Roundup: Non-Traditional Wedding Bands Exclusively From

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

With all the love that engagement rings get, the humble wedding band is something of a wedding underdog. Less expensive than their engagement ring counterparts, wedding bands are seldom championed by the Wedding Industrial Complex the way engagement rings are. And yet, there’s a part of me that thinks it’s for this reason wedding bands are even more special than engagement rings. Less sexy, maybe. But special in the way that your first car is special. It becomes part of your history, part of what defines you and the story of your relationship. (So I’m sentimental. Sue me.)

And that’s exactly why I was so excited when longtime APW sponsor emailed me to tell me about the work they’ve put into their new wedding bands. Not only are these rings OMGSOPRETTY, all of the bands you see below were designed by’s founder Adrianne, and nearly all of them (everything except the hammered bands) were created in-house, imbued with the care that goes into making something from hand.

You know how we feel about supporting independent artists here at APW. But if we can support artists and give you guys access to pretty things that mean something? Double win. And for those of you in the market for a wedding band that can stand on its own without an engagement ring? I think you’ve met your match.

There are a ton more bands over on the website (like this laurel leaf one, holy smokes.) But below you’ll find a selection of Adrianne’s favorites, and new exclusives that you can only get on Happy shopping, y’all.


Gold Bands: 1. Wide Gold Branch Wedding Band ($1060) 2. Wide Gold Rustic Wedding Band ($910) 3.  Narrow Gold Branch Wedding Band ($490) 4. Narrow Gold Rustic Wedding Band ($295)

Silver Bands: 1. Wide Rain Wedding Band ($195) 2. Wide River Wedding Band ($225) 3.  Narrow Satin Silver Wedding Band ($125) 4. Narrow Rustic Wedding Band ($100) 5. Narrow Branch Wedding Band ($125) 6. Wide Branch Wedding Band ($215) 

Silver Bands: 1. Never Ending Knot Wedding Band Narrow ($200) 2. Never Ending Knot Wedding Band in White Gold ($1145) 3.  Tree of Life Narrow Wedding Ring ($175) 4. Tree of Life Wedding Band in White Gold ($685)

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  • meg

    Waaaiiiiitttt. HOLD THE PHONE. Adrianne designs wedding bands?????????

    Mind. Blown.

  • Kaybee

    That laurel-leaf ring is gorgeous!

    I personally have fallen in love with J. Lingnau’s Nora ring in white gold (which is available on catbird as well):

    The only problem is, my engagement ring is platinum, and I’ve heard from others that the harder platinum might rub and wear down the softer white gold, or that white gold can yellow over the years and will look weird next to platinum. Wearing them on different hands is always an option, but I think I’d rather wear my engagement and wedding rings together. Has anyone else tried a platinum/white gold combo and regretted it? Alternately, has anyone come across a similar ring to the Nora that might come in platinum?

    • Jade

      I’d check I know I’ve seen similar rings there and most have the option to change metals. Verry pretty by the way.

      • Kaybee

        Good idea, thanks!

    • Caroline

      No idea. I’m also struggling with the (freaking beautiful!) platinum engagement ring vs gold band problem. I love love love my platinum, family heirloom engagement ring. I also really love the look of just a wedding band, no engagement ring. The problem is, the ring I would want if I wear my engagement ring regularly is not the ring I would want if I didn’t. I suspect at first I may wear my engagement ring regularly, then maybe just for special occasions, but I’m not really sure, as, as I said, I adore it.

      With my ring, I think a platinum (or palladium, the jeweler said it is less expensive but very similar and they will wear similarly and not destroy each other), very thin (2 mm) plain band.
      By itself, I like a thicker, maybe 3 or 4 mm, plain gold band.

      I have no idea which ring to get.

      • Alison O

        One thing I’m considering is wearing my engagement ring (if I get one…I’m not engaged or married) on my right hand and the band on my left, since I like the way a band looks alone.

        • Caroline

          That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, my hands are wildly different sizes. My engagement ring fits perfectly on my left hand ring finger, and barely fits on my right hand pinky. It’s not even close to wearable on my right ring finger. (And it’s a fragile family heirloom which can’t be resized.)

          • dawn

            I don’t know how fragile your family heirloom antique engagement ring is, but, as someone with a very fragile one myself, I don’t recommend planning to frequently wear something fragile that you care about.

            I would get a wedding band that you are happy wearing by itself, or get an “everyday” engagement ring that goes with a smaller band.

        • This is what I do!

      • Kaybee

        Tough choice! Would you consider wearing the engagement ring on one hand and the wedding band on another? That way, you have the freedom to wear the heirloom engagement ring as often or not often as you want, while still being able to get the wedding ring you love.

        • Caroline

          I totally would consider it but my hands are wildly different sizes and the engagement ring which fits perfectly on the left BARELY fits on my right pinky, much less ring finger. And it can’t be resized that much due to the setting. I’m inclined to go with a ring that goes with the engagement ring (because it IS super lovely), and maybe I can find a thicker ring that still doesn’t overwhelm the delicacy of the engagement ring. (It’s a much narrower band and a bit smaller and more delicate but otherwise very similar ring to this:

          • Lindsey d.

            Ooh, beautiful… Would it be crazy to consider TWO wedding bands? One to go with the engagement ring and one for when you wear a band solo? If the cost isn’t practical, consider the matching band now while you are regularly wearing the engagement ring, then get another band for an anniversary down the road…

          • I agree with Lindsey below, get two rings (whether at the same time or one-now-one-later)! Elisabeth had a great post a while back which, while specifically about her engagement ring, I think could apply here (and definitely the comments discussed wedding bands).

            “…now, I sort of love the idea of getting a new ring every few years, as my tastes shift. [T]his [ring] is one thing, but it’s not everything. Besides, it is damn near impossible for a piece of jewelry to symbolize every summer vacation ever.”

    • Lindsey d.

      I’ve heard the same thing, but with the additional information that it can take about 30 years to create any significant wear. Your marriage with hopefully last longer than that, but you can also get a new band or diamond ring in that time. (My grandmother had three wedding rings during her 50+ year marriage to my grandfather).

      • Breck

        I like your grandmother’s style.

  • Martha

    ooooooooooooo, I love the silver tree of life bands! Want x 1,000

    Which gives me an idea – can there be a “like” or “want” button just to the post?

  • Carisa

    I also reccomend Puzzel rings (they look like #2 in the silver but actually come apart!) This site makes really classy ones and are a small shop out of Santa Fe, NM. It is what I will be getting for my wedding band.

  • Molly

    I for one am in love with most of Turtle Love Co’s stuff. I was going to get my engagement ring from them but my fiancé wanted me to be able to try the ring on/see it in person before he bought it. I am thinking I’ll get my wedding ring from there, but I need it to be white gold. I would be worried about putting silver next to my white gold engagement ring…

  • I’m a sucker for anything gold and earthy, so I’m dying over these gold bands. We aren’t planning to do wedding bands but…damnit, now I’m reconsidering.

  • Clare P.

    I love Turtle Love’s rings! We got the narrow branch band for me and the wide river band for my fiance, both in silver, and they are just lovely, can’t wait to wear mine every day. The river band is especially nice — it is wider than most lady’s rings but not so wide as many men’s rings. Thus it is nice for men with more slender hands. And it has a nice weight to it.

  • I already have engagement and wedding rings, but that tree of life one is making me rethink my choices! Gorgeous!

  • Samantha Burn-Harris

    We made wedding bands for each other, together with a family-friend goldsmith. We spent a whole day blow-torching and soldering and hammering and polishing each other’s rings, and it was hands-down the best day of the whole wedding-planning process!

    Our wedding rings are plain yellow gold bands, but every time I look down at mine, I think of the intense look of concentration on my husband’s face as he put the finishing touches to the ring, and I feel the same gush of almost-married excitement and joy and love as I felt on that day!