April 14, 2016


Want to Know How to Find Amazing Unique Wedding Venues?

From backyards to urban lofts and everything in between, Peerspace has got you covered

by Maddie Eisenhart
If you’re planning a wedding, then you already know what a pain in the ass it is to search for wedding venues. Because a venue is one of the few wedding-related things that is not optional. You can’t get married nowhere unless your wedding is an exercise in existentialism. really hard to compromise on. Unless cutting the guest list or doubling your budget is your idea of fun. And that goes double if you’ve got your sights set on a non-traditional venue. Triple if your guest list is huge. Because you know it’s out there, you... read more

April 13, 2016


This Is What Happens When You Give Your Partner a Performance Review

Status meetings, feedback, and annual reviews: they work for us

by Jareesa Tucker McClure
I grew up with two married parents, whose relationship swung like a pendulum between loving and dysfunctional. I remember the good times, when my parents were kind and affectionate with each other, but I also remember the tears and screaming matches. Through much of my childhood, my siblings and I secretly wished for my parents to get divorced, which they eventually did in my early twenties. Because of this, I didn’t feel completely prepared for marriage. Before I got married, I tried to learn as much as I could about how to have a happy marriage... read more
minted wedding invitations

30 New Invitation Designs from Minted That You Will Love

You've got (really pretty) mail

by Maddie Eisenhart
A few years ago, it was next to impossible to find affordable, modern wedding invitations that had some personality (and by some, I mean any). You could buy generic or kill yourself DIYing. But now? Almost the opposite is true. There are so many options for affordable wedding invitations online, it can be hard to figure out where to get started. But if I had my pick? I’d start with Minted. Because their designs don’t just have personality—they’re like tiny works of art. Case in point: Fairytale Frame Canyon Romanticism Here are... read more

April 12, 2016


How Do You Get Over Fear of Commitment?

Panic attacks from diving into the deep end of love

by Najva Sol
When people ask me why I’m a good cook, or how I learned to dance, I answer with pride that it’s just part of my family legacy. There are things that you’re so surrounded with that you take them for granted—things like reading books every day, learning to swim, international travel, loud yelling during all house arguments, and politics at dinner time. On the other hand, power tools terrify me, polite conversation baffles me, and I never really understood how healthy relationships worked. You read that right. I’m the product of a miserable... read more

Want a Timeless Wedding Video in Only Three Weeks?

With offices in Texas and California and no travel fees anywhere in the US. What's not to love?

by Stephanie Kaloi
Tradition isn’t always my bag, but when it comes to weddings I’m a bit of a softie for one: I love when a special item is passed down from generation to generation. You know what I mean—sometimes it’s a great-grandmother’s bracelet, or a great-uncle’s tie, but it’s always really cool to hear the story of how the item came into the family and what it means to the person who has it now. Something that immediately jumped out at me while getting to know the guys at Nice Shot Films feel is that they see films as family... read more

April 11, 2016

geode cake with crystals

9 Best Wedding Ideas We’ve Seen on Instagram This Year (So Far)

All black everything and Drake on cake...

by Najva Sol
Instagram is fantastic, but also there’re a LOT of terrible ideas on it. It’s not really Pinterest yet… all mason jars and styled shoots, but man. There’re over a million photos hash-tagged under wedding ideas. So instead of making y’all go through them, I’ve spent an absurd amount of time trolling the insta-webs and pulled the best of them into the official APW feed. And of those? There’re a few ideas that really stand out. Here’re my favorites of 2016 so far: Crystal cakes: I love crystals. And I love... read more

7 Important Things to Know for Your Beach Wedding

Life's a beach until you try to get married on one

by Maddie Eisenhart
I think most of us who plan beach weddings do so imagining a breezy, relaxed affair. Basically the end scene from 27 Dresses, minus all the bridesmaids. In reality, planning a wedding in a non-traditional venue that also happens to be open to the public is anything but breezy. As I learned the hard way, there are lots of things to consider before setting your sights on the ocean, from permits to personal beliefs about sand (yes, that’s a real thing). So if you’re thinking about getting married on the beach, here are a few things to check... read more

April 8, 2016


APW Happy Hour

Springtime and the living is sneezy

by Maddie Eisenhart
Hey apw, As some of you may know, I live on a farm (see: evidence above). The farm is a lovely place to live most of the time, except allergy season. Which it happens to be right now. Combine that with Mercury Retrograde (MY FAVESIES) and I am beginning to feel like that person who doesn’t understand how to cut bread in that one infomercial. But! There have been some major wins the past few weeks: We finally enrolled the puppy in a beginner obedience class and it has completely transformed her personality. She’s so snuggly now. I managed... read more

How to Perfectly Measure Yourself for a Rental Suit

Avoiding the dreaded baggy suit trap

by Maddie Eisenhart
Unless you’re the kind of person who wears a suit to work each day, being in someone’s wedding (including your own) usually means one of two things: dropping some cash to get a nice suit and then having it tailored to fit, or renting from a big box suit rental company. The results of which can be dubious (read: ill-fitting). And if you’re trying to get lots of people in the same suit? Then add in the complexity of wrangling a whole wedding party, procrastinators and all, and it’s no wonder there’s often one person who... read more

April 7, 2016

two women dancing together

What Can I Do to Make up for Missing My Best Friend’s Wedding?

AAPW: I really love her, but have to put my needs first.

by Stephanie Kaloi
Q: My best friend is getting married in Mexico… in seven weeks. This decision for her to get hitched in Mexico certainly hinged on my (maid of honor) ability to go. Of course I agreed. Sand, sun, booze, food, count me in! Then I got pregnant. But totally fine right? I had to get a bigger dress size and bigger bathing suits, but there will still be lots of sand, sun, and food (minus the booze). Except, now there’s a virus transmitted by mosquitos called Zika that’s currently making its way through Mexico. This particular virus is... read more
Two brides dancing together

Studio A Images Will Give You Photos That Feel Right

Because you shouldn't have to choose between beautiful photos and amazing customer service

by Stephanie Kaloi
When you’re looking for a wedding photographer, it can start to feel like you’ve only got two options: an artist with a strong point of view who will tell your wedding story as they see it. Or a documentarian, who will tell your wedding story as it happened. But what if you could have both? Someone with an artistic eye, but who wants your wedding images to reflect your wedding honestly, as it happened? Well, that’s exactly what New Jersey based Studio A Images does. Studo A’s founder, Adena, has both a degree and a lifelong... read more

April 6, 2016


I Really Want to Talk About My Big Parenting Fear

We've decided on kids, but I'm still scared as hell

by Maddie Eisenhart
I always thought that when the time came to have kids, Michael would end up dragging me into action kicking and screaming. Because while I’ve always wanted kids, I also assumed I’d never be ready. So you can imagine my surprise when, one drunken Christmas a few years ago, I finally admitted to myself (and Michael) that I really, really, really wanted kids. Like, now. It’s been a strange, almost freeing two years since then, reconciling the fact that I’m emotionally ready for kids, but giving ourselves space to clear out some... read more

How We Planned A Whirlwind $2K Magical Queer Brooklyn Wedding

Three weeks, two crystal crowns, and one epic celebration

by A Practical Wedding
We wanted our wedding to fit with our lifestyles, politics, and ethics. We are both the type of people that didn't want to have a huge commercialized wedding and we wanted it to be really personalized and reflective of us. Therefore, our wedding was a collaboration. I feel really grateful that we are both from queer and art communities... read more

April 5, 2016

couple's reflection on the beach

I Learned How to Have a Feminist Marriage from the Most Surprising Place

Were my mom's conservative Christian values actually kind of progressive?

by Eve Sturges
My parents missed a lot of what has happening in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Instead of watching Star Wars with the rest of America, they were reading the Bible with their church group. My mom and dad were more focused on organizing prayer circles at our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. than attending any vigils for John Lennon when he was assassinated. By 1983, they had a family with four children under the age of five, including my foster sister who had special needs. They were very young and very Christian; life was about living as Jesus... read more
chuppah from advah designs

Are You Looking for a New Take on the Traditional Chuppah?

Handcrafted, ethical, artist-made chuppahs and tallits (plus 10% off if you order in April!)

by Najva Sol
When it comes to picking ceremony elements for a modern Jewish wedding, it often feels like the only options available are either generic Judaica or a big DIY project. Which is great if you have oodles of time. But if you don’t? Then Advah Designs has you covered. They offer fresh, modern handcrafted chuppahs and tallits that double as pieces of art. I mean: Advah Designs understands that your chuppah and tallit are more than just objects. The chuppah itself symbolizes the home you build together: the four sides are open, welcoming the... read more