New APW Sponsors: June!

As you guys know, every now and then I’ll write a quick post to update you guys on brand new APW sponsors… because I know that those of you looking for wedding resources want to know about new sponsors NOW, thank you very much. So! Here are our very newest sponsors.

Emilia Jane Photography—I’m delighted to introduce you to Emilia Jane Photography in Chicago. She describes herself this way, “I am a wedding photographer. Not the everybody stand here at the church alter together and say cheese kind. Or the kind with strangely no normal looking couples on my website/blog. I’m the let’s get real and document your day in a beautiful way without it being over posed and fake and whatever kind.” RIGHT? Right. Oh, and her rates start at just $1800. Hurrah!

Blush Celebrations—I’ve been working, slowly but surely, to bring on sane wedding planners for each major metro area, and I’m thrilled to introduce Bec of Blush Celebrations in Seattle. Poor Bec, coming onto APW as a wedding planner is a trial by fire, because I want to be super clear that everyone is on the same philosophical page. And boy is she. She cites her business inspirations as APW and OBB, and she’s really looking to work with LGBTQ clients, as well as all of the rest of y’all. Plus her prices are great, and she offers a huge range of services.

Whitney Huynh Photography— We’re bringing on one last sponsor for Georgia, Whitney Huynh Photography. (That’s adorable Whitney up there with her husband!) Whitney is based in Duluth, Georgia, but also frequently shoots in both Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, as well as Kansas City, Kansas. So today is a treat for APW of the south and APW of the mid-west. And her photos? Wheew. Versatile and awesome.

So enjoy, y’all! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  • Jen M

    OMG! Chicago photographer! Just started looking today! Weeee!!!

  • Yes! Jen! I’m emailing you back right now :-D

  • Yay! Seattle! That is all.

  • Whitney is awesome!! We <3 her.

  • Becca Crowe

    YAY for Whitney! She’s a wonderful photographer AND friend!!! She made the most incredible pictures of my wedding with Charles that we could have imagined – and more. We love her!

  • Way to go Whitney! You are super wonderful!