New APW Sponsors: Photographers in LA, NYC, Ohio & Canada

Today I’m thrilled to welcome new APW sponsors for the month of July! I’m extra excited because (drumroll please), for the first time ever, we’re introducing a photographer in Canada! Wheee! Plus we’ve got sassy and sane photographers coming on board in Ohio, New York City, and Los Angeles/Orange County. I could not be more thrilled.

Briana Snyder Photography—Dayton, Ohio. Ok, all of you in the Midwest should be jumping up and down because Briana is not just super talented, she’s one of us (and so excited to be working with you guys). She told me, “I’ve read the site every single day since I got engaged in Aug. 2010. That year I planned a wedding while working and doing grad school full time—and while slowly coming to realize that maybe International and Comparative Politics wasn’t actually what I was passionate about. At the end of that school year and the beginning of our marriage, I decided to go for it, and see if I couldn’t make my career doing what I loved.” And man, if she’s not good at the thing she loves.

Hibou Photo—Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Oh, ladies. Not only is Kandise, super talented and affordable, with a vivid photojournalist eye (no trendy nonsense here), she’s hilarious. Kandise says that, “Hibou Photo happily shoots all relationships. Except cat weddings. Please stop asking.”  (Editors note: ask). She says, “APW reminds me that vendors are just as susceptible to the pull of the WIC as wedding undergrads. Every time I start to fall down that rabbit hole of competition APW snaps me out of it. I want to be around fun, smart, creative, sane, happy, REAL people in love. And I want to tell their stories with photographs.” So, oh boy, I think you should let her tell your story.

De Nueva Photography—New York City & Tri-State. I’m thrilled to welcome Nicki of De Nueva to APW. She could not be a better fit for y’all, with her focus on running a green business, being LGBTQ friendly with gender neutral language on all client facing materials (yay!), and donating a portion of her proceeds each year to social justice causes. Add to that the fact that her photos are excellent and her rates start at just $1,495 in expensive New York City? Hurrah!

beIMAGEDPhotography—New York City. Melissa (who is offering 10% off her rates for APW couples) says, “As a photographer, businesswoman, and human being, I want the same things that the APW couples wantI want the experiences, the conversations, and the expectations to be real and genuine. Ultimately, I feel like I already have a connection with A Practical Wedding couples because they are a part of something that I love and value too, and in that way, our real and genuine dialogue has already begun.”

Intuitive Images—Orange County & Los Angeles. Things you should know about Stephanie: when she discovered APW she fell head over heels in love with y’all faster than I’ve ever seen. She emailed me to ask how she could get involved, RIGHT NOW PLEASE, and said, “I am so into your vibe, it’s not even funny. How does one go about becoming a sponsor? Shall I mail you my right arm?” Then it turns out she shoots dancers all the time (yes!) and has friends in common with long time APWer Emily. Oh yeah, and her pictures are amazing.

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  • Amy in Halifax

    YAY!!! Thank you for finding a Canadian east coast vendor!!!!

  • Cassandra

    Absolutely delighted to see a sponsor from NB – my home province! I don’t live there anymore but it’s wonderful to know the APW spirit is spreading around :)

  • But call it a New Brunswick vendor – Americans expect us to learn all 50 states – the least y’all could do it try to remember our 13… :)

    • Brenda

      It makes a difference especially with Canada covering a lot more territory – we are the second biggest country in the world. While my heart leapt to hear ‘Canadian vendor’ (still excited about that!) New Brunswick is a looooong ways away from me – almost the entire length of the country.

      • Have camera, will travel.


  • AMS

    Woohoo! Glad to see APW showcasing a Canadian vendor. We’ve got a very large country with lots of talent, so hopefully we will see more Canadian vendors from all over the country! (ahem…Western Canada…cough cough)

  • Yay! Thanks for having me!

    • I said as much above, but just to clarify: I live in New Brunswick, but I’m happy to travel anywhere! Especially in the Maritimes, but throughout Canada and wherever Team Practical might find me.

  • Yay Canadian vendor!!! Keep ’em coming. There’s a lot more big open Canadian land to cover. :)

  • Jessie

    Just to add to the number of requests: YAy for Canada! If there are other great Canadian vendors or weddings, I’d love to see them. Also “have camera, will travel”? Love it!

  • Kaitlyn142

    Ohio photographer! Hooray!

  • Suzy

    Yay, Ohio! Now what about metro Detroit?