So What the Heck Does a Glösite DO, Anyway?

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably already heard of Glö, a reader-founded company known for their stylish paperless invitations (with designs from APW artists!) and wedding websites that master both form and function (plus a ton more that you’ll find out about in a minute). The magic of Glö, and what sets them apart from everyone else, is that the interface was built for customization, so Glö has the power to be everything you want, and nothing that you don’t.

In fact, Glö does so much, that until I saw the video below, I hadn’t fully wrapped my head around the Glö experience. I mean yeah, sure, I can list all of the features you get with Glö, but that’s not going to reassure anyone that their Nana will understand a Glövite when it arrives in her inbox. (The good news? After watching this I’m sure she will.) So to help us understand the Glö magic, Glö founder Taryn put together this handy demo that walks you through the Glö experience, from invite to RSVP and beyond:

Glo ( paperless wedding invitations, wedding websites and RSVPs demo from Taryn Westberg on Vimeo

But just in case you’re tuning in from work and can’t watch the video, here’s the rundown of everything you can do with Glö. (Taryn seems to have forgotten “Conquer the world.”) Though, if you’d rather just experience it for yourself, you can always head over here and sign up for a free twenty-one-day trial from Glö, no strings attached:

  • Send Glövites—beautiful email wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and even a group thank you. Upload a design, or choose from one of their gorgeous preexisting designs (now featuring even more designs from APW designers!).
  • Create a Glösite, your multi-page wedding website. You can personalize like crazy by adding photos, a countdown, fancy slideshows, videos, interactive maps, or any other widget. You can even specify which guests can view each page.
  • Add unlimited events to your website (e.g., rehearsal dinner and reception) and select which guests are able to view each event. The website only shows the correct events to each guest, thus preventing hurt feelings. Ta-dah!
  • Add unlimited RSVP questions for each event, seamlessly collect responses, and view them online or download them to a .csv file. Guests can edit RSVP responses for their entire household, preventing duplicate RSVPs. You can also update your guests’ RSVP responses online.
  • Easily communicate with all or some of your guests before and after the wedding celebration using the easy messaging tool. It’s super easy to ping and remind guests to RSVP or send last minute updates.

But don’t take it from us. Check out these reviews from happy Glö customers:

Because Glö Saves You Money: After playing with the free trial, my fiancé and I decided to use Glö. It is so worth the money! It is way quicker than creating paper invites. It is way cheaper than sending paper invites. Plus, there’s no waste! I think it saved me a couple hundred dollars, hours and hours of work (the initial writing up and entering of everything took at most four or five hours and I can keep tweaking), and lots of stress. It was actually fun! —Bride K

Because Your Grandma Will Love Glö Too: At first I was a bit apprehensive about sending online invites, but we decided to bite the bullet and just send the online invites to everyone. A testament to its success was the quote from my over-eighty-year-old Irish grandmother (who literally just has an email address and little more) who rang my parents after receiving the invite to say how much she loved it. —Louise & Kannan

Because, WINE: This option to use Glö has helped us save SO MUCH MONEY—money we can use for things like dresses… Beautiful, beautiful dresses. And wine! AND everyone we have shown the site to LOVES it. —Emma & Nick

So get clicking guys. And have fun adding to the 40,166 hours of planning time, $167,992 in stamps, and lots of trees that Glö has already saved in partnership with couples like you.

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  • GLO is so freaking awesome! And all my relatives understood it, except for those who don’t have email or internet, and I just ordered paper invites through glo and sent them out to my greatful grandparents!

  • mimi

    Using Glo now for our website & RSVPs and it’s great! The few guests who don’t understand the RSVP process have either sent me a message through the website or mailed me a note to give me their response (which two of my great-aunts have done). We purchased a printable design from em papers that coordinates with our Glosite design, and we have gotten tons of compliments on the design!

  • EmJVee

    We signed up for our Glosite last fall and have used it for Save-the-Dates, and just recently, our invitations as well. I can’t recommend it enough! We saved a ton of money (not to mention stress) on postage and printing, and we’ve received lots of compliments on how nice everything looks and how easy it is for guests to RSVP. We uploaded our own design for the invitations, so you really do have lots of room to be creative.

  • Karen

    I appreciate the comments here. It is helpful to know if others found Glo to be a good resource.

  • Anita

    LOOOOOOVED using glosite. We got a ton of compliments on our website and for not using paper invites. Taryn is fantastic and got back to me in less the 24hrs with all my questions. I designed my own site and invites and it was a lot of fun and even more personal then paper invite.

  • It fills my heart with happiness to hear of all these great Glö experiences!! Thanks so much for the shout outs. If anyone has questions – definitely feel free to get in touch, I’ve loved hearing from so many APWers in the past day

    (…and now you totally know what my voice would sound like if I was reading my responses to you. Right?)