August 2, 2016

couple smiling at one another

8 Signs That You’re Actually in a Good Marriage

APW readers weigh in

by Stephanie Kaloi
Whether or not you want to admit it, it’s likely that at some point in your marriage, you’ve wondered if your marriage is “good” in the first place. You know, probably during some horrible fight, when you probably shouldn’t be asking yourself a single serious question, but there you are, questioning the big stuff. I’m no stranger to this question, mostly because I grew up with two parents who had what was decidedly a bad marriage—and I knew I just didn’t want to do whatever it was they were doing. Of course... read more
love print

If You Can Dream It, Creative Beasties Workshop Can Print It

Stunning letterpress designs that won't break the bank

by Keriann Kohler
Hi, my name is Keriann, and I'm a print nerd and a bad influence. There's a special place in the heart of the APW community for the art of letterpress... but my problem goes well beyond letterpress. And after I introduce you to newly launched full-service print shop Creative Beasties Workshop, yours might too. See, when I'm not managing advertising for APW, you can find me working for a multidisciplinary print publication that regularly features printing acrobatics like die-cuts and inserts and letterpress, and that one time we hired a group of... read more

August 1, 2016

guests dancing at wedding reception

It’s Time to Stop Comparing Wedding Costs to Car Payments

'Cause maybe you don't want to spend that money on a car, anyway

by Meg Keene
Iwas late to the car-buying game. With nearly a decade in New York followed by a gift of an impractical low-value car, I didn’t buy a car till I was in my thirties (and pregnant). I followed up that act two years ago with the purchase of a car big enough to haul nine-foot seamless backdrops, small sets, and passels of children who needed to go to soccer games. It was my Hail Mary attempt to not have to buy a car for another decade. It’s also how I ended up realizing I had more than the value of my [&hellip... read more

57 Wedding Ceremony Songs to Make Your Day Sound Like the Two of You

We've got your processional, recessional, and classical needs covered

by Meg Keene
One of the wedding questions I’m asked most often is, “How do we write a perfect for us, super moving wedding service?” Luckily, that is one of the easiest answers in wedding planning. Here is how: you pick a basic structure for a service, and pick meaningful-to-you wedding ceremony songs and readings to make the service your own. But the truth is, finding perfect wedding ceremony songs can be a little tricky, because the requirements of venues and officiants vary widely. (A Catholic church is not going to let you play Dylan, no... read more

July 29, 2016

hillary clinton shirt from wonkette

APW Happy Hour


by Stephanie Kaloi
Hey APW, Welcome to APW Happy Hour: the DNC version! If you don’t follow us on Twitter (or don’t care), I have been tweeting along each night of this week’s convention. This is my first time tweeting about something for several hours in a row, and holy cow, I’ve learned a lot. The biggest skill I’ve gained by far is picking the perfect GIFs and photos to use for each tweet. I give you: example 1, example 2, and example 3 (just to name a few). Obviously the biggest news of the week is that my girl Hillary Rodham Clinton is... read more
woman typing on computer and looking at phone

5 Things No One Wants to See on Your Wedding Website

Girl, no

by Jareesa Tucker McClure
I’ve been invited to a lot of weddings, which means I’ve seen a lot of wedding websites. And here’s the thing about them: They are super helpful when you want to inform your guests about your wedding, and you don’t want to field questions from each one of them individually. They can even be a creative outlet if you want an excuse to make something pretty. (Hint: For a beautiful wedding website that takes less than an hour to put together, our longtime partner Squarespace has you covered, and we’ve even got the cheat codes right... read more

July 28, 2016

woman wearing ring and holding her knee

Should I Go as a Guest After Being Fired as a Bridesmaid?

Do I have to go just because I'm still technically invited?

by Liz Moorhead
Q: About a year ago my close friend broke up with her boyfriend. I think she was reeling from the breakup, so she made a couple of rash decisions involving men while they were apart. Flash forward a few months to when they got back together. She called me and asked me not to disclose any of the stuff that had gone on during the breakup because they weren’t discussing what happened while they weren’t together. Of course, I thought, I’m not going to go gossiping to him about her. Anyway, despite this supposed “silence” on the breakup, the... read more

This Southern LGBTQ-Friendly Photographer Will Make You Type in All Caps for Days

Are you squealing yet?

by Najva Sol
When Shawnee Custalow of A Lovely Photo reached out to us, I knew she’d be perfect for APW. From a glance, I could tell that the Richmond, Virginia-based photographer’s work #SLAYS, but when I found out that these jaw-dropping images were taken by a self-proclaimed queer Southern feminist who travels throughout the continental US for free with rates starting at $2,400, there may have been actual fist-pumping. You see, if there’s one thing I’ve been reminded of in the past weeks, it’s that while marriage equality may... read more

July 27, 2016

tracy flick in election

Hillary Clinton Is Actually Tracy Flick and We Can’t Handle It

#NeverTrump and ambitious women

by Stephanie Kaloi
Imagine this: You have one of the most qualified candidates in history running for the presidency. The candidate is the stuff of dreams, coming to the campaign trail with years of experience, expertise, and know-how that no one else in the race can even dream of touching. The candidate is hard, focused, and yes, ambitious. The candidate is also female, which at times feels like it’s her ultimate undoing. You think I’m talking about Hillary Clinton, right? But I’m not. I’m talking about a candidate that preceded her by seventeen... read more
ModCloth Home Decor (24 of 72)

How to Style Your Home When You’re Not Made of Money

Meg's best tips, plus a peek inside her new house

by Meg Keene
Two months ago, we moved into the first house we've ever owned. As of today, it looks like the dream home I've always hoped for. Just kidding. Obviously that is not true at all. But any of you who own houses, or have moved with small children knew that already. I, however, am easily suckered by the internet (still! after all this time!), and was sure that I would have accomplished fifty different DIY projects by now, have impeccably decorated rooms, and possibly have re-tiled a bathroom during naptime... read more

July 26, 2016

man and woman sitting on couch together

I Don’t Like Being Friends with an Ex, so Why Should I?

It seems like it's either a big deal or not one at all

by Stephanie Kaloi
I am one of those people who has always thought that being friends with an ex made sense—after all, you spent a lot of time getting to know that person and caring about them, and in my experience, those feelings don’t simply vanish at the end of the relationship. I’ve also been relatively lucky: I only have two exes that were on the awful side of things, and neither of those relationships lasted very long. I also got married pretty young (twenty-two), so the exes I do have weren’t incredibly serious relationships to begin with, which... read more

Looking for Fresh, Stylish Wedding Invitations You Can Customize?

Enter to win a custom digital portrait illustration

by Stephanie Kaloi
When we introduced the newly launched Bojack Studios back in March, we were super excited about it for a bunch of reasons—namely because this design studio offers stylish, unique, highly customizable invitations and other paper goods at very not custom prices. Illustrator/designer and founder Aaron Hotchkiss has been designing day-of goodies like menus, programs, and place cards for friends for years, but now everyone can get in on the action. expertise + versatility + flexibility = Bojack Studios Aaron understands that engaged couples have... read more

July 25, 2016

bride and groom standing together

Do You Think You’ll Ever Want to Have an Open Marriage?

No, no, no, nope. Maybe?

by Anonymous
Before I got married, I thought marriage was all about monogamy—two people committed to one another and, ta-da! That’s marriage. Right? I skipped through the first few years of my own marriage more or less laboring under this belief that everyone did it our way, right up until my partner and I found out that our close friends were in an open marriage. Record scratch. I mean, it’s not like we cared in any sort of judgmental way. But this wasn’t something we had a lot of familiarity with, and we were curious about it. And frankly, we... read more
wedding party standing together

The Best Wedding Speeches for When You Need Tears, Hugs, or LOLs

Can we talk about the cute kid in #5?

by Stephanie Kaloi
A few weeks ago when I wrote fourteen tips for slaying at your wedding speech, I started to get curious about what wedding speeches actually exist on the Internet. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen more than my fair share of best man speeches, maid of honor speeches, adorable parent speeches, even a handful of wedding speeches from kids (which will make me cry a hundred percent of the time). But I’ve never actually gone down the rabbit hole of Internet viral wedding toasts. Here’s what I have learned: any wedding speech video that... read more

July 22, 2016

mother and son standing against a wall

APW Happy Hour

Kids can work as temp employees, right?

by Stephanie Kaloi
HEY APW, I am on day nine of a ten-day journey with my seven-year-old son. We hit Portland for a wedding and to see friends; LA to visit Universal, JPL, and friends; and rounded out our trip in San Francisco and Oakland to hang with Meg and Maddie, work in the actual #APWOffice, and eat so much (approximately three thousand Jupiters worth, if you ask my kid) ice cream. Somewhere along the way, Meg hired my son (for about five minutes). She offered to pay him in ice cream; he countered by requesting cash. So for a hefty $1, he took [&hellip... read more
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