How To Order From A Printable Press

Plus win 100 printed invitations and RSVPs!

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

If you’ve been reading APW for a while, you’ll know that I can’t get enough of A Printable Press. For those of you who are newer here, let me explain why: Kimi, the founder of A Printable Press believes that good design and affordable design shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive. A Printable Press’s motto is the John Muir as saying “Everyone needs beauty as well as bread.” They believe in affordable art for your wedding. And that it should be EASY, and that you should have options.

How To Order From A Printable Press

1. Decide what you want to order.
What are you looking for? A Printable Press is carrying a wealth of new products these days, from photo save the dates to bold floral wedding invitations, to beautiful baby announcements. If you’re shopping for your wedding start with their Save The Date cards, then look at their wedding invitations, then browse their response cards, directions cards, and even accessories. Speaking of accessories, their belly bands are the best, and this Kindred Spirits belly band slays me.

2. Choose your style.
Classic calligraphy? Hand drawnWhimsical? Watercolor? Travel inspired? A Printable Press does it all and so much more. Kimi is such a versatile and experienced designer (interesting side note: she has her MFA in painting, and also works as a book cover designer) that you can get almost any style you want with A Printable Press.

3. Printable or Printed?
A Printable Press was one of the very first companies to offer digital PDFs that you can print however you want, in whatever quantities you want—at home, at a copy shop, with a professional print shop, you name it. But these days, you can order printed invitations directly from Printable Press, on beautiful textured cardstock, with gorgeous vibrant colors. Both options? SUPER AFFORDABLE. you can buy personalized printable PDFs of the invitation for just $79. Or, if you order printed invitations for your wedding of 100 people (Pro tip: you only tend to need about 50 invites for a wedding with 100 guests, because couples and families only get one), your price will be $127 for the invitations and envelopes. I’m  a huge fan of at home printing (we did a tutorial on it here). But having ordered printed goods from APP, I can tell you the printing quality is stunning, and at that price, my lazy girl heart is going to win every time.

4. Order and presto, beautiful stationery.
Yup. It really is that easy. Within a few days of ordering you’ll have your digital proof, and Printable files are ready in just one business day after approval. Printed cards are processed in 72 hours and then winged out to you by your chosen shipping method. You’re welcome, internet.

So if you’ve been sweating your wedding invitations, wondering how you’re going to be able to afford something beautiful that also feels like you, look no further.

My Embarrassing Wedding Invitation Story

Let me end with a story that contains some facts I probably shouldn’t admit. When we—well, I, this part is all me—were planning our wedding, I came up with our budget number, and then took a post it, and just did a rough breakdown of what things were going to cost. I stuck that post it by my computer in my cubicle, and periodically pulled it out to consult. Erm, this isn’t exactly the best way to budget for anything major. And erm, I haven’t exactly stopped this habit, as I still have budget post-its lying around. The reason I’m bringing up this story today is to admit that I… didn’t budget anything for invitations on that original wedding budget post-it. Invitations just seemed manageable to me. Unlike wedding photography, or food for 100 people, how much could they really cost?

Oopsy. It turns out, they could cost quite a lot.

This bad situation got noticeably worse when, while doing my early-days-of-wedding-blogs research, I found a post for “Super Budget Invitation Options.” Those invitations were $2K. I did not have a $2K invitation budget line on my post it. I didn’t even have an invitation budget line on my post it, because I am an idiot. I panicked. I came home in tears.

The Birth of A Printable Press

Lucky for you, however, since the wilds of 2008, the affordable and beautiful invitation situation has wildly improved, in large part because of the amazing Kimi founder of A Printable Press. What makes shopping with A Printable Press even more awesome is that you get to support one of APW’s longest running reader-turned-businesses ever. After my great-invitation-post-it-melt-down of 2008, I actually suggested the idea of  A Printable Press to Kimi, and APW got to announce A Printable Press when it launched.)  A Printable Press is so much a part of this community, that some of the invitations in Kimi’s collection are even inspired by you guys.

APW <3’s APP

In short, APW loves A Printable Press. They’ve done invites for countless APW weddings over the last five years, and Kimi has one of my favorite design aesthetics of anyone anywhere. She did our free Valentine’s Day printable this year (my favorite V-day project of ever ever), and you can check out her home tour on Design Sponge (one of my favorites of all time.) And then there are her invitations. Oh, her invitations. My current favorite is Bearing Gifts (it would make a great baby announcement too, no?) Now you just have to figure out what your favorite is.

to celebrate the apw community, Kimi is giving away 100 printed invitations and RSVP cards! Simply browse the current a printable press designs, then head over to our facebook post and tell Kimi which design is your favorite. A winner will be selected on friday and announced on facebook!  

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • Emily

    Wedding stationary is terrifying, and there apparently are 100 ways to do it (but according to my mother, only one RIGHT way). A Printable Press means everyone can be happy (my mother gets beautiful invitations to show off, my FH only has to go to the paper store one time, I can stay under budget(!)).

  • Stephanie

    We did our save the dates and invites on printable press- it was so easy and inexpensive!

  • That invite with the hands! I love it so!

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      I know, right? And you can get two lady hands or two gentleman hands on that design, which is awesome!

      • I’m finding it hard to see because my eyes just turned into CARTOON HEARTS!

        • Maddie Eisenhart

          Kimi has that effect on people. :)

  • ART

    I love. that. bear.

  • Megan

    Was a winner ever announced on Facebook? Fingers are still crossed :)