October Weddings and Anniversaries

Just yesterday I was talking on Twitter about the ways the APW community has grown (and grown and grown) in the past years. It’s been overwhelming (hello: 575 comments and counting on the most recent name change post) and amazing (see the same 575 comments). And I, for one, am profoundly grateful for it. So today I’m delighted to share with you October weddings and anniversaries, put together by our devoted columns editor Alyssa. I’d say that some of my very favorite people are in this post, but I say that every month. The truth is, some of my very favorite people in the world hang out on this blog, because I’m deeply blessed. And hey! I’m a bridesmaid in one of this month’s weddings (eeeeeee!) more on that later…

Upcoming Weddings:

Anna and Mike, October 1st, 2011

Bridget and Matt, October 1st, 2011

Liz K. and Tom B., October 1st, 2011

Rose and Phil, October 1st, 2011

AJ and Thomas,  October 7th, 2011;  Blog: Caulk and Crinolines

Brooke and Brian (Army Boy), October 7th, 2011;  Blog: Txting Mr. Darcy, Twitter: @txtingmrdarcy

Ellen and Nate,  October 8th, 2011

Kathleen and Darron, October 8th, 2011

Sandy and Michael, October 8th, 2011;  Blog: Lilpets

Stephanie and Jake, October 8th, 2011

Carolyn and David, October 15th, 2011;  Twitter: @CarolynEll

Emilia and Bryan, October 15th, 2011

Hannah and Lee, October 15th, 2011;  Blog: love always, hannah

Jessi and Michael, October 15th, 2011;  Twitter: @missadderall

Kacie and Casey October 15th, 2011;  Twitter: @KacieDesmond

Lindsey and Brian, October 15th, 2011

Mary and Kepa, October 15th, 2011;  Blog: A Merry Wife

Rochelle and Joel, October 15th, 2011

Steve and Kristine, October 15th, 2011;  Blog: Makings of a Nurse

Lacey and Ric, October 22, 2011

Danielle V. and Jon S., October 22nd, 2011

Melissa and Trey, October 22nd, 2011;  Blog: Maryland Mel, Twitter: @marylandmel

Upcoming Anniversaries:

Michelle and Ian, October 31st, 2000

Ashley and Stu, October 18th, 2008;  Blog: Redonkulous Runner

Stephanie and Adam,  October 18, 2008;  Blog: Not So Little Things, Photo by Lindsay Docherty

Charise and Ryan, October 3rd, 2009;  Blog: more bread and cheese, please!

Amy* and Stephen,  October 10th, 2009;  Blog: Army Amy*, Photo by Hansel Dobbs

Jeff and CaraOctober 10th, 2009

Mary and Opie, October 10th, 2009;  Blog: Mary Cyrus Photography

Fiona and Rasmus, October 11th 2009;  Blog: far,far away, Photo by Andy Rous

Liz and JoshOctober 11th, 2009;  Blog: happy sighs, Twitter: @quirkyliz

Chris and Jo, October 17th, 2009;  Blog: Living: Lost and Found

Jenny and S., October 17th, 2009;  Blog: Adventures Along the Way, Photo by Michel Elie

Michelle and Adam, October 24th, 2009;  Blog: Hey Babe Studio

Colleen and Jason, October 24th, 2009

Alia and Brad, October 2nd, 2010;  Blog: straight up, what did you hope to learn about here

Katy and Sean,  October 2nd, 2010

Shelly and Ross, October 2nd, 2010

Ange and Dave (aka D’Angelique), October 3rd, 2010

Ashley S. and Tim R., October 9th, 2010;  Blog: Small Strokes

Katie Jane and John, October 9th, 2010;  Blog: Katie Jane Photography (APW sponsor!)

Brian and Joselle, October 10th, 2010;  Blog: Mutual Menu, Photo: by NylaGray Photography

Krista H and Sam B, October 10th, 2010;  Blog: Sam & Krista

Kristy and DJ, October 10th, 2010;  Blog: The Coffee Girl, Twitter: @klovescoffee

Sherisa D and Dennis de Groot, October 10th, 2010;  Blog: L’elephant Rose

Victoria and Brian Murphy, October 10th, 2010

Deena and Ben, 10.10.10 (or 42, in binary);  Blog: ducksandbooks, Photo by: Kokoro Photography

Genevieve and Brandon, October 23rd, 2010; Blog: Cooking With Awesome

Kit and Katie, October 23rd, 2010

Aiyana and Stuart, October 30th, 2010

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  • april

    Congrats to everyone! Oh, and me and my husband’s anniversary on the 10th of October! (April & Thomas 10-10-09) Thanks! :-)

    • Yay happy anniversary to everyone indeed! Our first anniversary is 10-10 also! :)

  • yay! I cannot believe my wedding is in three weeks… and I’m in great company this month!

  • Yea!! So excited for everyone getting married this month and so happy for everyone celebrating their kick-azz marriages this month! These pots always fill me with over flowing love and joy!

  • Oh my gosh! I can’t believe our names are finally on here. I’m so excited.

    Congrats to everyone else getting married or celebrating an anniversary. :)

  • Jo

    While I appreciate the fact that you’re including us so thoroughly, we are in there twice! I must look really different next to a boogie board than I do kissing my husband. :)

    • haha bonus! happy anniversary x 2! :)

    • LADY! No fairs sending me two separate emails, I am easily confused and that’s just setting me up for failure…

      We had the Sarah and Jon vs. Sarah and Jonathan in August on the same day, so I thought we had a Jo and Chris and Joanna and Chris…

      • Fixed! Evidence of my shame is eliminated… :-)

      • Jo

        Did I!? So sorry. Although it’s fun to think about having an alternate version of me out there somewhere… just haven’t found her yet.

  • YAY! I am so excited for Lacey and Ric’s wedding I can’t stand it.

  • Best wishes to the soon-to-be newlyweds, and happy anniversary to each and every couple celebrating one this month! Seeing all these names and photos always makes me feel warm-fuzzies about the community here. :)

  • yep every month this gets more amazing as I see faces I Know (or just feel like I know, from twitter and comments). so Excited for the upcoming weddings, and congrats to all of you celebrating anniversaries! <3 <3

  • These posts are hands down my favorite. Congratulations everyone!

  • October is the best month to get married ;) <3
    Congratulations, everybody!

    • Ashley B

      Glad to hear it! My wedding is next October 13th :-)

  • Happy wedding and anniversary to all!

  • Congratulations to those getting married or celebrating anniversaries! Lovely stuff!

  • Happy Anniversary to All, and good luck to this month’s brides!! We’re at the finish line, WOO!!

  • kayakgirl73

    Oops. Forgot to send mine in. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with vacations, home improvement projects etc. My Anniversary was 10/31/2009.

    Congrats everyone.

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  • Congratulations and lots of love to all the October couples!

  • Oh man, I completely forgot that we’d be in this post this month. What a nice surprise. So nice to see so many others that share our awesome anniversary. I can’t get over the fact that it’s almost been a year. Happy wedding month & anniversary to everyone! Yay, October!

  • Congrats everyone! What a nice thing to see one of my wedding pictures in this post! Alyssa – I know it probably takes a while to put this together, but it means so much that we are all recognized on the blog. So, Thank you!! You Rock!

  • Big hugs & Champagne Cheers to all the soon-to-be married & anniversary couples~

  • liz

    yay! happy anniversary to us all, and to all a good night!


  • I always forget about these!!

    Happy anniversary and/or wedding wishes to all of you. I’m taking it upon myself to raise my glass in a toast.


  • Happy anniversary to my fellow October peeps & best wishes to all those with an upcoming wedding!*

  • Alia

    Yay, it’s so exciting to see our picture up here! Happy anniversary to all the other October couples, and best wishes to those getting married this month!

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  • Katy C.

    Yay!! I was so looking forward to having our picture on here.

    Oh man. I’m so happy I found this site. One year post-wedding, I’m still reading and even more excited to be part of the community. APW was valuable during wedding planning, but it’s even more valuable after the wedding (ya know, during the actual marriage part). Happy Anniversary everyone!

  • Alyssa, I too must reiterate thanks for putting this monthly post together. It’s so awesome and I just showed my husband our picture here. Thank you. Congratulations to the other Octoberversarries and best wishes to the upcoming newlyweds!

  • Sarah

    Good luck to all this month’s couples, and congratulations everyone!

  • Awesome weddings ! Congratulations to all newlyweds, best wishes to all of you ! All pics are so nice.

  • Maria Paz

    Yay! I’m getting married Oct 22, too! <3

  • Kimikaze

    Eee! I’m getting married in 5 days too – Will and Kimmy on October 9th

    5 days! Holy wow! Congrats to all the other lucky ladies and lads too :)

  • Got married October 1st to my awesome husband, Michael. Haven’t read any wedding blogs in weeks (including this one) so I didn’t get our date on this list. Thanks much to this awesome community for inspiration leading up to the wedding.