July 7, 2016

Summer Abstract Ketubah_Scene

Where You Can Find a Modern (Personalized!) Ketubah or Wedding Certificate

Ink with Intent has it covered

by Meg Keene
Jewish ketubot, Quaker wedding certificates, or secular prints of your vows have a special place in wedding planning. Because, like pictures, they last for the rest of your life. But unlike pictures, they offer you a chance to lay out your philosophy and intent in marriage (which can be amazing to look at in the middle of a fight years later… trust me on that one). But for years, it was tough to find beautiful modern ketubot that didn’t cost a fortune. And it was nearly impossible to personalize the text of your ketubah without paying all... read more

July 6, 2016


What’s the Most Romantic Thing Someone’s Done for You Lately?

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours

by Najva Sol
A few weeks ago, I spent a not insignificant amount of time stuck in the bed of a Korean guesthouse with a debilitating viral infection, crying and cursing that I was across the world, far from anyone who could pop by, give me a hug, or bring me soup. Just when it seemed like too much to bear, there was a knock on the door. I was handed a bouquet of fragrant flowers tied in a purple ribbon and accompanied by a heartfelt note, courtesy of my partner, who was miles away in the grand ole USA. I remember thinking “THIS. This is [&hellip... read more
ModCloth Wedding Guest Dresses

How to Get Dressed for a Daytime Wedding in the Summer

Tips for staying cool while looking hot

by Maddie Eisenhart
It doesn't matter how full my closet gets, when it comes time to get dressed for someone else's wedding, my brain goes blank and suddenly nothing works anymore. And that goes double for summer. Because in the summer, the list of attributes I look for in an outfit goes from something like, "looks cute" to "looks cute, won't cut off circulation to any body parts, won't make me trip on uneven ground, not too short, doesn't trap heat, and won't show off sweat stains if I end up in a church without air conditioning." So, NBD... read more

July 5, 2016

man and woman with feet touching

How Do You Know What Responsibilities You Have in Your Marriage?

Sure, "till death do us part" and all that, but what matters day to day?

by Meg Keene
About a year before David and I started dating, back when we were just (platonic) best friends, we were sitting at the Irish pub downstairs from his apartment, eating shepherd’s pie while outlining our plans for future lifelong relationships. “I’ve come up with a list,” I said. He raised an eyebrow. “This should be good.” “Okay, this is it: smart, makes me laugh, and doesn’t put up with my shit.” David laughed. “Doesn’t put up with your shit? You’re kind of a handful. How are you... read more

5 Types of Naked Cakes and How to Make Your Own

The word "naked" appears 22 times in this article—oops, 23

by Stephanie Kaloi
What do you know about naked cakes? Before embarking on this beast of a post, which would end up consuming hours of my working (and sleeping, because cake dreams) life, I didn't know much of anything. I now realize two things. First, my former stance ("I mean, I don't know, cake is cake!") was woefully inaccurate: All cake is not created equal. Second, my new stance ("OMG naked cakes will never die because they're amazing") is spot-on... read more

July 1, 2016

wedding cake on plates

APW Happy Hour

(Don't) put a little sugar in my bowl?

by Meg Keene
Hey APW, So over the last few weeks I totally cut out refined sugar (and a fair amount of simple carbs) from my diet. Has anyone done this? It’s… crazy. It all started a little on accident, when my acupuncturist diplomatically suggested that it might help me drop the baby weight if I ate, “less muffins, and stuff like that.” WAHHHHHH, right? If my husband wants to make me fresh muffins every morning… OKAY, FINE. I’LL TRY IT. So I came home, and was like “NBD, gonna not have refined sugar or bread tonight.”... read more

June 30, 2016

couple standing together on the street

Do I Have to Invite My MOH’s Jerk Partner?

He probably won't even make an effort to come anyway

by Liz Moorhead
Q: I’ve asked my best friend of ten years to be my maid of honor. We’ve had a bit of a complicated relationship, but she’s been at my side for so many years, and we’ve experienced so much together that it was never a question that she’d be my MOH. Now for the tricky part. She’s been dating a guy for a few months now that my fiancé and I don’t really like. There’s nothing glaringly terrible about him, but he doesn’t seem to care much about my MOH’s friends, and he’s been consistently cynical and negative the few times we [&hellip... read more

There’s a Reason Fingerprint Wedding Bands Are So Meaningful

Brent & Jess makes it easy

by A Practical Wedding
There’s a funny thing about wedding rings: In all of the pre-wedding hustle and bustle to coordinate All The Things, it’s easy to let your rings slip under the radar. But in the midst of a process that can feel like it’s about everyone, choosing a ring can be something that’s just for the two of you. A ring from Brent & Jess takes that idea one step further by making your rings literally unique to you and your partner. Brent & Jess have created a patented method of capturing your partner’s unique fingerprint and... read more

June 29, 2016

woman working on computer

The Best Business Strategy Is the One That Makes You Money

You're in it to win it, right?

I have started a number of micro-to-medium-sized businesses over the years, and I have made the same mistake almost every time. That mistake? Spending money before making money, which—surprise!—isn’t the best business strategy. Because if you’ve got the cash, it’s much, much easier (and more fun!) to buy logos and business cards and supplies and seminars and memberships to various online services (“Ooh, I’m gonna need Photoshop!”) than it is to actually go out, sell something, and actually bring home some money.... read more

June 28, 2016

woman dressed in murder mystery costume

What Happened When I Was Hired to Lie to Someone’s Girlfriend

What do faith, love, and trust have in common?

by Eve Sturges
I don’t want to brag, but I was a pretty great Murder Mystery Dinner Theater actor. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was an acting gig, it was local, it paid decent money, and it was fun. My role was to mingle as a ditsy but enthusiastic conversationalist who chewed bubble gum loudly, took bites of other people’s food without asking, and was offended and bemused when anyone suggested she might be the culprit. Life was otherwise mundane; I was living with my parents as a single mom, waiting tables in the evenings, writing my goals (“savings... read more

3 Ways Printable Press Will Make Your Invitations More Awesome

And easy. SO EASY.

by Maddie Eisenhart
In the past, caring about your wedding stationery often meant one thing: work. If you had a particular vision in mind, it might mean a trip to Michael’s for ribbon, Paper and More for envelopes, Etsy for a return address stamp, and on and on… And by the time you were done, you’d have huffed so much rubber cement that even your paper cuts were high. But with Printable Press, it doesn’t have to be work to be beautiful on your terms. Printable Press offers everything from artfully designed invitations (that you can customize in... read more

June 27, 2016

two grooms holding hands

What Makes a Good Marriage?

I think I'm in a good one, but who knows?

by Stephanie Kaloi
It seems to me that humans spend a lot of time categorizing and labeling… everything. We like to make lists of what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s in-between. Even when we don’t know exactly what we mean by good, bad, or in-between, it’s like there’s something in us that just can’t help putting a label on what we feel, what we’re doing, how we’re behaving. Whether due to nature or nurture (or a combination of both), I don’t know anyone who can’t tell you their own personal... read more

30 Unique Wedding Hair Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

For when you're looking for something that isn't all over the Internet (yet)

by Maddie Eisenhart
If you're searching for wedding hair ideas, you may have noticed there's a particular... look that has been prescribed to wedding hair. It's always long, and requires a certain finesse with a curling iron (or at the very least, hair that responds well to said curling iron). In recent years, the wedding industry has at least opened its doors to wedding braids (and thank the textured gods for that), but otherwise? It can seem like slim pickings... read more

June 24, 2016


APW Happy Hour


by Stephanie Kaloi
Hey APW, It’s a bummer that Happy Hours keep bringing the hits, I know, but in this week’s edition of “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE” lookie here: the UK is leaving the EU (but it looks like plenty of people didn’t even know what they were voting on in the first place, so…)! Because that sounds like a totally great idea! Except it doesn’t, because now scores of people—including those who graduated college a month ago and thought they were entering into an exciting, open new world—can’t travel or work in... read more
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