(An Unexpected) NY September Wedding Giveaway: FedorovFoto

So. I normally work really hard to bring you only two sponsor related posts a week, but this week I sort of fell off the wagon. It was partially the fact that I put sponsored posts on hold for about a month (I needed sanity preparing for a big trip), partially lovely sponsors wanting to end the summer right, and partially too-good-to-pass-up opportunities like this one. Seriously. How could I pass this up? I found out about this yesterday, and was like, “But my editorial calendar… Wait. Screw it.” So forgive me, this once. And read this, married or not, it will make your day.

New sponsor FedorovFoto in New York City (who I haven’t even done a full post on yet, more on that soon) emailed me last night with this amazing amazing photography giveaway. I’m hoping this will find its mark with a couple looking to elope or have a small wedding in New York who hasn’t quite set a date yet, or one who magically has set a date… but can’t afford  a photographer. Seriously ALL of us? FINGERS CROSSED. And now the email:

My wife and I got married on September 20th, 2008.  Because we were on a very tight budget, we decided not to hire a professional photographer and just allow our friends to use my photography equipment and document the wedding that way.  Thanks to tremendous support from numerous friends we had one incredible wedding !!!  (we had a free venue in a huge gorgeous home, a wedding dress donated by a friend, catering provided by my wife’s best friend’s partner who spent 36+ hours cooking for us).  Our only regret is not hiring a wedding photographer, because despite the wonderful memories, it would have been so cool to have a better visual memory.

SO – to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, we would like TWO couples (whose budget did not allow them to hire a photographer) to have a chance to see their wedding years from now in a way that we can’t.  Since our anniversary is on a Monday this year and most people don’t get married on Mondays, we want to give away FREE full day coverage and a DVD of images to one couple getting married on Saturday, September 18th and one couple getting married on Sunday, September 19th (one for each year of our marriage!).  Both my wife and I would shoot the weddings as a celebration of our anniversary.  We are happy to travel anywhere within a 100 miles of where we live (Forest Hills, NY).  Those couples can also have a free engagement shoot with me, provided that they are willing to meet me somewhere in NYC. I realize that the anniversary giveaway is very last minute, but it just hit us that this is something we would like to do to celebrate our 2 years of marriage

Makes you a little teary, right? So… lets make some Team Practical magic happen… NOW! Leave a comment or email me if Alex is describing you, and we’ll put it all together. Magic… go!

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  • Sarah

    Teary is totally the right word.

    Fingers (and toes!) crossed that 2 couples find this soon!

  • How incredibly sweet – oh I really really hope someone can take advantage of such an amazing opportunity!!

    Of course, if they wanted to make it December 19th in Philly – we would gladly throw our hats in the ring!!

    • Claire

      PHILLY WEDDING! Hooray! Congratulations and good luck with everything between then and now!

      Also, how wonderful is the photo in this post? Such joy. So generous of them to offer up this prize.

    • Suzanne – we wish we could celebrate our anniversary for 3 months, but that’s stretching it – haha!!! Wishing you an INCREDIBLE wedding :). Alex

  • Chelsey

    I had to read the dates twice. My wedding is on September 18th and our budget does not allow for a photographer. Both my fiance and I recently graduated from college. He has a job, but I don’t. So our wedding is going to be very down to earth. Which I am not sad about at all until I see wedding photographs. Sadly I am getting married 1200 miles away in Colorado.

    I hope there are two deserving couples that read this!!!

    • Chelsey – You have no idea how much Natalia and I wish you guys were closer!!!! Where in Colorado are you getting married? Colorado is one of my favorite states, have done a lot of hiking there. Our thoughts will be with you on the 18th – I am sure it will be perfect! :). Alex

  • I found Alex on APW a few weeks ago, while browsing around for a photographer. When I found his website, I was 75% sure I wanted to hire him as my photographer. now that I know what a GREAT person he is (and his wife!), I know exactly who I will be hiring for my 2011 wedding. Hope someone can take advantage of his offer!

    • Carly – THANK YOU for your kind words!!! Can’t wait to hear from you ;)…Alex

  • Erica

    That is super-duper nice! Thank-you for being so sweet, FederovFoto! I think that the lucky chosen couples should *for sure* do wedding graduate posts so that we can all admire the loveliness!

  • lor

    love them!

  • Other Katelyn

    I don’t think I can convince my boyfriend to get hitched quite so soon, but WOW – how generous of this photographer!

    • Katelyn – I have the perfect plan. Tell your boyfriend that if you marry on the 18th or 19th YOU will cover the cost of photography. Afterward, its his job ;)!!! Alex

  • Oh, this is the most beautiful gift! My little sister, Kate, is getting married on Sunday September 19 and they have no photographer because of their tight budget. She’s really bummed about it but there really is nothing she could do to make it work. She is a sophomore in college and her fiance’, Joe works for his families small business. They’re just starting out and consequently, are getting married on a shoestring budget. They’ve been dating for over four years and finally decided that they didn’t want to put off being married any longer because of money. I looked into covering their photography charges myself as a surprise but the cost was a little too high for me to handle.

    They managed to find a great deal at the Franklin Park Conservatory which is a beautiful botanical garden center and both the reception and ceremony will be there. The one snag is that they’re getting married in Columbus, Ohio which will likely disqualify us but I saw this beautiful, generous offer and thought I’d at least give it a try for her sake. If there’s any possibility of this working with your schedule then I would gladly pay your travel expenses to make this work.

    This is the best offer I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to help some couples document their day!

    Judy Rainier

    P.S. Meg, I love your blog. It’s helping me through my own wedding plans. Thank you for your work!

    • Lily

      I live in Columbus and the Franklin Park Conservatory is beautiful. I’m sure your sister will have a lovely wedding.

      Have you thought about hiring a student photographer for her? I’m a senior at Columbus College of Art and Design which is right down the street from the conservatory. At CCAD we have a career services department with a website to connect students and alumni with all kinds of jobs. I have seen many people post that they need wedding photographers on the boards. You can name your price and although you would not get an experienced professional photographer you might find someone wanting to add to their portfolio who could help you so that your sister can at least have some pictures. I’d be happy to help but unfortunately I do advertising and graphic design not photography.

    • Hi Judy:

      We would be certainly happy to photograph your sister’s wedding if we can work out the logistics. Can you please contact me so we can see if this is doable :). The suggestion of a student photographer also sounds like a good idea, so if after we talk, if we realize this is not going to work for whatever reason, maybe that would be an alternative :). Can’t wait to hear more about the wedding! Alex (and Natalia)

      • meg

        DO THIS THING YOU GUYS! OH MY GOD! It would take up two days anyway, and it sounds beshert. Keep me in the loop because Iwannaknow.

  • Cortney

    Not in need of a photographer, but holy crap, this is one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen a photographer do! Kudos!

  • Aw man! I’m October 3rd. This is awesome though anyway!!! What a wonderful gift for someone and happy early ANNIVERSAY guys.

  • Already had my wedding but this is such an amazing and generous offer. What a great way to generate awesome karma by giving a gift in celebration of your anniversary!

  • Cara Herbitter

    I have never been on this website before – a friend recommended it to me and something made me sign on late tonight to check it out! Boy am I glad I did. Reading this offer is so inspiring, and the coincidence revealed below makes me feel like someone is watching out for us….regardless of whether we are one of the lucky couples chosen!

    My partner and I got engaged in April, and things have been complicated ever since. We are so in love and thrilled to spend our lives together, but not everyone important to us feels this way. In fact, my father has stopped speaking to me since the engagement. Needless to say, we don’t anticipate any financial support from our parents for this wedding and so our budget is very limited – I work in public health and she just started business school. We have not set a wedding date yet, b/c we are in the process of checking out some free venues. Our wedding plans sounds much like your own, so it’s inspiring to hear that it can be done!

    However, and here’s the kicker, our anniversary is September 18! September 18, 2010 will mark our 5 year anniversary (of our first kiss). We live in NYC and our wedding will be in the area (We are checking out some backyards in Long Island, Yonkers, and CT). If you do not find a second couple getting married on September 18/19, 2010, perhaps you would consider us a close second? We were hoping to get married ~Spring/Summer 2011, but perhaps Sunday September 18, 2011 is the magic date after all?


    • CARA – I accidentally posted a new comment instead of replying to your – please see below…Alex

  • Dear CARA: My wife and I are deeply touched by your story and since she is a musician, same sex marriage is something we feel very strongly about and would love to support and help you guys. This giveaway is for this year, however why don’t we start with a free engagement session as our anniversary gift to you on the morning of Saturday, September 18th 2010 and once you know your wedding plans, we can hopefully figure something out :)? Let me know if you are interested….Alex (and Natalia)

    • Cara

      Dear Alex and Natalia,

      Your generosity is so moving and appreciated! We would be ever so grateful for an engagement photo shoot as our anniversary gift!

      I am Jewish and Saturday, September 18th, 2010 is Yom Kippur, so sadly it wouldn’t work out for us (we plan to celebrate our anniversary before/after the unfortunate fast day overlap….since we usually go out to dinner for our anniversary or cook a meal together!). Sunday, September 19th works fine for us, but sounds like you will hopefully be going to Columbus Ohio that day!
      We are flexible about celebrating our anniversary with an engagement photo shoot at a time that works for you and feels celebratory of your anniversary too! Let us know what you think.

      All the best,
      Cara (and Xiomara)

      • Cara, my September schedule is a little tough, but I am certainly happy to work something out – just get in touch with me by phone or email so we can discuss some possible alternatives :). Thanks! Alex

        • Cara

          Fabulous! Will be in touch via email/phone when my partner and I are together and can look at our calendars.

          All the best,

  • dana

    this is so sweet!

  • Shae

    My fiance and I are both graduate students, so our budget is stretched very, very thin already. We have been planning a January wedding, but are probably going to have to cancel it. My mother just found out she needs to have a series of major abdominal surgeries very soon, and they will put her out of commission for about a year while she has surgery, recovers, has surgery, recovers, and has another surgery and recovers. She is heartbroken at the thought of missing our wedding, and I can’t imagine getting married without her there. In light of her complicated health history and the seriousness of the surgeries in question, my fiance and I are suddenly considering getting married this month in a small ceremony with immediate family and close friends, and having a small reception to follow. September 18/19 might be the weekend after all! I realize it’s been a long time since this was posted, but I thought I’d post a comment in case you haven’t filled a slot yet. It’s situations like this that make you realize how important family is, how precious moments together are, and how delicate our bodies can be. We’re almost neighbors — we live in Astoria! — but the wedding would likely be in Connecticut, where we are from, where most of our family members live, and in support of gay marriage. If this works out, beautiful photos would be such a spectacular way to remember and celebrate this day.

    This is a fantastic offer, and I really commend you for putting it out there, whether you’re all booked up or not! Happy anniversary!

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