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One of the best parts of taking over for Meg during maternity leave has been getting to know some of our sponsors a little better—especially those who have been around for a while but who I haven’t gotten to know personally yet. First, as a fellow sponsor, they are fabulous colleagues. But also, it’s fascinating to learn how each one of them is different, because, well, you guys are all so different, too. (Yay diversity!) All of which is to say that one of the highlights of my week has been getting to know Laura of Pennace Photography in New York City. I’ll cut right to the chase. Guys, she’s awesome.

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Now I don’t want to overlook her obvious talent (we’ll get to that in a minute), but I think it’s worth leading with the fact that Laura is possibly one of the most immediately likable people I’ve met on the internet. Within a few quick email exchanges, I wanted to set up a coffee date with her and pick her brain. I mean, she’s a self-proclaimed nerd, SHE’S A GHOST HUNTER, ahem, and she loves Neil Diamond. I mean, I could honestly stop right there and feel good about this post.

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But what really struck me about Pennace Photography is what Laura had to say about why she loves working with APW couples. It’s so perfect, I actually got a little choked up reading it. She says, “I’m a different breed of photographer and work so well with APW couples. Growing up, it wasn’t easy to be different. I was made fun of for saying the Beatles were my favorite band (imagine that now! Ha!). I was made fun for various things all the way through school. I was never popular, but at least I knew who I was. And I like that APW couples are the same way—marching to the beat of their own drum.” I feel like Laura’s experience applies to so many people who end up at APW, and I love that this is the quality that Laura appreciates most about y’all.

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And the best part is, Pennace Photography takes that appreciation and throws it hard at her work. Listen to this:

I wanted to do wedding photography five years ago. But it’s not like once you decide you want to do something, it just happens magically. I put my whole being into making this something sustainable for myself. I worked a day job, commuted to midtown from Brooklyn, and would stay up until 2 a.m. every night working on my business. I didn’t take a day off for a long, long time. Finally this past summer I came to a point where I realized I simply couldn’t do both anymore (a day job and photography). I was completely drained. I was scared, because I couldn’t let photography go—I just COULDN’T!—but quitting at that point seemed so premature. Even after five years, it seemed premature. I live alone, paying NYC rents, and am completely on my own financially. What if I failed? What would I do?

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So I took a huge, terrifying leap of faith. And I’m so glad I did. I haven’t looked back and am busier than ever. (I’m half-convinced I must be in a coma somewhere, because this seems too good to be true.) I’m not even sure the point I’m trying to make—maybe just that this business is such a huge, important part of me. I don’t take a single moment for granted. My clients are the BEST and I am grateful to be where I am because of them. I’ve fought long and hard to get here and have enough determination to go around the world eight times. THAT’S the kind of attitude I bring to every wedding.

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I mean, if that isn’t reason enough to hire her, I don’t know what is. But for all that I’m raving about the kind of person that Laura is and just how much she appreciates what you guys are able to do for her business (and heck, her life), the real reason to hire Pennace Photography is the photos. Which are stunning. Laura’s portfolio is crisp, colorful, and dramatic, and the personality of her clients shines through every photo. I’m not even sure there’s much more that I can say about it except, seriously, go look.

And with rates starting at $2,800 for full day wedding coverage and $500 for elopements, Pennace Photography might just be New York City’s best-kept secret. Plus, she’s offering a 20% discount to the first three couples who book through this ad. WHAT. Seriously—run, don’t walk, and make that happen.

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So happy Friday, guys. I suggest you enjoy the rest of your afternoon perusing Pennace Photography’s portfolio. I’ll be over here doing the same, feeling nostalgic for New York, and crossing my fingers for the three lucky couples who are going to snatch up all this talent at 20% off.

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