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Have you ever walked into a store like TJ Maxx expecting to leave with nothing to show for it, only to discover a $300 cashmere sweater marked down to $30, and there’s only one left because it’s February and in some states that’s considered spring? Plus it’s in your size! And it’s gorgeous. Well today I’m thrilled to let you know that Angie Gaul of Milestone Images in New York City is a cashmere sweater, and for a limited time this APW sponsor, who also happens to be a photojournalist contracted with the New York mothereffing Times, is offering crazy deals on incredible photography for no other reason than that she loves you and doesn’t want to have to wait until next summer to work with you guys.

So before I jump into why Milestone Images is a cashmere sweater (other than the fact that Angie is a really warm person who makes you feel all cozy and good), let’s just cut to the chase. While most photographers embrace the slower wedding season that comes with Winter, Angie wants to spend that time shooting APW weddings. She told me:

I’ve had a handful of clients book me recently at the last minute, which in the wedding world is anywhere from three weeks to four months in advance. They tell me, “We didn’t think we wanted a photographer, but now we really, really do” or “We were going to have a friend do it, but…” or “We didn’t think we could afford photography but now…” So I am offering a great deal for APW couples who are booking at the “last minute.” My October is booked solid, but I have scattered availability in November 2013, December 2013, January 2014 and February 2014. If you didn’t think you wanted a professional photographer, but you have a sneaking suspicion you’ll regret that, I’m offering 25% off to last minute APW couples getting married in the next four months. If I’m available, I’m yours. For everyone else, I’m booking well into 2015. You can save 20% if you book by October 19th.

Which means that if you’re getting married in the next four months you can hire Angie for:

  • Six Hours = $2,800 $2,100
  • Eight Hours + Engagement Session = $3,600 $2,700
  • Ten Hours + Engagement Session + Album = $4,800 $3,600

Did you hear that? Twenty-five percent off! And Angie isn’t exactly an up-and-coming wedding photographer trying to build her portfolio. In addition to—did I already mention?—being contracted by the New York Times, Angie has over 150 weddings under her belt. And her work shows the best skills a photojournalist has to offer.

What I appreciate most about Milestone Images is that Angie really values the investment you put into hiring her for your wedding. She knows that you’re not just running down some Kn*t checklist, making sure you have the best of everything the WIC tells you that you need. She respects the amount of time and care you put into choosing your wedding vendors, and in return she puts the same kind of care into her work. But I’m just going to let Angie tell you about that (and dare you to not fall in love with her when she does):

I was raised with the philosophy that after basic needs like food, shelter, water, and education are met, money is primarily for people—helping those with less, yes, but also staying connected with friends and family. I was taught that money is secondarily for experiences, and then for things. So for instance, this past weekend I just spent about a chunk of change on airfare, hotels, and a rental car to go to a wedding clear across the country for “the neighbor boy” who has been like my brother since I was five. In that case, I was spending the money to be there for him, for his bride, and with the friends and family who also attended, but then to have an experience, which was travel to somewhere new.

Our wedding planning was similar. My husband and I were extremely lucky and blessed to have generous assistance with our wedding. I had no idea that my mom had been squirreling away a wedding fund for my sister and me since we were very little girls. It was humbling, an amazing gift. We didn’t have ice sculptures or a live band (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). I DIYed a lot. I did not wear Vera Wang. We chose to invest that generous wedding help into the people first—paying for hotel rooms for my best friend who lives in London (getting married next summer! Can’t wait!) and others who came from far away, like my co-workers who drove to my tourist destination hometown in East Bumbleburg, Nowhere (Amish Country FTW!) at the height of the summer travel season. We spent money on giving people gift cards for gas.

I joked that my wedding theme was “comfort and inclusion.” Our biggest expense after feeding everyone (I’m an Italian-American who married into culturally Jewish family; we gotta feed people! Our mothers have it culturally ingrained in them that the people! Must! Be fed!) was renting an air-conditioning unit for an outdoor tent in August because we wanted people to be comfortable. We had six people at our wedding who use wheelchairs, and regulating their body temperature isn’t the easiest thing for some of them, so we spent a big chunk of change (more than on flowers, favors, cake, and music combined) on climate control. I was far more concerned with the convenience of electrical outlets for people who need supportive breathing assistance than I was with floral arrangements. Of course, we knew some people would be cold in the air-conditioning, so I spent money on a basket of pashminas and flip flops. Pashminas in August! They were a hot item, too.

Because we prioritized our spending on people, then on experiences, we really wanted to have documentation of every person who came and the celebration that ensued. We wanted to work with a photographer who really clicked with us as well. I try to be the kind of vendor that I wanted to work with—someone who provides a great client care experience, connects with her subjects on a personal level, and then works her creative ass off. The people who choose to hire me know that I will document every single person at that wedding whenever humanly possible, not just in a posed photo off the shot list, but in a genuine moment wiping away a tear or rocking out on the dance floor or in a spontaneous group hug. I kind of love receiving lines because it’s a chance for me to shoot the bride and groom in a warm moment with everyone who came. My camera smells like burning plastic and my hand cramps into what I affectionately call “The Claw” after an emotional receiving line!

Every once in a while I hear stories about wedding photographers who reach the top of their game, and are suddenly no longer interested in photographing the things that make weddings magical (like your family and friends). But with Milestone Images, you’re getting someone who is committed to making sure you get the absolute most out of your wedding dollars (and then some.) So don’t wait, folks. There are only so many weeks between now and February, and when they are gone, they are gone! (Or if you’re getting married at a later date, don’t forget you can still get 20% off if you book Angie by October 19th). Make that magic, y’all.

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  • Having worked with Angie a few times, I can say, without a doubt, all of the above is so true! (Though I’d go with likening her to a $400 pair of amazing leather boots instead of a cashmere sweater….LOL).

    In all seriousness, when a couple has booked with Angie, I get so happy – first because that couple is going to have amazing photos, and second because I know there is one less vendor that I need to worry about managing. Angie knows her couples, knows what they like, and knows how to do her job (damn well). Also – 25% off?!?! HELLO! I’m thinking of renewing my vows just to get in on that action!

  • gwen

    What Angie says about documenting every person at the wedding is totally true — it was something that was really important to my mom, to have a photo of every person who was there, even though our wedding was 150+ people. I’m sure it was a complete pain for Angie, but she did it!

    We couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos… three years later, we still find little moments and people in the images we didn’t notice at first. She really captured how it FELT to be there and not just what it looked like.

    Book her! You won’t be sorry.