May 6, 2016

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APW Happy Hour

Yes, there is a wedding street in Seoul

by Najva Sol
HEY APW, Najva here, reporting from a cafe in Seoul. It’s Saturday for me here, which means I’m in the future right now. I’ve only been here six days (and the first few were eaten by jet lag). HOWEVER, APW needs to know that Seoul has a dedicated wedding shop district. No joke. It’s a few blocks away from the biggest and most prestigious women’s college in all of Korea, in an area that’s basically 100 percent designed for femmes. So many shops full of frilly socks decorated by lace curtains. In other news: I met my... read more
bride and groom holding dog on wedding day

How Our Community Helped Build Our Joyful $12K, 80 Guest Canadian Wedding

With a furry escort and a secondhand wedding dress, no less

by A Practical Wedding
Our dog was an integral party of our wedding party pictures and our ceremony. We had her released by her amazing dog walker half way through the ceremony and she ran straight to us. We really wanted her to be part of our ceremony as she is the reason we met and let's be real, our world revolves around her! She was an angel and everything went perfectly (phew... read more

May 5, 2016

Do I Have to Invite My Manipulative In-Law?

I want to protect my fiance... and my wedding

by Liz Moorhead
Q: I’m twenty-five and in the midst of a long engagement to my college sweetheart, a wonderful man who’s been through a lot. His dad and stepmom are supportive and loving, but his birth mother (who won custody of him for most of his life and formative years) is less than. She is manipulative, passive aggressive, starts drama, and plays the victim. She badmouths my fiancé’s dad and stepmom regularly. During his childhood, these personality traits amounted to emotional abuse for him. The long-term impact of her actions is something we&#... read more
indian wedding groom kissing brides forhead

Silver Charm Events Will Plan Your Wedding in 6 Months

She even wrote a book about it

by Maddie Eisenhart
Liz Coopersmith of Silver Charm Events is perhaps best known around these parts as the creator of the Olive Garden Rule, a super smart catering maxim that reframes how to think about food and drink prices per head. That pro-tip is no surprise, as Liz was The Broke-Ass Bride’s advice columnist for five years and has written two wedding planning guides (both available on Amazon: The Mad Dash Down the Aisle and DIY Your DOC). But when she’s not doling out this kind of no-nonsense wedding planning advice around the Internet, Liz is a wedding... read more

May 4, 2016


What You Need to Know about Modern Wedding Etiquette

Weddings in the twenty-first century are playing on an entirely different field

by Meg Keene
At APW, we like to think about etiquette not as a stuffy set of outdated rules, but as a living, breathing set of (feminist) guidelines that lets us communicate with each other with kindness. And if there is any place where we need some guidelines to help us, it’s wedding planning. Because with issues like family and faith and money… and yes, etiquette, all in the mix, things can get dicey, quick. The problem is, most wedding etiquette guides out there are pretty awful. A lot of them seem to be motivated by getting you to buy more things,... read more
black woman at computer with calculator

Student Debt Is Going to Be A Huge Problem for Millennial Marriages

Because it's getting worse before it's getting better

by Maddie Eisenhart
One of the benefits of marrying young is that Michael and I never had much of an opportunity to surprise each other with finances. We started dating before I was legally able to hold a job, and our bank accounts have been linked in some way or another since I was eighteen. So by the time I graduated college and was staring down my first student loan payment, we’d had plenty of time to reconcile the very, very, very large number on the bill. Sometimes I forget that massive student loan debt is somewhat of a uniquely millennial problem. For [&hellip... read more

May 3, 2016

Grace and Frankie promo photo

Here Is Why Women Are Terrified of Getting Older

On slowly becoming invisible

by Stephanie Kaloi
You know what happens when two old ladies try to buy a pack of cigarettes? Nothing. Because in America, we love to ignore our old people. If you caught the first season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie last year, you probably remember a particularly memorable scene in which the two titular characters are at a grocery store trying to buy a pack of cigarettes. Despite repeated calls to the clerk standing nearby, they’re solidly and pointedly ignored, passed over for a younger, blonder woman, and only acknowledged after banging an empty cash tray... read more
v shaped ring

Yes, All These Weddings Bands Are Really Under $1K

Old world craftmanship meets cutting-edge laser technology

by Najva Sol
When you’re in the trenches of wedding planning, it can be easy to forgot that only one component is going to be with you all day every day from here on out: your wedding band. And one of the reasons we love long-time sponsor Brent & Jess is that you don’t have to compromise your budget, style, or sanity to get a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll love every single one of those days. You and Me Forever Sterling Silver Set of Wedding Bands ($550) Brent & Jess use both old world craftsmanship as well as cutting edge laser technology to... read more

May 2, 2016


Is the New Brand of Body Positivity Actually Hurting Us?

And no, it's not because being fat isn't healthy

by Najva Sol
Trigger warning: disordered eating and body issues My body and I have a complicated history. My earliest memory of my learned “fear of fatness” was in third grade, at a local ice-skating rink. There was a girl in a very sparkly outfit doing jumps, and I told my mom I wanted to be just like her. “No you don’t,” she responded, “she’s fat.” While my mom (and my entire mother’s side) tend to be long and lean-ish, my father’s side (particularly the women) tend to be curvier, and often, clinically obese. I was always a slightly... read more

It’s Been 12 Years and I Still Have Wedding Regrets

My husband says it shouldn't matter to me anymore, but I'm struggling to agree

Surely everyone has a few wedding regrets when it’s all over and done with, don’t they? Little regrets like not getting to spend as much time with your new husband or wife on your wedding day. Or wishing you hadn’t ordered so many canapés before the main meal or kicking yourself for inviting the uncle who you knew in your heart would not behave within the realms of social acceptability. Please tell me I’m not the only person to have wedding day regrets. Please? If only so I can feel better. As a British couple, when we got married twelve [&... read more

April 29, 2016


APW Happy Hour

Grinding by the palm trees

by Najva Sol
Hey APW, Najva here. If you didn’t know, Maddie and I are over at the Mom 2.0 Summit in sunny Southern California, talking about how to #slay content, and rubbing elbows with incredibly badass moms (CEO moms! Power blogger moms!). There’s a few perks to staying in Laguna, one of them being an OCEANFRONT ROOM—Thanks, APW— and no lie, working by the poolside. I may or may not have a little conference champagne buzz, but it’s not called Friday happy hour for nothing, right? And with that, it’s your happy hour y’all. Cheers... read more
couple standing together during wedding portraits

This Couple Was Queer Married By A Renegade Catholic Priest

Bye bye, heteronormativity!

by A Practical Wedding
We decided not to have wedding parties, which was great to not have to deal with silly matching outfits or any of that drama. But at the same time, the wedding party serves a purpose that I wish we would have anticipated. Although we had SO much support from close friends, there were times on the morning of the ceremony when Shannon was totally stressing and maybe it would have been nice to have more people around distracting her and complaining about their ugly dresses... read more

April 28, 2016


What Do I Do If He Never Wants to Have Children?

Sometimes when you know, you know

by Stephanie Kaloi
Q: My partner and I have been together nearly six years. We love each other and are both very committed to making the relationship work. Here’s the thing, though: I definitely want children, and he’s still deciding. I love him so much, but kids (or the lack thereof) are a deal breaker. I don’t want to continue the relationship (as painful as it is to say) if he never wants to have children. He’s started speaking to a psychologist about it, which is great. My problem is that I keep hoping he’ll come back one night saying, &#... read more
Quincy & Rob_wedding-1

These Trained Photojournalists Are All About the Candids

Plus $200 off any wedding collection

by Najva Sol
At 43rd Ave. Photography, the motto is, “We’ll show you what your day looked like,” which is something that sounds straightforward until you’re knee deep in searching for a photographer and starting to realize that lots of photographers tend toward highly stylized and heavily edited final results. If your vibe is more about a bright, accurate depiction of reality without a whole lot of filters, then you’re looking for photojournalism. And San Francisco–based Nicole and her partner Stephen at 43rd Ave. Photography ... read more

April 27, 2016


Surprise: I’m Muslim and in a Feminist Marriage

Because you forgot to apply your intersectional feminism to me

If Donald Trump’s version of Muslims were true, I’m probably the most un-Muslim Muslim who’s walking—sans burqa—on the streets of LA. Yes, I pray five times a day on the regular (okay fine, four, only because it’s really really hard to wake up in the mornings), I recite a different verse from the Quran every night before I go to bed—but I also believe you should be allowed to love whomever you want to, wear whatever you think looks good, and not rely on your husband to bring the turkey bacon home. It’s a strange time to be a muslim [&... read more
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