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Today I’m thrilled to introduce Angela Gaul of Milestone Images in New York City. Angela is a lot of things (awesome, hilarious, dedicated to diversity), but she’s also an incredibly experienced wedding photographer. And let’s not bury the lede here: that’s a big deal. Someone who can nail the shot every time? Someone who understands clear client communication AND always has a backup shooter? We talk a lot about artistry here, but that shit is important too. Plus, her rates are an awesome deal for an experienced photographer in the NYC market. Milestone Images pricing starts at $2,400 for her “Just Shoot Me” package (ha!). Plus, she’s got a “Gotcha Covered” and a “Unicorns and Rainbows” package. I know, right? Book this lady now.

But then there is the artistry. Milestone Images is the real deal, you guys. I wandered into the Sacraments & Simchas section of the website (because how awesome is it that she also uses the word simcha?) and the infant baptism pictures made my eyes well up. What IS that? I expect baptism photos to be a little saccharine and a lot cheesy, but under Angela’s watch they are beautifully composed photojournalistic shots…with a hit-you-over-the-head amount of emotion. Add that to your wedding, and PHEW. Plus, this is a woman that can nail the classic family shot (while still getting you all of those beautiful candids). And that, my friends, is a rare and important skill.

Without further ado, Angela herself.


For the past thirteen years, I’ve been photographing extremely diverse couples getting hitched in every imaginable way, from New York City elopements where I am in the only witness (and am happy to sign on the dotted line) to five-day weddings with four hundred guests for a couple in a modern, arranged marriage in New Delhi, India. Of course, I shoot everything in between, too, wedding-wise.

Way back in the day, I first began shooting weddings for friends because there was no greater gift than to be able to hand my loved ones photos from their weddings and say, “Look how happy you are. Look how beautiful you look. See how he looks at you when you’re not looking? I captured it for you, and now you’ll always have that.” My goal is to always be present for my clients with the same sense of warmth, joy and authenticity I had when I was simply shooting for the people I love with no pay.

I want to talk about that for a second, because the truth is, I am not the cheapest photographer you’ll find out there. However, I’m almost not even remotely the most expensive, either. My prices are extremely competitive for my market, BUT…that market is in and around New York City. I regularly travel for weddings as far away as New Hampshire, Illinois, and Florida, and my travel fees are calculated on a “you pay what I pay” basis for weddings more than one hundred miles away. Within one hundred miles, the travel costs are on me. Even when I do travel, I always try to stay with family and friends whenever possible and am happy to pass those savings on to my clients.

That said, I’ve been shooting weddings for thirteen years. I started shooting weddings in college as a photo student with a great eye and a promising talent. Then I was the “friendor,” the craigslist photographer, the newspaper photographer with the day job who shot weddings on the side, and now I run Milestone Images as my full-time business. I was definitely cheaper when I had a day job or picked up jobs on the side off craigslist, and my clients were also super excited about their photos. But I will tell you this…

As a small business owner with more than 150 weddings under my belt, I am absolutely, totally at the top of my game at this stage of my career. My wedding skills are the strongest they’ve ever been. I am extremely proud of the images I create. My albums are the best quality product I can find. I have my act together in terms of online contracts, customer service, backup gear, data backup, client communication, taxes, and insurance. If you’re looking for an experienced professional who dots every “i” and crosses every “t,” who can adjust on the fly for changing light or unpredictable weather or officiants who suddenly announce that there’s no flash photography allowed in a very dark church two minutes before the ceremony, I am your woman.

True story. That happened. Here’s what I was able to do while being forced to stay in the very last pew…

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (2)

My point is, I’ve got your back, and I always want my clients to feel like I am worth every, single penny. Also? I work my ass off. It’s true. I have no ass; it fell off back in 2006. I am still a working photojournalist freelancing for a large newspaper in the New York metropolitan area during the week, and I try to do one humanitarian trip every year for an NGO in a developing country that can be served by powerful images and great photography. I shoot weddings and portraits all year-round, and I genuinely love it.

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (1)

Capturing the candid moments, the laughter and the beauty that emerges effortlessly on the wedding day is my specialty.

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (4)

My work has a sense of whimsy that appeals to less traditional clients, though some of my favorite wedding shots of all time are those that showcase timeless elegance.

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (3)

I also believe that since everyone you love is all together in one place on the wedding day, it’s important to take a little time to get very flattering, very efficient family portraits. Because grandparents are precious, and they aren’t around forever.

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (7)

I also love taking a little time with the couple to capture really creative, artistic images that are truly unique to them and their love story, but then I’m focused on getting them back to the celebration that brought everyone together in the first place. As cool as I am, the couple isn’t really there to hang out with me, you know?

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (6)

I pride myself on being very upfront with clients—bullshit free. I’m honestly too busy to rip people off. There’s only The Plan. There’s no Secret Evil Wedding Vendor Rip-Off Plan. I don’t have time to scheme and plot and jerk people around. That would REALLY cut into my editing time, and frankly, my dog needs her tummy rubbed in whatever time I have left, and my cats’ chins aren’t gonna scratch themselves. Well, maybe they will, actually. My husband Joel is a super fun guy, too, who comes along as a second shooter at big weddings. There’s also Tom, my “work spouse” who assists from time to time as well. We went to college together and worked at the same newspaper for eight years after graduation. Tom can read my mind across a crowded dance floor even better than my husband can.

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (5)

If you’re looking for well-rounded photography that incorporates a perfect blend of photojournalistic documentation with creative portraiture, efficient posed photos with everyone who matters most, plus lots of shots of the personal details you spent months planning and maybe one or two poses you saw on Pinterest and have to have?

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (10)

Give me a call. APW couples who book wedding photography between now and May 21st save 15%!

Milestone Images | A Practical Wedding (9)

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  • I had this whole long post, but … it was eaten.

    My general point was: Angie is the best. I have gorgeous pictures, but I also have incredible memories. I can’t picture my day without her help, guidance, support and guardianship. And luckily, I don’t have to — because I have beautiful pictures to remind me of how genuine our smiles were that day.

  • Becka

    I recently booked Angie for my April 2014 wedding and I *can’t* wait!! She was so easy to talk to and she made the whole process really, really easy. She’s funny and clearly cares a lot about her work – I definitely recommend booking while you can!

  • Mairead

    A longtime APW reader coming out of the woodwork to say I am so excited to see Angie featured on this site! I’ve booked her for my October 2013 wedding and could not be more pleased with our decision. Angie is great to work with, really accommodating, and has a knack for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. The fact that she is completely hilarious to be around doesn’t hurt either! I will definitely be recommending her in the future.

  • Stephanie

    Just look at ‘normal’ wedding photos, and then look at the photos Angie makes for her clients. The difference you will see is professional quality, creativity that you can’t put a price on, and a true passion that is visible in what she does. Not only this but she is obviously fun! Oh and I am posting my comments 10k above the earth because I DO think she is THAT awesome.

  • Diana

    I have to say, I am so thrilled to see Angie being featured here on APW! I’m a longtime reader and fan, and am so grateful to Meg, this site, and her book for supporting me through my wedding planning process! “Other” Meg, of La Vie En Rose Events, was our wedding coordinator – thank you APW for that referral! She and Angie were the glue that held together all of our incredibly detailed plans, not only on the day of the wedding, but for the whole year before as well! You heard me right – Angie is MUCH more than a talented photographer; if you hire her, I guarantee she will play an indispensable role in your planning, if you want her to! She really is a seasoned pro, and accordingly, she can offer alot of insight into what might (read: will) happen with your guests, your bridal party, and your timeline that might impact your photos. She’ll go over everything with you in uber-detail, if that’s what you need (I did), before the big day, and I promise you will feel so comfortable and confident on the day-of because of that. APW taught me very early on in my planning how important it is to connect with your vendors, and that’s why I’m sharing with all of you what an asset Angie will be to you on your wedding day. There are a great many photographers out there, especially in NY, I won’t deny that, but they don’t all have the eye for emotion that Angie has, and I highly doubt that they would all offer you the last droplets of water they have access to on an 80 degree day, as Angie did for me! To speak directly to the photos, though, we could not be happier with how they turned out. My husband and I are the ones in the corn maze.. We had to hop a fence to make that happen, and Angie was totally down to do it! We are constantly complimented on the authenticity of our photos, and how they truly capture the joy we all experienced that day. I’ve recommended Angie to many of my engaged friends and family members, and I really want to encourage my APW family to consider her as well. This community was such a great resource for me (even if you all didn’t know it!), and I wish for all of you the same contentedness and satisfaction I feel when I reflect back on our wedding day through our photos!