Have A Paperless Green Wedding With Glö

Long time readers know all about Glö, the paperless wedding invitation company run by Taryn, who we adore. But if you’re a little newer to wedding planning, let me review the details for you.

First: Taryn is awesome and a fantastic lady-preneur.

Second: Glö offers a 21 day free trial, and after that their prices are super affordable (and thanks to some nudging from me, Glö now offers monthly pricing plans!). Plans are varied, depending on how many people you’re inviting and how many services you want to use.

Third: Glö offers everything you need, even if you don’t want to go totally paperless. Smart RSVP technology and guest list management (yay!!), email save the dates, animated paperless wedding invitations, a wed-site (called a Glö-site), paperless group thank you notes, interactive design, matching paper invitations if you want them, and designs by APW invitation designers. Rad.

Today’s post is about real APWers who have used Glö, so let’s get to it.


A little note from Taryn:

It’s no secret that I have a massive, mushy soft spot for APW couples. After all, it’s all your support, feedback and lovely emails that have made Glö what it is today. Big squishy hug! Besides chatting with you all via email and twitter, one of my absolute-most-favorite things is to see how creative y’all get with the designs and software. Seriously, you blow my mind.

In homage to all the APW Glö-bies, Meg and I cooked up a mad scientist-eque idea to share a few real ‘vites and ‘sites from APW couples. While asking these couples for permission to show off their goods, I also had the chance to poke into their reasons for going paperless. For me, online invitations and RSVPs are about having modern convenience without sacrificing sophistication—but it’s always more fun for me to see what everyone else has to say!



Alicia and Paul were married in Washington in June 2011 at a spectacularly fun “Family Oriented BBQ Complete with Ring Bear” (thanks to their 6-year-old ring bearer’s developing linguistic skills). They sent paperless save the dates followed by coordinated paper invitations (yeah, we can totally make that happen).


We tried to go green-ish with our wedding and it just made sense to send STDs by Glö. The designs were exactly what we were looking for AND (even better) it gave people an instant doorway to our website. We found it VERY easy to use and convenient… and a whole lot less wasteful.


Liz and Cristina are getting married this September in Florida, but started celebrating their Festival of Love, Friends and Food months ago with numerous small events like a book convention, a spa day and a trip to NYC to see Lord of the Rings. At the main event, they are aiming for a laid-back, festive atmosphere where all of their guests can enjoy themselves. They describe their vision as: “Nothing too formal, where our guests have plenty of good food and drinks, feel comfortable, and have fun spending time with each other.” They’re encouraging their guests to outshine the brides with fun, funky outfits that are comfortable on and off the dance floor!

Glö has been the single biggest organizational help. I was going crazy with my multiple Excel sheets for multiple events. Once I inputted the guests into Glö, I could manipulate the data much more easily.

Rachel and Jake are getting married very, very, very soon in Maryland, and they’re taking their guests to camp! They describe it more as lake-side cabins than roughin’ it camping—but I love this idea. The festivities include a bluegrass beach BBQ and a s’mores bonfire. Rachel and Jake masterminded their own design for their paperless save the dates, invitations and website, and the results were fun and fitting. (Hint: you can make your own designs in PowerPoint. Nope, no fancy design software required.)

I found Glö through A Practical Wedding, and I’m really excited to use the service and support APW and your business.  I’m also glad to save some trees, cash, and the headache of paper invites and RSVPs. Glö is the only site that allows us to invite different people to different events.

Christine and Bill are getting married this November in Washington, D.C. They’re celebrating with a semi-formal church wedding followed by a reception that will feature cocktails, lunch and PIE. How can you not love a celebration that features pie? Yummy yum yum!

This is so easy—I was not relishing the idea of licking all those stamps and stuffing envelopes!


Louise and Kannan celebrated not one but THREE weddings earlier this summer—a civil wedding and an Indian wedding in London, followed by a massive blowout, western-style wedding in Kinsale, Ireland. Each one was unique, heartfelt and absolutely stunning. (How do I know? I was there! I’m pleased to say that Louise is one of my closest friends—and I turned her into an APW addict! Bwahahahaha.)

Glö is hugely personalizable, and the guest WOW factor far exceeded anything I could have anticipated. My granny got an email address JUST so she could have her own online invite (though she got a paper one as well). Plus I have no idea how people manage the whole guest list and RSVP thing without Glö!


So go ladies, go! Check out Glösign up for your free trial, and stop thinking about tracking your RSVPs via some paper list while ripping your hair out (or was that just me?). If you ask me, the saving money and going green are extras.

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  • Rizubunny

    Yay! That’s us (Liz & Cristina). Taryn is super awesome, and Glo is fantastic. We did email STDs (hehe), then did paper invitations with online (through Glo) RSVPs only. It worked like a charm. Glo will save your sanity – seriously.

    • Sara

      We did something similar, only with paper save the dates. But having a place for all the maps and guest information (we had lots of out-of-towners)? And not having to mess with RSVP cards/lists? Being able to easily send emails to some/all guests? All totally worth it. We would have gone with paperless invites too but had too many guests who aren’t tech-savvy enough for such things.

      • Rizubunny

        YES – the sending email to guests function is wonderful.

        Amazingly, there were only a few people (maybe 10 out of 200) who just couldn’t figure out the website and called us to RSVP. And they are OLD (like, mid-80s). We got the quickest RSVPs from the 50-60 year olds – go figure!

  • Jen

    Not only is Glo amazing amazing amazing, but I definitely got a response from Taryn within 10 minutes of sending a request for technical support. On a Sunday.

    Ladies, you can’t beat that.

  • Love it! One of my friends used glo too (Seanie & Tim), and she loved it. I keep meaning to sign up. Our wedding is in 4 months, and, uh, we are way behind on planning. Even though I love mail, I also love the ease (and greenness) of the online thing. I figure I’ll send paper thank you notes and call it good :-)

  • We found Glo through APW and loved it — Thanks, Taryn!!

  • Love the online invitations, but wow, I would not be happy to receive a virtual thank you note. Unless I got to send a virtual present.

    Especially if you are registering, you can’t hide behind the ‘green’ thing as a reason not to send thank you notes. Because, well, if you were that green, you wouldn’t want all that stuff now, would you?

    So if people send you actual things (even if you are truly green and you didn’t ask for anything, and you’re not going to keep it, and you decide to donate it all) I still think you owe them a written thank you note.

    It’s just my opinion, but I’m sure a lot of people who spend their hard earned cash on gifts would agree.

    However, an online tracker so you could check someone off when you’ve sent the thank you, that would be awesome!

    • Rizubunny

      Glo does have a place to track gifts and whether you’ve sent a thank you note or not. I’ll be using that to do my paper thank you cards.

  • Contessa

    I created my trial account this weekend just to show my future MIL that this will work. After seeing them here and then working with the website, I can’t wait to get the STD’s rolling! Why-Oh-Why is STD’s so funny?? Just is.

  • Hey Everyone!! Thanks so much for the lovely comments. It’s always so fun for me to hear from the “Glö-bie alumni” about STD success (giggle giggle) and everything else. I love to hear from new Glö-bies too, so never hesitate to email, tweet or even set up a skype date with me!

  • Fiorentina

    Seriously, our Glosite is the best money I have spent on wedding planning so far. I am way not kidding. I am considering it not really a wedding expense but a health expense in that I have knocked guest/RSVP-stress down by more than half and that is some awesome-powerful outcome on the mental health front of wedding planning (also, it doesn’t even cost that much!!!).

    We’re going totally paperless for invites and STDs, and have only one single guest (even amongst the oldies) who hasn’t managed to view the site, RSVP, and then email us to *squeeee* over how awesome our website is. For the one guest that does not manage email and all things internet, we just screen-capped and printed to pages, and snail-mailed to her so she still has all the info, which is way less headache than printing, hand-addressing and snail-mailing invites to everyone. Plus, I am sure she will be super impressed with how organized we are.

  • Sveta

    I’m not going to say anything that others haven’t already, but buying an account on Glö was one of the best things that we’ve done so far in wedding planning. Seriously, seriously worth every penny!! Don’t even think about other online websites that try to do similar things. Glö is super easy to use, and it has saved us so much time. Also, I like that I have sneaky tools to see who has seen the invitations & messages, and bug them (nicely) as needed.