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Today is pretty cool (if you ask me), because I get to introduce the very first APW sponsor collaboration (and more of these are definitely coming soon). You guys know all about the incredibly fantastic APW reader community, but most of you don’t know much about the APW sponsor community. APW vendors are not just a bunch of people who advertise with me, they’re actually a kick-*ss collection of small business owners with their own forum on the site, who are fabulous, and who are always supporting each other.

So for the first time today, I get to announce one of their collaborations. Long time APW sponsor Glö, who provides paperless wedding invites, wedding websites, and powerful RSVP technology, has teamed up with APW sponsor e.m. papers, who design lovely printable wedding invitations (remember Eleanor’s Wedding graduate post? We love her!). Together, they’ve produced new Glö website designs, designed with the APW community in mind.

This is how it works: You’ve signed up for Glö, because you want to get their email save the dates, animated paperless wedding invitations, a wed-site (called a Glö-site, obviously), and smart RSVP technology. Yes! That was a very smart decision, and unlike me, you will probably not spend hours crying under your bed because managing your guest list has pushed you to the brink of insanity. So good job you. But now you really want your wedding website (Glö-site) to have a design that fits with your aesthetic. And more than that, you were kind of hoping you could get *some* paper invitations, because well, powerful RSVP and paperless invitations are great, but your grandmother Wants. A. Paper. Invitation. Which seems fair to you.
So! You go to e.m. papers site, and buy one of her brand new Glöpacks. This is a suite of paperless save the dates, invitations, and wedding websites that can be easily uploaded into Glö. You can buy one these Glöpacks for just $20 bucks, upload them to Glö, and you’re set and stylish. Wheee!
And then, maybe you want printable paper invitations that match your new wedding website. Well, e.m. papers has you covered there too.
Or! Maybe you want a Glöpack to match one of Eleanor’s other amazing designs. Like say, the one above (yum). Just contact her, and she’ll make you a Glöpack, because she is magic. And while you’re at it, you should totally browse e.m. papers suites of printable wedding invitations. Because you guys, they are excellent, and super affordable, and contain every single paper thing you could ever need for your wedding.
Taryn, at Glö, is beyond thrilled to be working with Eleanor, a super talented independent designer. Taryn says, “The wedding world needs more of these people and I’m stoked to enable one more way for their designs to shine.” As for me, I’m delighted to see APW vendors collaborating, and making the wedding world a little more sane and a little more awesome one step at a time.”
So go. Browse e.m. papers Glöpacks, and printable wedding invitations, and look at Glö’s powerful websites, paperless invites, and RSVP software. If this makes your wedding a little easier and more beautiful, I’ll be delighted.
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  • Another Alice

    Ooh, I just bought a wedding correspondence kit off e.m. papers, and Eleanor has been a *dream* to work with. I’m so so glad to have found her company on this site.


    You guys have really done something awesome here. Collaborating, making other products better, exposing more people to each other’s sites, growing your community, helping people help each other, etc etc! Collaboration over competition. Really great idea.

    • meg

      Collaboration over competition is the APW way :)

  • we’re using Glo — Taryn is great! highly recommend!

  • congrats on an awesome collaboration. they look fantastic!

  • Just L

    This combines the best of both worlds! Will definitely be taking advantage of this collaboration- great work!

  • Hannah

    LOVE THIS! I’m de-lurking because this collaboration blows my mind and makes me want to sing. We’re using Glo (AWESOME – some of the best money we’ve spent so far!) but have been wanting to dress it up a bit, and then BANG here’s this fantabulous post. Thank you!

  • Thanks everyone for all the (as usual) lovely comments. This collaboration is a testament to the truly amazing community that Meg has created here at APW. Taryn and I have never met, live an ocean apart, yet I knew that as someone who has worked with Meg she had to be ‘good people’ which is, of course, totally the case.

    This project has been a blast, and I hope lots of APW readers benefit from it. Collaboration over competition indeed. Yay everybody!

  • I will “exactly!” Eleanor’s sentiments and am so excited that we could announce this to everyone here on APW. Collaboration over competition is what makes it so much fun.

    Fills me with warm fuzzies to hear such enthusiastic feedback. As always, if anyone has any questions – feel free to email me! taryn {at} glosite {dot} com

  • Love this idea!

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