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APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, How are you guys? As Maddie mentioned last week, we were out of the country when the election happened, and after a trip to Morocco with two tiny kids, I’m just now back in the States. I’m...

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APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, Maddie here, coming to you from our hotel in Lisbon, where we’ve been spending the week at Web Summit. It’s been intense to experience this week’s events from abroad. Unlike those of...

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Where Do We Go From Here?

A month ago I asked Meg if I could write an Election Day recap. Of course! She said. Yes! It will be so fun. Last night around 11pm I started realizing that the country I thought I lived in might not really...

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Election Open Thread

{Mood. H/T Rachel Wilkerson Miller} Hi Everyone, I’m writing this from a hotel room in Lisbon, before breakfast, after Trump’s acceptance speech. Maddie and I are in Lisbon for work, and we woke up...

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