Oakland Bakes adds Gluten Free Cakes + More Sweets

Wedding cake for breakast!

Oakland Bakes is one of those where-were-they-when-we-were-wedding-planning Bay Area businesses. They’re a dream company: they focus on baking all organic cakes (they call them farm to oven cakes), and they even create their own dyes from flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Kelsi and Brittany are the power house duo behind the cakes, and their resumes are super impressive. Plus: they may bake the most delicious cakes I’ve ever had. Seriously. The last wedding I was at had an Oakland Bakes cake, and I “helped out” by “taking it home”, and then I proceeded to make myself ill from the nonstop eating of it. BUT IT WAS WORTH EVERY BITE. Je ne regrette rien, is what I’m saying.

All that is great, but before you tune out and start crying: Oakland Bakes is also dedicated to working with a wide range of budgets, which means they actually bake cakes you can afford.


One of the APW team’s favorite things is when one of our amazing sponsors is able to expand their business (often thanks to you guys), and in so doing totally up their game. Because lets be for real—APW sponsors are unified in trying to improve the (often dated and sub-par) practices of the wedding industry, so when they expand their business, it means nothing but awesome. Oakland Bakes is in the process of doing just that. First, they’re introducing a gluten-free chocolate cake option. As someone who did some time in the gluten-free trenches, this makes me want to kiss them on the mouth. Plus! They’re introducing a variety of baked sweets, which means if you want to have a desert buffet (<— really good idea) you totally can.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cakes

We’re super excited to announce that we now have a gluten-free chocolate cake option. Our clients like it just as much as our classic chocolate cake, so we’ve made it really easy to accommodate GF dietary needs for just a few guests (or all of them) without anyone noticing the difference. All of our frostings and fillings are naturally gluten free, so the possibilities for your dream GF chocolate cake are endless!

A Variety of Baked Sweets

We’ve also expanded the baked sweets that we offer. If you love the idea of providing a dessert buffet at your wedding instead of just a cake, you can now order fruit pies, tarts, cookies, and candies through Oakland Bakes. We still make all of our desserts with the finest quality organic ingredients and the best farm-fresh local and organic produce available, of course. So now you can have your cake and eat everything else, too! Readers can contact us directly for information regarding what sorts of produce will be likely be available during each month of the year.

Organic (Super Delicious!) Cakes

Even though Kelsi and Brittany are expanding their business in awesome ways, they’re staying true to their farm-to-table organic cake mission. They remain steadfastly dedicated to using Bay Area organic fresh produce and dairy, high quality organic dry ingredients, natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and flowers to add color, and  absolutely zero fondant (because it tastes gross). If it’s not organic, or if it contains weird additives, stabilizers, or chemicals, it’s not going into the cake they make for you. (Check out their information on cake flavors by season… mmmm…)

Prices You Can Afford

It’s not just that Oakland Bakes makes affordable cakes. (Anyone priced a wedding cake to find out they all cost four figures, and then pondered fainting?) It’s that Kelsi and Brittany are dedicated to working with a wide range of budgets. They say:

Our number one priority is ensuring that our clients have the most delicious and naturally beautiful cake possible without breaking the bank. We actively believe that great food should be accessible to everyone, regardless of what their budget is, so we’re always willing to work with our clients to make sure they get the cake they want at a price that won’t turn them off of cake for the rest of their lives. Our tiered wedding and event cakes start at $7.25 per serving, with the price increasing based upon the intricacy of the cake’s design. Side cakes are $5 per serving. To put this into perspective, let’s say that you’re expecting 100 guests at your wedding and you’re working on a budget, but you still really want that three tiered cake. You can purchase a three tiered cake that provides 48 servings for $348 and a monster of a side cake that provides another 55 servings for $275. Boom—you’re out the door at under $650. On a broader spectrum, our tiered cakes range from $166.76 for our smallest two tiered cake (23 servings) to $819.25 for our largest four tiered cake (113 servings). Our delivery fee is based on the distance we have to travel with the cake within the greater Bay Area, but it also includes the added comfort of knowing professionals delivered your cake safely and, if you want, decorated your cake with fresh flowers on-site at no extra charge. We even helped put together a bride’s bouquet once when her florist forgot to. We’re just handy like that.


Thanks, APW-ers (for being awesome)

And finally, Kelsi and Brittany just want to offer a word of thanks to you guys, who have helped grow their business, while making it  a joy. Read on, for complements:

We are getting so spoiled by working with APW couples! They are some of the most down-to-earth, genuine, and creative people we’ve had the good fortune to work with. APW’s readers are so encouraging and aligned with our aims as an artisan small business: they care about where their food comes from, that it tastes fresh and delicious, and that it’s absolutely unique and beautiful, of course. We’re always incredibly excited to meet the people who find us on APW because we know that they’ll inspire us to up our game, get inventive, and create a gorgeous cake that neither they nor we will ever forget. At Oakland Bakes we relish the opportunity to really think outside of the (cake) box, and APW clients challenge us to do that. We’re always so honored to have been invited to participate in such an important day.

Is anyone else suddenly really hungry for cake? Since you’d be a fool not to order your cake with Oakland Bakes (and get in touch now, to reserve your date), maybe you’ll take us on your cake tasting?


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  • Anya

    I was privileged to have Oakland Bakes make the cake for my wedding. let me tell you: THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. I’m an avid amateur baker, and before I found Oakland Bakes, I basically resigned myself either to break the bank with my cake order (who needs shoes? I can go barefoot, right?) or to settle for unoriginal, uninspired boring cakes. And then we met Oakland bakes!

    I mean it, guys: For about half the price of what we were looking with other bakeries, we got a chocolate cake filled with cardamom-infused whipped cream and strawberries, frosted with their delicious buttercream frosting. HOW GOOD DOES THAT SOUND? It tasted better than it sounded. It was amazing. And this is not just the starry-eyed bride talking.

    At our venue, they reserved enough small plates to give everyone in attendance one slice, as we were told that at least 1/3 of the people will pass on dessert (what’s wrong with those people?). They had to keep washing the plates and slicing the cake because people would come back for more. We ordered for 110 people, had only 85 at the wedding, and somehow ended up using 100 plates!!!! To this day, six months later, I get comments about the amazing cake and where they can get more.

    Seriously, book Oakland bakes. They are amazing. Also, did I mention that booking, contracts, designing was all a breeze with Kelsi and Brittany?

    The end. I can’t wait until 1 year anniversary because we still have the top layer frozen. And every time I open the freezer, I want to eat it. Only 5 months to go… mmhmm.

    • Anya! You’re amazing! Getting this kind of positive feedback means so much to us. Thank you thank you thank!

      • Anya

        You guys deserve all the praise. Thank you for being amazing.

    • Beth R

      We couldn’t wait the full year to eat our leftover cake, so we’ll just have to order a fresh one when our anniversary rolls around. I know. Darn.

      • Anya

        That’s difficult, Beth. I’m so sorry that you’ll have to sacrifice so much. :P What was your flavor?

  • Jessica Nelson

    Was it just a happy coincidence that this post ran during “hungry for it” month? Because I am definitely hungry for these cakes!

    • Meg Keene


  • boardersarita

    Yay that last cake photo is the cake from my wedding!!! And in fact, it was a gluten free chocolate nib cake, with buttercream frosting, and it was AMAZING! I loved working with these ladies, and I loved their cake so much. It was really fun seeing my cake on there from our SEptember wedding!