that it seems like things are going oh so well around here! Yay!

  • Joanna

    Perfect timing! I’m from Toronto, and my partner and I are actually having our vacation on the west coast, starting this weekend in San Francisco. I’m super excited to come to Fizz & Frills :)

  • This makes me wish I was back on the West Coast!

  • YAY, Seattle! We must do drinks afterwords, Bookclub Ladies. We need to hear about the weddings! (And lives!) I’ll even organize!!

    • bec

      Oooh, I’m so on for drinks!! Yay for APW in Seattle!

  • Tamara

    Not only will I be in San Francisco this Sunday…it will be TWO days after I get MARRIED there and become a wife on my own terms, with help from APW vendors Little Bat and Lowe House Creative!!! Maybe I can convince hubby to let me wander and plan our back-home reception at the event…

    • meg

      Ohhh…. I HEARD about your wedding. If you’re not too blissed out to move, swing by.

  • You guys! By Sunday I will live in San Francisco! I could come to this!

    How cool that you’ll be speaking (and moderating) at such interesting events, Meg. Congratulations!

    • meg

      Oh, then you guys have to come! Give David someone to hang out with!

  • Oh damn, we’re out of town this weekend (for our one year anniversary, what?!). Be with you in spirit?

  • gah!!!! this is so cool!!!!! and i cannot go!!!! sad face.
    one day i will get myself to an apw event. . .

  • bec

    Beyond excited for the Seattle events!!