New Sponsor Introductions & Katie Jane Giveaway Winner!

Hello all! It’s a happy Monday over here, because I get to do two super fun things. One, I get to giveaway totally free wedding photography to a reader who needs it (Eeep!) Two, I get to introduce our excellent new sponsors for the month of March, which should give the married and unmarried among us a little distracting shopping this morning.

Free Wedding Photography – Given Away!

So first of all, I have the honor of getting to giveaway  a full day of free wedding photography, from Katie Jane Photography in New York City, to a reader who needs it (Side note: that picture up there by Katie Jane is our own Zan getting married!). Of course Katie Jane and I wanted to give the photos away to everyone that entered, but we both unanimously picked Jarah (Katie Jane said her heart told her that was her person, and as someone who was married by a lesbian friend in rabbinical school, well… my heart said the same thing.)

Jarah writes: I couldn’t possibly come across a more hope-inspiring giveaway than this one. Katie Jane’s photos are gorgeous the idea that my partner and I could actually afford a professional photographer would be the hugest gift ever. This Jewish lesbian couple is fighting hard to stay practical! I’ve worked with many couples in planning their wedding rituals, but – wow – figuring out how to pull off the rest of the production isn’t something they teach you in rabbinical school! (So that’s why I’ve been addicted to APW for at least 4 months now, even though this is my first post.) Thanks to Katie Jane and APW for a generous offer!

So I can’t WAIT TO SEE PICTURES! Eeeeeep! Jarah, email me ASAP, and we’ll make this happen

New Sponsors – March!

And now, I get to introduce our newest sponsors. Every month it seems impossible to me that we’ll get any more sponsors as fantastic as the ones we have, and every month, like magic, we get new wonderful small business sponsors. So here we go:

Ladies, Favor Jewelry is just stunning. Good for weddings, but also good for every day. I’m a huge fan of the hand made, hand hammered, delicate metal jewlery, and you can expect to see me decked out in Favor Jewelry next time you see me (true). Love.

Lowbrow Events – The powerhouse behind Lowbrow Events is Ang Jandak, community manager of The Offbeat Bride Tribe, so you know she’s good people (plus, I love her!). She’s running my dream wedding planning business these days – she can consult with you (remotely!) so you don’t go crazy, or do day of coordination (she’s in New England, but she travels), or give you more extensive help… for excellent rates. Do it! Do it!

Nomsa – Oh ladies, this shop is full of pretty (and really affordable) handmade things for you and your maids. Like these earrings for $12, or this birdcage veil for $20, or these hair flowers that she recently sold to Anthropologie (eeee!) If you’re looking for pretty, go look already.

Kara Schultz Photography in the Chicago Area – I first heard from Kara when she started sending me love notes to Team Practical, and then when she emailed me over the moon about civil unions in Illinois (in June!) So, I know you’re going to adore her. And her pictures… well… they speak for themselves.

MAB Photography – MAB is a husband wife team (Ashley and Mike) who are committed to building a business and changing the world, a little bit at a time (shouldn’t we all be?) They shoot in Georgia and in Florida, and have great rates and beautiful pictures. Plus, Ashley is a long-long time APW reader, so you’re already on the same page.

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