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Since it’s the day after Halloween (how is that candy/booze hangover treating you?), I thought we’d start today’s sponsored post for Pennace Photography in New York City with a fun fact. Laura, the powerhouse behind the lens, is a real live ghost hunter with the New York Paranormal Society. I know, RIGHT? She also happens to be a fabulous wedding photographer to adores working with APW couples (and, um, has great ghost stories to tell you if you ask her).

Pennace Photography  has been an APW sponsor for a good long while, and in that time, Laura has fallen head-over-heels in love with Team Practical couples. She says, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I love APWers. Chill and down to earth? Yes please! Every couple is unique and every wedding is unique, and I love that. I love what I do and love it so much more because of all the cool couples I’ve met through APW. You know it’s a good match when after all is said and done, you’ve made new friends, and I love new friends.” So New York City and the Tri-State area? Time to make a new friend.

Pennace Photography focuses in working with, well, couples like you. Her tag line is “Photography for the free spirit,” because that’s Laura. (This is a woman who travels by herself with just a camera and a car… no hotels booked… she just lands where she lands.) Because she’s dedicated to working with everyone and anyone’s budget, she offers hourly a la carte pricing for $300, and she’s up for working on small weddings, shorter weddings, whatever she needs to do to make it work. Or, if you never want to think about photography or pricing again, Laura’s inclusive packages are just that—every single thing you’ll ever need, no hidden fees, the end. They start at $4,000, but include it all: engagement shoot, second shooter, albums, the whole nine yards.

And, because Pennace Photography + APW = Magic, Laura is offering a complimentary one hour “Sass The Dress” session for any 2012 couple who books an all day (10 hour) wedding. This is for those of you who are tired of taking your wedding so damn seriously and would like to have some fun with it, now please. Laura says, “What’s ‘Sass the Dress’? It’s kind of like trashing it, without any of the trashing. Sure, it may get a little dirty, but it shouldn’t be anything a trip to the cleaners can’t take care of. Sass the dress is a great excuse to wear your wedding frocks again and make some juxtapositioning magic!”

Then there is her photography. Laura’s photography encompasses both the sweeping big picture, emotion, and the small moments and details that make up a life (and a wedding). She also shoots New York City with the eye of someone who loves it and understands it, making her perfect for capturing a wedding in that magical, thriving, throbbing metropolis. Plus, her work has a sense of humor, while keeping an eye on what really matters. What more can you ask for?

Laura says, “I like how the world is constantly changing, and evolving, and how a moment can be captured in a photo, a moment that will not be repeated. It’s almost like catching fireflies in June–to me photos are a little bit of magic. No two days will ever be the same, especially a couple’s wedding day! It’s like the ultimate adventure all in the space of a day!” Which just seems… right, no? Pennace Photography will capture a little bit of the fleeting impermanence of the day, like fireflies in a jar.

So New York City and Tri-State ladies and gents, go have some fun with Pennace Photography. Swap ghost stories. Laugh. Shoot photos. Capture magic. And then send me pictures.

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  • Yay, Laura! I finally got to meet Laura in person for the first time last week, and she is awesome! And it’s true – she has some amazing ghost stories.

  • bec

    New York Paranormal Society? Next time I’m on the east coast I totally want to hear stories!!

  • I love that portrait in the puddle!

    Also, NY Paranormal Society?? Have you ever to the Rochester Mount Hope cemetery? I covered a story on the ghost walks there once :)

  • Hi Rory, no we haven’t been there, but that sounds fun! :)

    Fact: most recent spooky story I have – the sound of someone running towards our group inside the building we were investigating, kicking up a plastic bag that was on the floor as it went by on its way to us – and stopping right in front of us. I was all “bring it on!” (but nothing happened). Other fact: most of the time, it’s pretty boring, but when those things happen – hooo boy! Last fact: I like saying “fact” a lot.