November Weddings and Anniversaries

We’ve had an intense week of discussion on APW. We’ve discussed second weddings, second weddings and loss, painful sex, and careers and relationships… and we’ve basked in the glee of the newest APW staff member Maddie, along with a crazy foggy beautiful wedding. So I’m thrilled to end the week with November Weddings and Anniversaries. Let’s send huge love at the couples getting hitched and remember what it’s all about with the anniversaries. Yay community!


Ruth and Tom, November 4th, 2011

Annie and Walt, November 5th, 2011; Blog: Nick and Nora Getting Married

Ben and Meg, November 9th, 2011

Nadine and Hunter, November 10th, 2011; Blog: Fox and Toad Design

Adria and Avi, November 12th, 2011; Blog: Meandering Ramblings…

Sophia (Denzi) and Tom, November 12th, 2011; Twitter: @sophiaplans

Hilary and Bob, November 19th, 2011; Twitter: @hcwoodward

Owen and Leigh Ann, November 19th, 2011 (Editors note: Congratulations from me you two!!)

Aimee and Dave, November 26th, 2011; Blog: The Honeymoon Diaries

Ashley and Courtnee, November 26th, 2011

And Anniversaries:

Mel and Ray, November 7th, 2009; Blog: Cupcake Friday Project

Cate and Nathaniel, November 8th, 2009; Blog: Project Subrosa; Twitter: @catesubrosa

Brett and Lisa (Giggles), November 14th, 2009; Blog: Random Giggles

Chet and Nicole, November 21st, 2009; Blog: Colie’s Place

Amelia and Mark, November 6th, 2010; Blog: Rantings of a Basket Case

Becky and Carrie, November 6th, 2010; Blog: And the Next Day; Twitter: @duhbeckster

Caitlin and Jeff R., November 6th, 2010; Blog: Engineer Baker; Twitter: @engineerbaker

Anna and Bean, November 27th, 2010; Blog: anna and the ring; Twitter: @annaandthering

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  • aww yay! happy anniversary all you awesome people! and best of wedding zen and contentment on upcoming weddings <3

  • I took that picture of Brett and Lisa/Giggles! Hooray! Happy anniversary and wedding day everyone!

    • We’ve gotten a lot of use out of that photo!

  • Eeee. It’s me and if you’ll still have it I do have a graduate post coming – a year later.

    Happy weddings and anniversaries wonderful November people.

    • Oooh!! Send it in! Looking forward to reading it!

    • Alyssa

      If she’ll still have it….MEG! Do you hear this crazy talk coming from this woman?!?

      • meg

        I’ve told her yes a thousand times. Throwing it to you guys.

    • Maggie

      Every time I see that photo of you and Bean, it makes me smile. Love.

    • Dont worry Anna, I’m still trying to write mine a year later too… I’ve thrown out at least 5 attempts!

  • Yay! Happy wedding days and anniversaries to everyone!

  • amigacara

    Yay we’re getting married November 26th, too!! So sooooon!

  • Aaaah I’m November 26th too. So close now, a little scary but very exciting!!

  • Some of my favorite wedding graduates in this bunch. Love.

    Congratulations and heaps of wedding zen to the soon to be married couples! Congratulations and heaps of strong marriage wishes to the couples celebrating anniversaries!

  • Yay November weddings!!!!!

    Many blessings to the upcoming brides!!!!

    P.S. I totally forgot to send mine in so I’ll just rock it out in the comments.

    S and B, November 6, 2009.

    • Me too…
      Bridey & Owen, 27 November 2010

      Congrats to all other November couples!

    • Woohoo, another Nov 6th-er! Pretty darned good date to be married on :)

    • Yay for another November 6 anniversary :)

      I still cant quite believe its been nearly a year – we’ve only just put wedding photos up around the house in the last few weeks!

      • It took us a year to put a frame a wedding photo of the two of us to display in a lovely frame that was gifted to us. Then it took another year to put up additional photos around the house. . .

  • Yay Adria!!!!

    • Yay Lauren! (For finding this page, sending me the link, and changing my wedding planning life for the better!)

      I’m so excited to get to the flip side…11 more days!

  • Me too me too me too! We’re getting married on November 5.
    Congratulations to all the other November weddings and anniversaries!

  • Oh my gosh, it’s almost November! Excitement!

    Lots of love to the other November couples.

  • Congratulations to everyone, the brides-to-be yet and to all those celebrating anniversaries. Happiness and joy to everyone.

  • Hils

    Weird to see our names up there, all official. I guess this means we’re actually getting married! (And I guess I should get used to it…)

  • I was wondering why my blog was getting so many hits today. This explains it.

    Is it strange that two years can feel like a blink of an eye and an entire life time all in the same moment?

  • Confetti & smiles to all our happy November couples~

  • *cheers* to all of the new and continuing marriages. Hope the celebrations are keeping you all warm and fuzzy inside!

  • I love looking at these! Best wishes to all the marrieds and soon-to-be’s!*

  • Denzi

    Oh god NOW it’s real. (If I’m in the APW Weddings and Anniversaries post, we must actually be getting married. O.o )

  • Leigh Ann

    Thanks for the congrats, Meg! Our wedding is actually the 11th, though. We’ll miss you!